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Save Adivasis, Ecology & Ramalayam from Damn Polavaram- Prof Shivaji సెప్టెంబర్ 30, 2007

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Killer Polavaram Dam must be changed into a Barrage to save people
To save the Bhadrachalam’s most sacred Rama Temple and several tribal villages from submersion by the Polavaram dam which can be made people friendly by converting it into a barrage the arguments to be advanced by Chattisgarh and Orissa in the Supreme Court are likely to be on the following lines for convincing A.P state to agree for replacement of the Big Dam by a smaller Barrage as previously suggested by Dr. A N Khosla, former Governor of Orissa.
1] The states of Orissa and Chattisgarh consider Dr. K L Rao, the former Union Minister for Water Resources as an eminent authority on irrigation projects like big dams. In the case of Polavaram project he made a frank statement (Indian Express news paper from Vijayawada, dated 30-4-1983) that the Polavaram dam is highly under-designed and hence a prescription for disaster. Dr. K L Rao ruled out the possibility of diverting surplus Godavari waters to the Krishna owing to defective designing of the Polavaram project only 1800 ft spillway was provided in the Polavaram project to clear 40 lakh cusecs of flood waters in the Godavari as against 13,000 ft long Dowlaiswaram anicut designed by Sir Arthur Cotton. Even Prakasam barrage was [over
Krishna River at Vijayawada] designed to 6,280 ft long though the flood water would not be more than 12 lakh cusecs, Dr. Rao said.  

It was simple arithmetic to understand that the Polavaram design would not work, he said.

2] In the light of these serous technical comments from a very experienced expert Dr. K L Rao, the Orissa and Chattisgarh state Governments demand for a revision of the Polavaram project to ensure safety of people in all the states. (మరింత…)

Art Legend- Thota Vaikuntam సెప్టెంబర్ 21, 2007

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Thota Vaikuntam is a legend in contemporary Indian art. He has created, over the years, an image of his dark and dusky beauties, the Telangana women, that has become his uniquely identifiable icon.

His women, pandits and other village folk are much loved and sought after by the connoisseurs.

His paintings have an undeniable element of shringara rasa, whether in embellishments, sensuality or love and longing of characters depicted.


Besides his work as a painter, Vaikuntam has also worked as Art Director for films like Maa Bhoomi, Rangula Kala, Dasi and Matti Manushulu. There is an interesting mix of tradition and contemporaneity in his work.

He has also rendered amazing charcoal drawings and etchings during his early period.

Telangana women by T. Vaikuntam (మరింత…)

వార్త ఆదివారం కవర్ స్టోరిలో అపశృతి సెప్టెంబర్ 18, 2007

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వైవిద్య రాగాల వీణ – తెలంగాణ : Cover story of Sunday ‘Vaartha’ (16 September 2007)  is an example of plagiarism, sadly that is widespread in Telugu writing.  It is a good story. But not done in right way. 

The cover story of eight pages (page 12 to 19) is a picturesque tale with photos taken from ‘Spirit of Telangana 2007’ Calendar and TUC website. ‘Vaartha’ cover story has all its pictures – eight pictures on the cover from Utsav.

And eight page story has fifteen more pictures depicting culture and monuments of varied districts of Telangana.

23 pictures altogether are taken from the Utsav website and the photo credits were neatly deleted from these pictures and used in the story. All these are works of several artists both professional and amateur