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Vaikuntam’s Telangana ఏప్రిల్ 5, 2011

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Constant change
Dr Seema Bawa, Deccan Chronicle, April 3, 2011

The brightly painted figures of Telangana men and women are Thota Vaikuntam’s signature style, he exaggerated contoured of reconstructed form, with highly stylised folk features and perspective mark his paintings.

The morphemes, defined as the minimal meaningful unit of language, in Vaikuntam’s case his visual language, are the foreheads adorned with kumkum bindi amidst a plane of turmeric paste in case of women and sectarian marks for men. Textiles marked with dots, red vermillion dipped palms, red lips and elongated eyes are other characteristic features of his work for the last five decades or so.

The feminine element is exaggerated in the full form, with midriffs peeking through vivid apparel that is flowing and yet clinging. The physicality associated with fecund femininity is emphasised through the use of shringar or adornment of the female self through body marks, make-up, ornaments, coiffure and the like. The men are comparatively less flamboyant in terms of clothes and decoration but no less dramatic than their female counterparts.

So, when one comes across a show titled Metamorphosis: The Changing World of Thota Vaikuntam at Art Alive, there is a natural inquisitiveness regarding this transmutation. The change is certainly not in his style, colour or basic form. And many of the paintings do depict his typical Telangana men and women. Evolution and change is seen in the relatively complex compositions with a new interactive and at times a conversational element flowing between the figures. (మరింత…)

I want to uphold Telangana cultural identity through my art : Vaikuntam మార్చి 12, 2011

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My art is my aspiration for Telangana: Thota Vaikuntam
New Delhi, March 12 (IANS) The art of Thota Vaikuntam, leading Indian figurative painter, remains loyal to the aspiration for autonomy and a distinct socio-cultural identity of his native turf, Telangana.

Vaikuntam is described as the most visible face of Telangana, his lines reflecting the battle for a separate state.

Considered one of the best figurative artists in the country, Vaikuntam is often feted as the ‘Jamini Roy of the south’.

He has exhibited worldwide and has been honoured with nine national and state awards.

‘My art is my village, Boorugupally in Karimnagar district in Andhra Pradesh, the soul of the crusade for a separate identity for Telangana. My art will never move out of my village and people,’ 69-year-old Vaikuntam told IANS. (మరింత…)

Telangana Maha March on, several groups brave police ban మార్చి 10, 2011

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Telangana million march begins as thousands brave police ban
Deccan Chronicle, March 10th, 2011

Hyderabad: Braving massive presence of police and paramilitary forces and violating ban orders, thousands of people, demanding separate statehood to Telangana, reached Tank Bund in the Andhra Pradesh capital for the ‘million march’.

Raising slogans of ‘Jai Telangana’ and holding flags of various parties, the activists reached Tank Bund from different directions, though the police had sealed all the surrounding routes for vehicles.

The protestors broke the police barricade and removed the barbed wires at Ambedkar statue and were heading towards the road along Hussain Sagar Lake. The policemen deployed there were outnumbered by the protestors.

“The future of coming generations is more important for me than my examination,” said a student who reached Tank Bund immediately after writing Class 11 exams.

The protestors included students, political workers, employees and others from Hyderabad and various districts of Telangana. (మరింత…)

Telangana dream sours : Kancha Ilaiah ఫిబ్రవరి 13, 2010

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Telangana dream sours

Deccan Chronicle, February 13th, 2010

By Kancha Ilaiah

The movement for Telangana has now touched a peak. It has also become a movement with unique characteristics. Masses belonging to all walks of life have come out to the streets with their cultural symbols. We can see dalit-Bahujans beating drums and dholaks, the Other Backward Classes (OBCs) with their ploughshares and bullock carts, shepherds with their flock, toddy tappers with their moku (rope assembly used to climb palm trees) and muttadu (the belt they wear to keep their hatchet) and stone-breakers with their own iron artefacts.

The festive game of Bathukamma (a women’s festival celebrated mainly during Dasara, pro-Telangana activists are performing the Bathukamma on the highways as a form of protest and to highlight their Telangana identity) was also enacted. It was being projected as a cultural symbol.

During the age of Nizam, Bathukamma used to be enacted by the Shudras — mostly OBCs. Dalits were not allowed to participate as they were seen as pollutants even by the OBCs of lower order. And the upper caste women — particularly Brahmins, Komatis, Reddys and Velamas — would not participate as it was seen as a Shudra festive game. They thought it was below their dignity.

Now suddenly some Dorasanlu (women of dominant castes) went to this play as a symbol of the agitation. Is it for Telangana or for power?

The most interesting thing is that while the lower castes are using their cultural symbols to achieve a separate Telangana, the members of former feudal families are playing the politics of agitation. We also see a surprising unity between some Reddy and Velama political lords.

The whole attempt by these two caste forces is to control the political joint action committee (JAC) that is driving the Telangana agitation. Some academicians have also been drawn in to mediate between those two otherwise politically warring castes. (మరింత…)

సమైక్యాంధ్ర పాలన ఇంక మాకొద్దురా డిసెంబర్ 21, 2009

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సమైక్యాంధ్ర పాలన ఇంక మాకొద్దురా

ఎయ్ ఎయ్ ఎయ్ ఎయ్ ఎయ్ దెబ్బ డప్పు మీద ఎయ్ ఎయ్ ఎయ్ ఎయ్ ఎయ్
జై జై జై జై జై తెలంగాణా జై జై తెలంగాణా జై తెలంగాణా జై జై తెలంగాణా

నీళ్ళను దోచేసిన – బీళ్ళు మిగిలించిన
భూములు మింగేసిన – బువ్వను కాజేసిన
కొలువులు కొట్టేసిన – నిలువున ముంచేసిన
సమైక్యాంధ్ర పాలన – చావమనే సాపెన
మనకింక వొద్దనీ – చాలునింక పొమ్మనీ
దిక్కులదరగొట్టుతూ – ఒక్కటయ్యి చెప్పుదాం // ఎయ్ //

ఒప్పందాలమీదనే – తుప్పున ఉమ్మేసిన
మనసంపదనంతటినీ – మట్టగ దోచేసినా
కదుపులోన ఇసముదాచి – కౌగిలించి చంపిన
కలిసుందామంటునే – కష్టాలే పెట్టిన
బలుపుతొ మాట్లాడుతూ – బాధలెన్నొ పెట్టిన
పాలన మాకొద్దనీ – పట్టుబట్టి చెప్పుదాం // ఎయ్ //

భాషనీసడించిన – బతుకునెక్కిరించిన
వేశాలే మార్చిమార్చి – మోసాలే చేసిన
కనిపించని చిచ్చుపెట్టి – కాల్చిమమ్ము చంపిన
ప్రగతి ఐక్యతనే పేర – పాడు పాడు చేసిన
జాతిబంధువనుకుంటు – నీతిమాలిదోచినా
సోపతి మాకొద్దనీ – ఒక్కటయ్యి చెప్పుదాం // ఎయ్ //

ఇంటిదొంగలారమీరు – ఇంక సర్దుకొండిరా
ఎన్నెముకను అమ్ముకునే – బానిస బతుకొద్దురా
సమత స్వేచ్చ న్యాయబద్ఢ – జీవితాల కోసమూ
బాధలెన్నోగల్గినా – భయపడక సాగుతాం
బంగారు తెలంగాణ – బతుకమ్మను నిల్పుతాం
దిక్కులన్ని వినేటట్టు – ఒక్కటయ్యి చెప్పుదాం // ఎయ్ //

హారతి వాగీశన్
December 21, 2009

దీక్ష విరమణకు కే సీ ఆర్ ప్రతిపాదనలు KCR puts conditions to withdraw the ‘fast’ డిసెంబర్ 5, 2009

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K Chandrasekhara Rao, the chief of TRS, discussed measures to resolve the current agitation for a separate Telangana in response to the media persons enquiring about his health and the present situation in the state.

KCR, who is on fast-unto-death since November 29 at Khammam sub jail and later shifted to NIMS hospital in Hyderabad, expressed concern about the ways to come out of the current crisis. Today he spoke to Andhra Jyothi daily Managing Director, Sri Radhakrishna and its editor Sri K Srinivas, according to latest report on ABN TV channel.

Mr Veerappa Moily, Congress in charge of AP told that it is a matter within the consideration of Sri D Srinivas APCC President and Sri Rosaiah the Chief Minster. In response to Moily, the TRS chief laid conditions to consider withdrawal of his fast- unto- death.

KCR proposed that they (Srinivas & Rosaiah) should represent the demands of Telangana directly to the Congress high command to resolve the current crisis.

K Srinivas speaking to ABN TV informed that KCR’s health was not critical although his health is deteriorating. KCR is watching TV news and is informed about what’s happening in the state, told Srinivas.

Dividing the state is not in my hands (రాష్ట్ర విభజన నా చేతుల్లో లేదు), told Rosaiah. He expressed willingness to explore ways to resolve the crisis if the nirahaara deeksha is withdrawn . Rosaiah requested the TRS leader to withdraw the protest and cooperate for discussions (దీక్షలో కూర్చోని తెలంగాణ ఇవ్వమంటే నేను ఏమి చేయలేను. దయచేసి దీక్ష విరమించుకోండి. దీక్ష విరమించుకొన్న తర్వాత నా పరిధిల్లో ఏమైనా ఉంటె నేను చేస్తాను. నాతోవస్తే హై కమాండ్ తో మాట్లాడిస్తా)

K Rosaiah appealed to the fasting TRS leader K Chandrasekhara Rao to give up his stir and stated that Hyderabad was not a free zone as declared by the Supreme Court in its Judgement and the state government has also immediately filed a review petition in this regard

In the meantime, there has been rampage by protestors in Punjagutta and surrounding areas of NIMS hospital. Around afternoon there were rumours that KCR was in coma which is denied by the Director, NIMS.

Bathukamma celebrations in Hyderabad అక్టోబర్ 3, 2009

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Gaiety and poise mark Bathukamma finale
Special Correspondent

Hundreds of people participate in celebrations
Bathukamma finale in Hyderabad (K Ramesh Babu)

Song and dance: Girls celebrating ‘Bathukamma’ on Saturday (Photo K Ramesh Babu).

HYDERABAD: It was a felicitous mix of grace and poise as women and young girls in their resplendent best rhythmically moved around the colourful creations singing songs. ‘Saddula Bathukamma’ – the grand finale of Bathukamma festival on Friday was a treat to the eyes as grace, glitz and glamour gathered at one place to keep alive the Telangana culture and tradition. And it was an assurance to the heart that the culture and tradition still occupy prime place among the urbanites.

Women carrying colourful ‘Bathukammas’ – a variety of flowers arranged in cone shape in a bronze plate, a symbol of goddess Gauri Devi proceeded towards the water bodies to immerse them after paying final tributes.

The festival atmosphere reflected en route too with people offering prayers to the ‘Bathukammas’. Young girls sporting traditional dress – ‘langa voni’ and ornaments like anklets, armlets and braids were cynosure of all eyes. (మరింత…)

Bathukamma statue in Warangal సెప్టెంబర్ 25, 2009

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Bathukamma idol unveiled amid tight bandobust
Express News Service 24 September 2009

WARANGAL: Mayor Errabelli Swarna today unveiled the Rs 2.50 lakh idol of Bathukamma near Padmakshi temple in Hanamkonda amidst tight bandobust in the wake of TRS MLA D Vinay Bhaskar’s threat to register his protest against the colours used on the statue.

Police placed the MLA under house arrest till the unveiling of the statue was completed.

The statue was originally scheduled to be unveiled on September 18, the first day of the Bathukamma celebrations, was put off following objections raised by the MLA on the colours used.
bathukamma statue in Hanamkonda
There are two statues- a woman carrying a bathukamma on her head and next to her is a small girl holding a small bathukamma. Vinay Bhaskar objected to the use of red, white and green colours on the big Bathukamma saying that they resembled the Congress flag. He said that though he welcomed the installation of the Bathukamma statue, which reflected the Telangana culture, he was against the colours used on the Bathukamma. Following the MLA’s objections, green colour used on the statue was changed to blue.

Bathukamma – Telangana film జూన్ 24, 2008

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Bathukamma: Will we see more of Telangana cinema?


-K Naresh Kumar



Bathukamma – the film created on the platform of a popular ladies’ festival in Telangana is actually a red herring. Using the popular religious sentiment and generously soaking up the songs and customs associated with the event, Bathukamma actually talks about the burning issue of statehood, quest for its independence and its hoary past of victimization. This 15-reeler is a lone arrow that has been shot into the dark jungle infested with a set of its formidable foes united in their purpose to thwart any threat to their hegemony.


Unless the arrow is shot from an archer of Arjuna’s versatility, it is bound to be countered easily by the rival groups. Nevertheless, it is a sensational beginning where a Telugu film speaks a different dialect. Not surprising, it appeals to a region comprising over three- crore population. If one may say so, this effort is like a Bhojpuri film launched along its better-known, lavishly mounted big brother variety – the Hindi films- and giving a tough fight at the box-office. Are we seeing a new beginning?


It is indeed surprising how this single act, laden with a focus and purpose of achieving one’s objective can transmit an eye-catching, soul capturing appeal. This small film Bathukamma (small only with reference to its budget and star cast) was released in a single screen in one of the oldest surviving single-screen theatres – Venkatesa. It has kept on going, capitalizing on its superb timing of release on May 1 (nearly a month before the by elections) and as I write this, is well on to its ninth week charging up a modest audience watching it.




What is its appeal? (మరింత…)

వార్త ఆదివారం కవర్ స్టోరిలో అపశృతి సెప్టెంబర్ 18, 2007

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వైవిద్య రాగాల వీణ – తెలంగాణ : Cover story of Sunday ‘Vaartha’ (16 September 2007)  is an example of plagiarism, sadly that is widespread in Telugu writing.  It is a good story. But not done in right way. 

The cover story of eight pages (page 12 to 19) is a picturesque tale with photos taken from ‘Spirit of Telangana 2007’ Calendar and TUC website. ‘Vaartha’ cover story has all its pictures – eight pictures on the cover from Utsav.

And eight page story has fifteen more pictures depicting culture and monuments of varied districts of Telangana.

23 pictures altogether are taken from the Utsav website and the photo credits were neatly deleted from these pictures and used in the story. All these are works of several artists both professional and amateur