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Muslim Forum for Telangana demands separate state జూన్ 8, 2010

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Muslim Forum for Telangana
H.No. 2-3-48/A/9, Amberpet, Hyderabad- 500013
Contact No’s: 9391051586, 9492063948, Fax: 27403392
Email id: muslimforumfortelangana@gmail.com

The Chairman,
Committee for Consultations on the Situation in Andhra Pradesh. (CCSAP)

Respected Sir,

Subject: There is no meaning for silence when there is a need to speak for Justice. Muslim Forum for Telangana demands separate Telangana State.


People from different walks of life and organizations came together and had series of discussions since 2006 on Muslim role for separate Telangana state. Muslim and non Muslim intellectuals participated in these meetings. All of them discussed and expressed their opinions and also gave their valuable suggestions. The main outcome of the meetings was the formation of a forum to work towards making people aware, especially Muslims. This forum was formed and named as Muslim Forum for Telangana in the year 2008. (మరింత…)

TDP sets up pro & anti separate state committees to draft reports to Srikrishna Committee మార్చి 26, 2010

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TDP sets up panel to prepare report on state bifurcation
PTI, Friday, March 26, 2010 19:18 IS

Hyderabad: The Telugu Desam Party today constituted a four-member committee comprising leaders from Andhra-Rayalaseema regions to prepare a report to be presented to the Srikrishna Committee on the state bifurcation issue.

Former Union ministers K Yerran Naidu, Ummareddy Venkateswarlu and former state ministers Kodela Sivaprasada Rao and Somireddy Chandramohan Reddy will be the members of the committee.
The committee will meet soon to draft the report, according to party sources.

A similar committee had already been constituted with leaders of Telangana region, headed by party politburo member Nagam Janardhana Reddy, to present their case on the separate statehood demand. (మరింత…)

Students JACs of 8 universities form T Univeristies JAC to intensify the agitation జనవరి 11, 2010

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Under one roof now, Telangana students up the ante
Rediff.com January 11, 2010 19:23 IST

Even as dark shadows of a fresh intense agitation were looming large over Telangana region, students of as many as eight universities across the region have come together to take forward the movement for Telangana.

A meeting of the representatives of the student community from the 8 universities has decided to form a new Telangana Universities Students Joint Action Committee to intensify the stir with out depending on the political parties or the leaders.

“We will continue our struggle for Telangana even if the politicians go back and stop their struggle There is no question withdrawing the agitation, even if we have to lay down our lives. There are thousands of students who are willing to become martyrs in the cause of Telangana,” said M Ajay, one of the leaders.

So far the students of Osmania University in Hyderabad, Kakatiya University in Warangal and other varsities in the region were waging their struggle separately under the banner of their own JACs. But now for the first time they have come together.

“Our agitation will now be more intense than what was seen after Jalianwala Bagh tragedy during the freedom struggle”, he said, warning the politicians against trying to weaken the movement.

He gave stern warning to political leaders of Andhra and Rayalaseema against opposing Telangana. “If you have guts come to any Telangana district and demand integrated Andhra Pradesh”, he said. (మరింత…)

Telangana SEZ story- Exploitation beyond limits ఆగస్ట్ 1, 2008

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Land From Landless

The Andhra Pradesh government has forcibly acquired land allotted to landless Dalits for an SEZ, reports MANSHI ASHER


“We, Polepalli SEZ Vyathireka Aikya Sanghatana are contesting these elections as we find all political groups have cheated the poor farmers and are responsible for their deaths. All political parties are silent on this major crime that’s taking the lives of people in the name of the SEZ.”


THESE ARE the opening lines of a press note issued by a group of 13 Dalits — three of them women — of Polepally village in Andhra Pradesh’s Mahbubnagar district, who stood as independent candidates in the recently held by-election for the Jadcherla Assembly. So why 13 separate candidates?

Did they actually expect to rake in any votes at all? Twenty-five-year-old Srinivas, to whom this question was posed, was prompt in his response, “The idea was not to win. The idea was to spread the message that we had no faith in the existing leaders and parties. We also wanted to split the votes of the dominant parties who are responsible for the state our people are in today”. It was probably one of the most audacious and creative strategies that a grassroots movement has used in recent times to challenge existing power structures.


For the last five years, Dalits and Adivasis here have been fighting a relentless battle to save their lands from forced acquisition for a Special Economic Zone (SEZ) in Poleppally. But their attempts have been thwarted and crushed by a nexus of local politicians, revenue officials and the Andhra Pradesh Industrial Infrastructure Corporation (APIIC). The APIIC, an undertaking of the AP government, has acquired more than 33,000 acres across the state for industrial parks and projects. In 2001, it identified an area of 1,000 acres in two villages Polepally and Mudureddypally in Jadcherla Block for a proposed SEZ.


“All they told us was that they were building a “green park” and that we would get jobs in it. We thought they were developing a plantation or something!” says Develela Naggan Goud of Mudureddypally village. By 2003, the process of land acquisition was initiated. “The land marking and survey was started without any individual notices,” informs Sujatha, a sociology professor and activist who has been supporting the struggle. The first big protest against the acquisition was held that same year when the villagers blocked the National Highway 7. (మరింత…)

Why Support Anti- SEZ People’s Struggle జూలై 19, 2008

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There is interesting discussion going on Polepally. It raises many issues and puts forth different ways of looking at the problems and possible responses


Debate on politics, peoples struggles, movement for separate state and parties talking of Telangana refer to several inter-related aspects. Sometimes there is gap between people and the parties supposed to be their champions. People are fighting exploitation and the political parties maintain distance from the people. It is serious if people are at loggerheads with the political party. kanche chEnu mEsthe ? prajalu eTu pOtharu


Such situations demand whether one goes with people or party. Polepally is one such example and the debate in essence is grappling with this disconnect. Debate is required to address and understand the problem so as to resolve the conflict.


Polepally anti-SEZ struggle is four year old. Forty one farmers have died due to trauma, poverty and related problems caused by eviction from their land. Villagers were harassed, cheated and threatened to leave the lands and flee. They refused to submit and challenged the atrocities and employed every tool possible in their fight for justice. They approached all political parties, Human Rights Commission, media, RTA among other means. But in vain. All along the local Legislator from Telangana Rashtra Samithi Party was actively working for the SEZ lords. Much of the tragedy and the struggle would not have come to the notice but for the importance it got because of the May 2008 by-elections. Those who were starving and harassed by the authorities and land mafia took to elections and nominated 13 villagers to expose the injustice. They got around 8700 votes in support of their struggle. Former MLA lost.


The struggle continues for justice. Recently there was protest in Hyderabad where the villagers were glad to have the support of Devender Goud of Nava Telangana Praja Party who joined the dharna  demanding Andhra Pradesh Industrial Infrastructure Corporation to stop playing the role of looting poor people’s lands for SEZ lords. They propose to hold a Public Hearing shortly (మరింత…)

Telangana Poverty – Sale of poor girls జూన్ 7, 2008

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Brides from Telangana in Bhuj — but most of them are children

D V Maheshwari


Posted online: Friday, June 06, 2008 Express India

Bhuj, June 5: Navagam, a nondescript village in Anjar taluka of eastern Kutch is remotely connected with Mallipalli, a poor village in Karimnagar district of Telangana region of Andhra Pradesh. But this Kutch village boasts of all least four brides, all minor teenagers and allegedly sold off by their relatives in Mallipalli to farmers here.


On a tip off from the local media, the Anjar police raided the village on Wednesday and found Sapana, a 14-year-old Class IX student married off to one Karamsi Rakhiya Rabari, a middle-aged villager. The police also discovered that Jyoti, 17, from the same Andhra village has been married off to one Govind Pala of this Anjar village. The girl even has a nine-month old baby girl from the marriage.


Harish Bhatia, a local journalist who accompanied the police party said Sapana told them of three more teenaged girls from her state who have been sold off to villagers here. But only Jyoti, her cousin, could be traced. Bhatia said two other girls were in nearby Junagam, but when the police went to the village, the girls’ middle-aged husbands could not be traced.


Police officials said Sapana’s age was wrongly mentioned as 20 in an affidavit filed before a local notary, and that of her husband as 26. The villagers did not reveal that the husbands of these two teenaged girls were middle-aged. The police have now recovered the affidavit but say language barrier is creating roadblocks in the investigation process. The girls are able to converse only in broken Hindi, they said.


Sources in the police team told this paper that Sapana did not like her parents or her Kutchi husband and wanted to go back to her mother’s sister. “She told us that her maternal uncle sold her off to the elder brother of her husband for Rs 40,000 and that the latter had come all the way to their village at Mallipalli to buy her,” they said. (మరింత…)

Vote Polepalli thirteen- Say ‘No’ to SEZ Killings మే 28, 2008

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‘We are ready to sacrifice our lives’

HYDERABAD: Giving a clarion call to the Jadcherla voters to defeat the forces inimical to the welfare of farmers, the Polepally SEZ victims said they were forced to knock the people’s door since their pleas against the SEZ have fallen on the deaf ears of the government and leader of all the political parties.

Stating that they were cheated by the governments, the 13 victims under the banner of Polepally SEZ Vyathireka Ikya Sanghatana said they were contesting the Jadcherla bypolls on May 29 to send across a strong message to the powers-that-be that they were ready to sacrifice their lives to get back their lands taken away by the officials in the name of SEZ.

Kanduri Kurmaiah, one of the contestants and whose land was taken away for the SEZ, told newsmen here on Tuesday that his six acres of land was usurped by the government which later sold it to a pharma company for a fortune. “I was paid a paltry Rs 18,000 per acre. When we raised the issue, our voices were muzzled, threatened and false cases foisted against us,” he said.

“It is in this backdrop that we have decided to contest the polls,” he said and urged the voters to teach a lesson to the parties and governments which make business by selling farmers’ lands. Demanding that the government give back the lands to the poor farmers, Kurmaiah said the atrocities against the villagers must stop and the SEZ project should be scrapped.

Convenor of the sanghatana Kagula Madhu assailed the government for acquiring around 1,000 acres of fertile land belonging to dalits, tribals and BC farmers in the name of developing a mega green park. “Later, the project was converted into a pharma SEZ. The government, especially APIIC, is acting like a real estate broker for big companies by usurping lands from poor farmers at cheap rates and selling them to big business houses,” he said.

Joining the issue, Useni Satyamma, a contestant in the bypoll, said the officials took away her eight acres of land. “The SEZ Act has proved a deathknell for many of us and our lives have been destroyed,” she regretted.

Urging the people to put an end to this daylight robbery of poor farmers, the SEZ victims said they should exercise their conscience vote by rejecting the parties which have vested interests

source: Times of India, 28 May 2008


Polepally SEZ victims in fray
Wednesday May 28 2008 10:00 ISTExpress News Service

Kanduri Kurmaiah, an SEZ affected farmer, addressing a press conference demanding withdrawal of SEZ Act in Hyderabad on Tuesday.

HYDERABAD: Thirteen independent candidates from Jadcheral Assembly seat, who entered the fray to register their protest against Polepally Special Economic Zone (SEZ) in Mahaboobnagar district, said they would contest in the next general elections too if the State Government failed to address their problem.

Alleging that the police and leaders of other political parties were trying to intimidate them, the independent candidates, who lost their lands and livelihood in the SEZ urged the Election Commission to come to their rescue. (మరింత…)

Polepalli Thirteen- Protest SEZ killings in Jadcherla మే 27, 2008

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Polepally: The Special Election Zone

P. Sainath

It’s a simple strategy of protest with no pretensions of winning. The aim of the Polepally protesters: “That we get our land back, our lives back. Our one and only demand.”


COMMON APPEAL: “Voting for the Jadcherla 13 means saluting with love our Mother Earth.”


There are as many as 13 of them contesting the same Jadcherla Assembly seat as independents. Only, they’re not contesting against, but for, each other. Their symbols range from a Whistle and a Gas Cylinder to Bangles and a bunch of Bananas. Though pitted against one another, they have a common manifesto and even campaign jointly. These dalit, adivasi and BC farmers are the most fascinating candidates in the bypolls now on in Telangana to four Lok Sabha and 17 Assembly seats.


All the ‘Jadcherla 13’ have lost their lands to the Polepally Pharma Special Economic Zone and other projects in Mahbubnagar district. And they now contest the polls to draw attention to their loss. Even while a few work as construction labourers on their own land, raising the very SEZ buildings that will seal their destitution.


“Over 41 people have died since the land acquisition process began in 2003,” says an angry Muravat Chandi. She’s a Lambada in the Gundlagadda ‘Tanda’ (adivasi colony) here. “That includes three close relatives of mine. Cut off from their land, people are losing their will to live. My family has lost 27 acres to this SEZ. It’s why I’m contesting.”


Seated besides Chandi are young Seenu and Lakshman, sons of Balu one of those who died three months ago. “Having lost all our land to the SEZ, we had no place to conduct his last rites,” says Seenu. “So we bought a tiny plot, just a few square feet, for Rs. 5,000. There we cremated him.” This, says a neighbour, “was a man who once owned several acres of land in his life. But not an inch to receive him in death.”


The story of the mounting toll first appeared in Eenadu, the State’s giant newspaper. “We confirmed 25 of those deaths” says M.L. Narasimha Reddy, the reporter who broke the story. Officials dismissed these as “due to natural causes.” But the adivasis say their demise was hastened by trauma and demoralisation. After a struggle during which the Lambadas refused to perform the last rites of their dead, the government assigned them six acres. Four for the tanda to live on and two for a burial ground.


“They’re killing us — and they kindly give us a graveyard,” says Dharmia, Chandi’s neighbour, with dark humour. “It’s the only place we can go to. No one in this tanda of 80 households has a job outside of farming.”


350 families displaced



Chandi and 12 more from other groups are independents “as both major political parties backed this SEZ.” In 2003, the then Telugu Desam government notified a ‘Green Park’ and began acquiring 969 acres of land. Much of these belonged to the dalits and Lambadas. Including government assigned lands given to them earlier to better their lives. “We were first told there was to be a Leather Park,” says Etti Linagaih (candidate symbol: Gas Cylinder) in Polepally village. “Then came the Green Park idea. And now the SEZ. They take our land first and make their plans later.” In 2005 the new Congress government enforced the plans. In all, the SEZ and other projects have displaced some 350 families. (మరింత…)

Polepalli SEZ – Struggle in dying villages ఏప్రిల్ 23, 2008

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Polepalli Struggle and Appeal


– Sujatha Surepally


SEZs. Horrible, inhuman, mad development zones one can ever imagine. I dont know how many of us are aware of these so called SPECIAL ECONOMIC ZONES as it translates into reality on the ground. I don’t know the theory part of this madness. Andhra Pradesh stands second in the country to accommodate SEZs.  Land is grabbed from the poor for by none other than Govt itself. It behaves like a blood hungry monster. Government operates through several agents who are like paalegallu of factionists or mercenaries of capitalists and transforms into a mafia. For Telangana region its like moolige nakka paina taati pandu padinattu. okavaipu abhivrudhi manthraalu japisthoo maro vaipu prajalanu bichagaallagaa maarche pathakaalu.. adige vaaru evaru leru. Because its SEZ era!! 
I have been regularly meeting Polepalli villagers, who are fighting against pharma SEZ. Polepalli is right there in Jadcherla, not so far away from the HI TECH Shamshabad Airport. My childhood memories of going out of city is to see more greenery, houses and people and the tales of their lives. But now if we go to any national highway, we only have roads. Roads, and ROADS and WIDER ROADS. Don’t know where they lead to? Wider and newer and more luxurious and adding more lanes as it becomes fatter. Destroying village life, culture, taking away their food, spreading pollution and killing identities of people and cultures. 


Mahbubnagar is one saga. Mahbubnagar has to be sacrificial goat and has to suffer many poisonous evil designs of the witchcraft that money hungry thought system now spins off to devour areas adjoining the monstrous Hyderabad. Thinking of asking what sin Mahbubnagar committed? Hyderabad pakkane undi inkaa bathiki undaalane?? (మరింత…)

Battle of Ellampalli oustees ఏప్రిల్ 2, 2008

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గోలివాడ బుచ్చమ్మ… అరవై ఏండ్లు… భర్త లింగయ్య మంచిర్యాల ఎసిసి సిమెంట్‌ కంపెనీలో పనిచేసి రెండేళ్ల క్రితం చనిపోయాడు… శవాన్ని వారి మామిడితోట తలాపునే పూడ్చిపెట్టి సమాధి కట్టారు…

బుచ్చమ్మకు పదకొండున్నర ఎకరాల్లో మామిడి తోట ఉంది. ఆ తోట స్థలాన్ని భర్త కంపెనీలో నౌకరి చేసేటప్పుడు ముర్ముర్‌ గాండ్లోల్ల దగ్గర బుచ్చమ్మ కొనుక్కున్నది… తోటలో పదేళ్ల వయస్సున్న 420 మామిడి చెట్లు ఉన్నయ్యి. పోయిన సంవత్సరం రూ.1.50 లక్షల మామిడికాయల దిగుబడి వచ్చింది… మాములు మామిడితోట కాదు… బంగినపల్లి మామిడిపండ్ల తోట అది… చిత్తాపురం, మామిడిగట్టు ప్రాంతాలు తిరిగి 600 మొక్కలు పెడితే సగం చచ్చినయి… మళ్లీ 200 మొక్కలు పెట్టారు… గంగ(గోదావరి) కు ఇంజన్‌ పెట్టి నీళ్లు పారిచ్చుకుని ఆ చెట్లను బుచ్చమ్మ బతికిచ్చుకుంది… ‘ పిల్లగాండ్లను సాదుకున్నట్లు ఈ చెట్లను పెంచుకున్నా…’ అని చెబుతుంటుంది బుచ్చమ్మ…

ఈబుచ్చమ్మ… ఈ మామిడి తోట… తోటలో భర్త సమాధి… ఇదంతా ఏమిటనుకుంటున్నారా…
రాష్ట్రాన్ని హరితాంధ్రప్రదేశ్‌గా మార్చేందుకు జరుగుతున్న జలయజ్ఞంలో బుచ్చమ్మ జీవితం, కుటుంబం, బతుకు పూర్తిగా మునిగిపోతున్నాయి. (మరింత…)