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Banjaras introduce regional culture in Telangana agency areas జూలై 15, 2016

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They can no longer be told from Telangana culture
S Harpal Singh, The Hindu, Adilabad, July 15, 2016

Banjara Bonalu in Adilabad
CULTURAL CHANGE:Potharajus dancing during Bonalu procession at Medampet in Adilabad district.- Photo: S. Harpal Singh

Banjaras, known as Lambadas, settled in Adilabad district are slowly embracing local traditions

It may not be too long before the Banjaras of Adilabad district, popularly known as Lambadas, get completely assimilated into local Telangana culture given the speed with which changes are being adopted by the community.

Those living along the banks of Godavari river, mostly in Dilawarpur, Nirmal, Laxmanchanda, Mamda, Khanapur, Kadem, Jannaram and Dandepalli mandals have already shed much of their customs and it is not easy to identify them as they are no different from other locals. (మరింత…)


Bonalu celebrations జూలై 20, 2008

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People throng Beeranna Swamy Bonalu festival

– Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao, PHOTO: M. MURALI



Religious fervour: Women with ‘Bonalu’ at the Beeranna temple in Warangal on Sunday.


WARANGAL: Scores of women in their traditional attire carrying ‘Bonalu’ queued up in the lanes and bylanes of Karimabad area. Hundreds of people thronged the place to attend to the annual `Beeranna Swamy Bonalu’ festival. People in large numbers parked themselves on the buildings in the vicinity to see the ritual. (మరింత…)

వార్త ఆదివారం కవర్ స్టోరిలో అపశృతి సెప్టెంబర్ 18, 2007

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వైవిద్య రాగాల వీణ – తెలంగాణ : Cover story of Sunday ‘Vaartha’ (16 September 2007)  is an example of plagiarism, sadly that is widespread in Telugu writing.  It is a good story. But not done in right way. 

The cover story of eight pages (page 12 to 19) is a picturesque tale with photos taken from ‘Spirit of Telangana 2007’ Calendar and TUC website. ‘Vaartha’ cover story has all its pictures – eight pictures on the cover from Utsav.

And eight page story has fifteen more pictures depicting culture and monuments of varied districts of Telangana.

23 pictures altogether are taken from the Utsav website and the photo credits were neatly deleted from these pictures and used in the story. All these are works of several artists both professional and amateur


Village & Mother Goddess – Lashkar Bonalu జూలై 26, 2007

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Old-timers gung-ho about Bonalu – Sapna Kaushik  

A slice of history, women with colourful pots, a man dancing to the sound of reverberating drum beats and what have you?

The festival’s history can be traced to as recent as the 18th century, unlike most other festivals whose ancestry can be traced back to the hoary past.  The story has it that in 1813, Suriti Appaiah, a ‘doli’ bearer in a military battalion, was transferred to Ujjain. Cholera broke out in Hyderabad around that time claiming thousands of lives.

Appaiah and his associates went to the Mahankaal temple in Ujjain and prayed that if people were saved from the epidemic, they would install the idol of Mahankali in Secunderabad. On their return, they installed a wooden idol of the goddess in Secunderabad in July 1815. This was replaced with a stone statue in 1964.

Following brahminical traditions, all hoary Hindu festivals are marked by astrological precision: their timings marked in terms of the sun/moon entering certain constellations in certain months. But Bonalu is a festival of the farming and lower classes and is certainly not brahminical. So the timing of the celebrations are not so rigorous.

Bonalu is celebrated in various parts of the city on different days, all Sundays. On the first Sunday of ‘aashaada’, celebrations are held at the temple at Golconda fort. On the second Sunday, at Ujjain Mahankali in Secunderabad, and the third Sunday, at the Matheswari temple of Lal Darwaza in Old City. (మరింత…)