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Walls within the walls- New Zonal System proposed in Telangana ఆగస్ట్ 6, 2018

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KCR New Zoning System

TRS loses in trade union polls in Zaheerabad and Patancheru డిసెంబర్ 4, 2011

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Harish loses in two trade union polls
Express News Service, The New Indian Express, Dec 4, 2011

SANGAREDDY: In a major setback for the Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS), which is striving to get a foothold in trade unions in the region, Siddipet MLA T Harish Rao lost in workers union elections of Mahindra and Mahindra Automobile Industry in Zaheerabad and Kirby Constructions Limited in Patancheru on Saturday. Incidentally, the TRS forayed into the trade unions with Harish winning in the MRF union polls in the district. (మరింత…)

Gaddar’s front to struggle for Telangana అక్టోబర్ 16, 2010

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Gaddar’s front to continue struggle for Telangana

Hyderabad, October 10: The noted balladeer Gaddar, who launched Telangana Praja Front here on Saturday, said that the new outfit was not a political party, but a political force for achievement of separate Telangana State.

Speaking to mediapersons, the balladeer said that the Front’s primary goal was to develop a political force from village level. The Front will also exert pressure on the Union government to introduce Telangana Bill in Parliament by intensifying the movement involving all sections of people. It would also strive to unite all forces fighting for the sake of Telangana, he added.

Inaugurating the TPF at Maruthi Gardens here, Mr Gaddar said that the Front would function as an umbrella and bring all the JACs together for Telangana State. At the same time, the Front would seek co-operation of the all forces which were fighting for Telangana. He said that he was disturbed by a student’s suicide note at the Osmania University. The Telangana people have given their full acceptance to the cause by giving their vote to the supporters of Telangana. (మరింత…)

Investors vs locals: Cyberabad as Hyperabad జనవరి 9, 2010

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OPEN 9 January 2010

Cyberabad as Hyperabad

The Telangana agitation has the city in hyperventilation mode on both sides of the divide. What’s hurting badly is Brand Hyderabad. By Anil B. Lulla


Once there was a city that fancied itself as Cyberabad, rival to Bangalore as India’s infotech capital, blessed with silicon powered visitors from the US, and verily ennobled by the headquarters of a software exporter named Satyam. If Cyberabad went the ‘India Shining’ way, an illusion shattered by grim realities, it wasn’t long before Satyam’s halo was popped by revelations of corporate fraud. But Hyderabad took these as mere blows from which recovery was all but a matter of getting its wits together again—until Telangana burst onto the streets.

Today, businesses based in Hyderabad are a stricken lot, as this one-time seat of Nizami grandeur stares at an uncertain future. It is at the centre of a tussle between Andhra unionists, who reject the state’s proposed division and want to retain the city as its capital, and Telangana creationists, who want a separate state hewn out by that name with the city within its borders.


That business would flee the city if Telangana came into being was once just a wisecrack, given the sway of radical Maoists over this underdeveloped part of Andhra Pradesh. Now, it’s no idle threat. Worried by all the political unrest, the Andhra CM K Rosaiah expressed apprehension last week. “I have been told that many corporates are looking at options,’’ he said at a press conference, while appealing for peace. Next day, a frustrated CM said the film industry would go right back to Chennai if attacked by Telangana agitationists, whose litany of complaints includes the portrayal in villainous light of people from the neglected region. “More than 70 per cent of film industry workers are locals,” said the CM, “contrary to rumours being spread.”

Y Harishchandra Prasad, chairman of the AP chapter of the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), sums up the corporate mood: “The year 2009 started with the slowdown, and compounded with the shock over Satyam, general elections, political instability over the YSR succession issue and floods, we have finally entered a state of numbness—with cascading regional biases and agitations vertically dividing the state of 85 million. Not just law makers, even law enforcers are divided.” (మరింత…)