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Secular Traditions of Hyderabad మే 25, 2007

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Guardians of Hyderabadi heritage  

A Dargah in Nampally retains its majesty and spirituality, thanks to its inheritors 

Today, heritage of the historic Hyderabad is being showcased in a series of monuments and silent structures that are the only remains of a past glory. But how many of us are aware of a heritage and culture that has survived through the centuries and still lives on in the heart of this hetero-cultured city?

That communal harmony reigned supreme over this part of Deccan plateau long before the principles of tolerance were preached, is something of a historical fact. And the land owed this to the mighty Qutub Shahi rulers whose lives and times were testimonials to secularism. Sufi – a beautiful blend of the Hindu and Islam tenets of spiritualism sans rigidity of either.


తెలంగాణ చరిత్ర పునర్నిర్మాణం మే 24, 2007

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Telangana History Society


  1. ఆహ్వానం – తడకమళ్ళ వివేక్‌
  2. తెలంగాణా సాయుధ రైతాంగ పోరాట చరిత్ర వక్రీకరణ – కె. జితేంద్రబాబు
  3. తెలంగాణ చరిత్ర పునర్నిర్మాణం ఆవశ్యకత- కొన్ని తక్షణ కర్తవ్యాలు – పరవస్తు లోకేశ్వర్
  4. తెలంగాణ చరిత్ర రచనకు కొన్ని సూచనలు – డా. మలయశ్రీ
  5. చరిత్ర రచన / నిర్మాణం – డా. సుంకిరెడ్డి నారాయణరెడ్డి
  6. తెలంగాణ చరిత్రలోనైనా ముస్లింలకు న్యాయం జరగాలి – స్కైబాబ

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Artists of Telangana మే 8, 2007

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Colourful palette

Radhika Rajamani

Rooted in the rural milieu of this region of Andhra Pradesh, the works of artists Laxma Goud, T. Vaikuntam, Bairu Raghuram and Laxman Aelay evoke the indigenous imagery. 

Knocking: Laxman Aelay  

That artists are conditioned by the environment is a well-known and recognised fact. The rural landscape has not escaped the attention of the above-mentioned four artists – it in fact dominates their canvas. From men, women, goat, huts to vegetation – the images reflect a stark reality – an idyll one on which is slowly being threatened by urbanisation. The works basically recreate the rural landscape in a way as if it is frozen in time. The colour, innocence, simplicity, flora and fauna are indicative of the bucolic naivety. And the imagery is stylised – peculiar to each artist.  (మరింత…)

Greater Hyderabad Kills Musi & livelihoods మే 3, 2007

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Greater Hyderabad tag for city spells greater troubles for the already dirty and dying Musi, says Roli Srivastava

On a dry and hot afternoon in a leafy corner of Osmania University, professor K Muthyam Reddy slips into a nostalgic mood reliving his childhood in Pedagudem village where the walk home from school was the most awaited moment of the day, when he would jump into the river with his friends, play in the sparkling water to beat the heat, fish and even drink that river water. The river was Musi and today, he says, he cannot imagine dipping his finger into it.   

A few dozen campaigns, some multi-crore promises and innumerable academic studies later the story of the Musi river stands the way it has for many years now – dirty and dying. Experts now say that the river’s future appears grimmer with the city expanding to become Greater Hyderabad. (మరింత…)