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Muslims stress a people’s movement for separate Telangana

‘Telangana is in the interest of Muslims’

29 December 20083:16pm.

By TwoCircles.net news desk,


New Delhi: People from different walks of life and organizations came together for discussions on ‘Muslims demand for separate Telangana state: need to make it people’s movement’, on 28th December 2008 at Urdu Ghar, Moghulpura in Hyderabad. Muslims and non-Muslim intellectuals participated in the meeting, discussed, expressed their opinions and also gave their valuable suggestions.


Men and Women who participated in the meeting were teachers, of schools, colleges and universities, advocates, employees and trade union leaders, students, activists belonging to different mass organizations, Muslim youths, and also senior citizens who had participated in 1969 Telangana movement.


Speakers opined that Muslims of old city are mostly unaware of Telangana issue. The people of Telangana districts are however aware of the issue There is a need to conduct small meetings and make people aware and involve them in the movement. There is false propaganda by the anti Telangana elements, saying them that if the Telangana state is formed problems of Muslims will become worse. But the fact is that separate state of Telangana is in the interest of Muslims.


During the 1969 movement, all the activities for separate Telangana were carried out in and around Charminar. One of the biggest rallies was taken out from Charminar to Raj Bhavan. But today there is no movement in that area and the people are totally ignored by political parties and activists and they are misguided by some vested interests.


Another important point that came out was that there is a need to make political movement a people’s movement. If the separate Telangana state is not formed this time, it can never be achieved and the sufferings of people of Telangana will become worse.

Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (MiM), political force in Hyderabad strongly oppose formation of Telengana state, since BJP will be a strong force in this region and threaten the security of about 48 lakhs Muslims living in this area. Others term MiM opposition as politically motivated.


Speakers in this meet expressed their opinion that the Telangana Movement should not be used as political tool but take it as an opportunity towards the development of the Telangana people by forming a Telangana state. All the political parties should involve themselves in the movement whole-heartedly, but not for the sake of gaining political power. It was viewed that there is lot of difference in expressing and practicing on the issue of Telangana by the political parties. The speakers also expressed great concern over the conspiracies made by the anti-Telangana elements. Therefore there is a need to overcome those conspiracies and come forward united for achieving the goal of Separate Telangana Statehood.


The meet was presided by Lateef Mohd Khan and Prof. Rama Melkote. Others who spoke on this occasion were Justice Sardar Ali Khan, K.M.Arifuddin (Madina Education Society), Narsing Rao, Prof Anwar Mozam, Dr. Rafat Seema (NISA), Anwar Khan (Principal of Anwaruloom College), M.A.Basith Khan (TSTU), Mohd Masood Ahmad (DTF) and Dr.M.A.Qayoom (MANU).




1. Mohammed Sufiyan - డిసెంబర్ 9, 2009

I really want to know what muslims lose if Telengan formed. In 2009 elections, BJP’s performance is not good. So, how they are so good in other parts of AP (Andhra and Railsima). And what muslims get from this whole mess!

2. S..M.PASHA - డిసెంబర్ 10, 2009


manu - ఫిబ్రవరి 18, 2010

muslims will have great share in govt. jobs in Telangana State, hence prosperity

అనామకం - డిసెంబర్ 7, 2010

the matter whether you get state or not, if you are really concern for people, not you own interest to become CM or Rich person in the AP. first the state of AP. And look after people concerns, nation building.

3. Mohd. Mujeeb - డిసెంబర్ 13, 2009

So you think it is not our responsibility to conserve tehzeeb, zubaan and feel one with all other peoples of the state? It is our identity and it is at risk. How can we just blindly allow status quo for short term goals? Think long term and separate Telangana state is the answer.

4. Abul - డిసెంబర్ 21, 2009

Hyderabadis ko kuch pharakh nahee padthaaa !!! HYDERABAD ko alag karo.. Musalmmaanonki ijjath karo…
kcr badmash .uspe yakeen nakko karo
inshaa allah

5. kanred - డిసెంబర్ 27, 2009

Hyderabadis ko kuch pharakh nahee padthaaa !!! HYDERABAD ko alag karo.. Musalmmaanonki ijjath karo…
kcr badmash .uspe yakeen nakko karo
inshaa allah

6. S.M.PASHA - డిసెంబర్ 27, 2009

Thanks for posting my comments. I hope they will not fall on deaf ears. There are many Andhra people who have migrated from there and settled down in other States. Their bodies may be in other States but their hearts are in Andhra. Your esteemed organisation must tell them what they should do. As far as Muslims in Andhra Pradesh are concerned, my appeal to them is :” AWAKE, ARISE, AND ASSERT. To the wise, just a hint is enough. I need not say anything more. ANDHRAS OUTSIDE ANDHRA PRADESH PRAY TO THE ALMIGHTY TO SOLVE THE PROBLEM OF OUR ANDHRA BROTHERS AND SISTERS

7. S.M.PASHA - జనవరి 3, 2010

Hello, my friends. What’s happening? Should we, Muslims, do?

8. Farooq - జనవరి 28, 2010

First you should know that Hyderabad is muslims State. Again we need to get our state back. Dont ever think that BJP will have its command here in Telangana. Because it doesnt have even 5 seats in telangana.

So please stand Up and support Telangana.


9. manu - ఫిబ్రవరి 18, 2010

Dear Mr. Farooq,

You are right it is the high time that everyone start supporting Telangana, and get back our jobs, we all need good employment.

10. VChangeU - ఫిబ్రవరి 19, 2010

Let there be no more bifurcation of states, Just be fair to all the people of our states.

11. Nizamabad Information - మార్చి 12, 2010

Jai Telangana! Jai Jai Telangana!!

12. Lateef mohd Khan - జూన్ 8, 2010

Muslim Forum for Telangana
H.No. 2-3-48/A/9, Amberpet, Hyderabad- 500013
Contact No’s: 9391051586, 9492063948, Fax: 27403392
Email id: muslimforumfortelangana@gmail.com

The Chairman,
Committee for consultations on the situation in Andhra Pradesh. (CCSAP)

Respected Sir,

Subject: There is no meaning for silence when there is a need to
speak for Justice. Muslim Forum for Telangana demands
separate Telangana State.


People from different walks of life and organizations came together and had series of discussions since 2006 on Muslim role for separate Telangana state. Muslim and non Muslim intellectuals participated in these meetings. All of them discussed and expressed their opinions and also gave their valuable suggestions. The main outcome of the meetings was the formation of a forum to work towards making people aware, especially Muslims. This forum was formed and named as Muslim Forum for Telangana in the year 2008.

This forum consists of different right organizations, mass organizations, women organizations, teacher organizations, student organizations etc. There are units in all the ten districts of Telangana. The main aim of the formation of this forum is to counter the propaganda of the then Chief Minister, Mr. Rajshekhar Reddy that Muslims are against Telangana. He started using Muslims name to stop the formation of Telangana, due to which misunderstandings arose between Hindus and Muslims. In fact, it was a great conspiracy against the formation of Telangana and its people. At this high time this forum started its work to fail the conspiracy and to create awareness among the Muslim community especially among the people of Hyderabad. This forum started its work by conducting small meetings, conducting seminars, conferences and publishing the pamphlets and articles. Due to the continuous struggle of this forum, Muslims became aware and got themselves involved in separate Telangana Movement. This forum succeeded to explain that the separate state of Telangana is in favour of Muslims as well. This forum felt that during 1969, this movement was in and around Charminar, but in the present movement there was no activity in that area. Therefore, this forum brought back the Telangana movement activity near the Charminar area. The two historical programme conducted in the old city are, a seminar at Urdu Ghar with a slogan, ‘Muslims demand for a separate Telangana too’, in the month of December 2008 in which Justice Sardar Ali Khan, M.T.Khan, Prof. Maozzam, Prof. Rama Melkote, Prof. Rehana Sultana, Narsing Rao etc participated and the second programme was ‘March for Telangana’ at Charminar in the month of February 2009, in which Prof. Jayashankar, Prof. Kodandram and others participated. A resolution was passed in front of Charminar named ‘Charminar Resolution for Telangana’. Because of these programmes the total scenario changed. Muslim Forum for Telangana acted as pressure group on Muslims’ religious, social and political organizations to be part of Telangana movement.

Conditions of Muslims in Telangana and their demand for Telangana:

The movement for the formation of Telangana has become a fact and has turned into peoples’ movement. The demand for Telangana is not only democratic but also the birth right of the people. When the movement entered into a decisive point, the central government by keeping in view the emotions of four crores of Telangana people announced the formation of Telangana state. Whereas, because of the pressure of the capitalists and ruling class of Andhra, the central government took U turn and announced the wider consultation, and halted the formation of Telangana. Due to the above reason, people started protests and civil war like situation started in this region. This is high time for the Muslims to play their role for the achievement of Telangana. Muslims are the main sufferers in united state; they became weak politically, socially and economically. Muslims rights were violated; at every step they are discriminated. Due to riots Muslims economic condition deteriorated. All kinds of efforts are being done to demoralize the Muslims. By labeling them as ISI and terrorists, created such fear and terrorized to the extent that the Muslims cannot demand their rights and not even can dare to speak. Whereas, it is not suitable for a Muslim to be a silent spectator on any injustice. A quotation of Hazrath Ali goes as “There is no meaning for silence when there is a need to speak for justice”. Therefore, to support the right and struggle for it, is the responsibility of every Muslim.

Before 1956, during the ‘Hyderabad State’ the Muslim percentage was 16.34% and were at the forefront in Education, Employment and Trade fields. Urdu was official language for 224 years. All the official and government communication and transactions were carried out in Urdu itself. The court proceedings and arguments were also conducted in Urdu. During Nizam’s rule, Hyderabad state was the fifth largest State in India with 16 districts in it. During the amalgamation in Andhra, ours was surplus budget and Andhra’s was deficit budget.

After the Police Action in 1948, Andhras started migrating in employment sector to Hyderabad. Andhras were recruited in Military and Civil by saying that these region people do not know English and Telugu. Twenty Eight Thousand (28,000) Andhra employees were recruited here during 1968 and during 1986. Fifty Nine Thousand (59,000) Andhra and Rayalseema region people illegally occupied the jobs. During the Nizam rule, Mulki rules were formed to protect the employment of local people. All the agreements were violated immediately from the next day of the formation of United Andhra. 610 G.O. that came in 1986 is still not implemented. At present, still Three Lakh Eighty Five Thousand (3,85,000) Andhra and Rayalseema people are occupying the jobs in Telangana. All these jobs belong to Telanganas, which includes Muslims share as well. Coastal Andhra people overlook the historical Charminar and discriminate it by comparing it with Hi-tech city by saying that Hi-Tech city would provide employment to lakhs of people and benefit of crores of rupee would be gained. In the present development, we are nowhere. Here we question them to point out Muslim presence in High-Tech city? Today thirty five thousand (35,000) people of Telangana including Muslims are languishing behind the jails in Gulf countries.

When ‘Hyderabad’ was a State, not only wealth was rich, but also it was full of ponds and lakes; agricultural fields had rich production. Leafy vegetables and all other vegetables were produced in the fields around Hyderabad. Also there are crores of Waqf lands and Muslim properties in Hyderabad. Andhra and Rayalseema leaders destroyed the lakes and ponds, encroached those lands and carried out real estate business. Coastal Andhra people became Billionaires and Hyderabadi Muslims are forced to come on roads. The ruling class leaders of all the political parties, grabbed crores of Waqf lands. Lagadapati Rajagopal has been creating havoc on the name of United Andhra, grabbed 100 Acres of Waqf land and is doing business of 10,000 crores, which is known as “Lanco Hills”. This type of land grabbers from Andhra coastal region are in large number. They do not respect our language, culture and consider and look at us as Rowdy sheeters and ISI agents.

Telangana state lost greatly in past 50 years. Water was never given properly to our irrigation purposes; all our resources are always diverted; our employment is forcefully occupied. We are living under poverty in worst conditions in lanes and narrow lanes of old city. The example of which are, suicides of Muslims due to borrowing money on high interest rates, the innocent girls being married off to the Arab Sheikhs for a meager amount of rupees twenty thousand etc. If at all, change has to occur in our lives, we should have equal percentage in employment and education, representation of Muslims in politics, for which Separate Telangana State is the only solution.

Muslim Women conditions:

After merging the parts of Hyderabad in Andhra, its impact on Muslims especially Muslim women was extreme. Our language was removed as official language and Andhra Telugu was made compulsory official language, therefore because of this Muslims lost their jobs, job opportunities declined and unemployment increased among them. Its impact fell directly on Muslim women. Due to poverty, today Muslim women can be seen begging at every cross road and at every Masjid; from homes they have been forced to come out on the roads. Suicide rate has increased, marriages of Muslim girls has become a problem, dowry deaths have increased, illegal financing and money lenders have increased; they are forced to marry off to Arab sheikhs for a meager amount for their livelihood. This is all because the old city in the black list. Neither the Minority Corporation provides loans to these poor people nor the nationalized banks. Recently a girl was pushed and killed from the upstairs of the historical Charminar; with this one can understand the condition of women in old city.

Muslim Youth condition:

Muslim youth condition has been deteriorating day by day. Earlier they were targeted by labeling them as rowdy-sheeters, later killed with the label of fundamentalists and at present their lives have been turned miserable by labeling them as terrorists. Whenever there is any untoward incident in the country these youth are made primary targets, within minutes police and media declare the names of Muslim youth as terrorists, they are illegally detained, tortured and implicated in false cases. As per the information received, all the police officers who harass and torture belong to Andhra and Rayalseema regions. Police and media are propagating Muslim youth as terrorists but we believe that Muslims are the victims of terrorism and are under attack from all sides’ i.e. state, police, media and Hindutva forces. Muslims are at last the target of three types of terror i.e. “Bomb terror, Police terror and Mob terror”

Police violence in Telangana region:

Constitution of India has given two types of choices to people to know about their aspirations and opinions. One is through right of vote and another is to express their aspirations of democratic movement through demonstrations and protests. These people are demanding for separate state under the purview of constitution and laws, which is crushed by the state government by using police and Para-military forces.

The demand of separate Telangana state is not a new demand; the Telangana state already existed until 1956, before it was merged with Andhra. From the time of merging itself, people had refused to merge with Andhra. In 1969, four hundred students were killed in police firing. Kasu Brahmananda Reddy was the Chief Minister during that time. He had deployed the Military to suppress the movement and in a review meeting at office of Warangal district Collectorate, ordered the Captain saying, ‘I want Telangana peoples’ dead bodies’, in which Collector Dorai Swamy and Police Superintendent Ravi were also present.

From that time itself, Andhra ministers are continuously conspiring against the Telangana movement and side by side also lobbying both at the level of central government as well as at the state government. There by succeeding to suppress the Telangana people and movement. However, even after this, the movement and the demand of the people are alive in many forms.

All the political parties supported the demand of formation of Telangana state and included it in their political agenda as well. The president of India spoke at the presidential address of the parliament session and promised to form Telangana state.

All the political parties failed to fulfill the demand and once again, they cheated the people of Telangana. Atlast the situation has come to the extent where KCR decided to sit fast unto death at Siddipet area. However, he was arrested on the way and shifted to jail of Khammam district. The sections under which he was arrested are 120B Criminal conspiracy against the state, 153A Non-bailable case for trying to create enmity between the people, 505(2) instigating hatred and ill-will, 143 & 117 for unlawful assembly of more than 10 persons, 506 criminal intimidation and 188 violation of the police act. A person in the status of Member of Parliament and who is himself leading a political movement within the framework of Constitution of India, can he be labeled with such cases and sections by the government of Andhra Pradesh? Can the political movement be criminalized in such a way? After so much repression, the sentiments of the common people got hurt and the movement entered in all Universities of Telangana region. On 30th November, a student named Srikanth Chary, immolated himself and sacrificed his life for Telangana. By this way, this movement turned into the people’s movement and went into the hands of University students. Till now 210 people have sacrificed their lives for the cause of Telangana state. Apart from this, all the universities have been ceased with police and military forces. Fundamental rights have been violated and crushed down. Now the condition is so worse that the Andhra Pradesh state has turned into police state; where there is no value of democracy. The right to expression as per the article 19 of the constitution of India that guarantees freedom of speech and expression; and to assemble peaceably and without arms. Even these have been overlooked. The funeral procession has not been allowed; the procession was disturbed by police personnel themselves using tear gas shell and rubber bullet firing on the students. A large number of cases were registered on 200 students, who participated in the procession. The public meetings are not allowed to conduct wherein the people now and then are forced to approach High court of AP to acquire permissions. The court is also giving the permission on certain conditions which itself is also the violation of fundamental rights, taking place under the supervision of judiciary.

Here we want to focus on the violation of all kinds of rights starting from fundamental rights to human and civil rights.

1. The cases of above Six thousand are registered on innumerable students including research scholars.
2. Students of Universities have been Lathi-charged, rubber bullets were fired on them and out dated tear gas shells were used to disperse them.
3. Students are being held in illegal custody of police in all the districts of Telangana.
4. The cases that are registered include non-bailable apart from the cases such as 307, 120B, which are not applicable on them.
5. Nine hundred advocates have been labeled with number of cases.
6. The state is not allowing to conduct the democratic demonstrations and gatherings to express their aspirations.
7. Osmania University is turned into battlefield by deploying Para-military forces with heavy arms and ammunitions.
8. The students staying in the ladies hostel are being harassed by the police personnel.
9. All the entry points of the Osmania University are ceased with wire fencing.
10. From the time the movement started, section 144 has been implemented in whole Telangana region particularly in Hyderabad.
11. The Chief Minister and Home Minister of the Andhra Pradesh are washing off their hands saying ‘we are not concerned with law and order, it is the matter of police department’, which clearly means that the state government has turned into police state.

Finally we want to clarify some doubts of few people:

Due to the formation of Telangana, seemandhra will benefit by itself and the position of SC, ST, BC and minorities will definitely improve. The formation of separate Telangana is the only solution, because from the time it was amalgamated from then onwards itself the merging of the regions was opposed by people and Nehru also described it as Imperialism of Andhras. There might be change in political culture, because according to the census, share of SC, ST, BC and minorities in the power politics will increase. Small states will solve the administrative problems, strengthen the internal security, improve secular political culture and lead this country towards development. The example of this is USA with small states, which is the most developed country in the world. When the question of Hyderabad comes, its importance and cosmopolitan culture will remain same as it is. In India political lineage depends upon electoral politics and the political lineage is decided by parliamentary politics in India. If at all Telangana is formed, the confidence of the people will rise and if not given, confidence of people will collapse and lead to militancy as happened after 1969 movement. After the formation of Telangana a new leadership will emerge and there will be more moral values in the state. It is a myth that Muslims do not want Telangana or are against the formation of Telangana. They are always with the movement from the beginning whether it might be the 1969 movement or the present movement. It is fact that Muslims play a key role in the formation of Telangana. In the present movement Muslim Forum for Telangana started work to involve Muslims in the movement and act as pressure group and it is matter of great pressure that the large Muslim community is in favour of Telangana and struggling for separate state. Muslim elected representatives are not against the formation of Telangana and they have openly declared that Hyderabad is part and parcel of Telangana.


The Andhra and Rayalseema leaders are spreading the propaganda that Muslims are not in favour of Telangana, and if at all Telangana state is formed, ISI terrorists will increase. The terrorism in the state is attached with international reasons, but it does not have any link with separate Telangana. Kindly examine the details of the lands possessed by Andhra and Rayalseema leaders and please enquire about in whose undertakings are the government lands (once Nizam lands).

We wants to clarify that Separate Telangana is not a new concept, it had already existed in the name of Hyderabad state till 1956, both the communities, Hindus and Muslims lived together with peace and harmony, enjoyed equality. It was the Golden period of Telangana people. We would like to remind that when the Andhra state was formed, it was said that whenever the people of Telangana want to separate, they could separate from Andhra and form Telangana state. There were also many conditions and promises made by the then State Reorganizing Committee and in Gentlemen Committee. Not a single promise was fulfilled. Instead, the Andhra ruling class always violated the rights of the Telangana people. The saddest part is that the people of Telangana have lost everything and are marginalized from every sphere of life. The people of Hyderabad suffered a lot during the so-called police action because of unwise decision of Nizam. Andhra ruling class imposed their culture, because of which the Telanganas lost their identity, culture, water, land, jobs etc.

Finally, we believe the saying of Dr. Ambedkar that the protection of minorities and backward classes is in the small states. There will be no end of upper castes (Reddy, Kamma) rule in bigger states. Small states are only the way to break their domination.

We appeal to this committee to present the report in favour of Telangana as early as possible because the emotions of Telangana people are at peak level and due to the delay in process the people will loose their confidence in democracy which will bring great loss to the country. Once again we remind committee the quotation of Hazrath Ali, “There is no meaning for silence when there is a need to speak for justice”.

Members in delegation:

Lateef Mohd Khan, Prof. Rehana Sultana, Mohd Abdul Basith Khan, Dr. Rafat Seema, Kaneez Fathima, A. Srinivas, Noorjahan Siddiqui, Yahiya Khan, S.Q. Masood, Dr. Deepa Srinivas, M. Mandakini, Mohd Masood Ahmed, Mohd Abdullah, Mohd Ismail Khan.

Lateef Mohd. Khan
Muslim Forum for Telangana

13. newstart_40 - జనవరి 6, 2011

There is no need of separate state of Telangana.. if at all required to divide then Hyderabad/Secunderabad will be an Union Territory of new India. Telangana will be separate state.

14. Prashanth - జనవరి 11, 2011

Nobody has the right to make twin cities a UT and break TG. TG exizted as a state in the name of Hyderabad Sttae from Sep17,1948- Oct 31, 1956.
We are demanding the revival of the state which existed but not anything else.
Andhras clamoured for resources and they wanted United AP just to exploit Hyd. They say that it is based on linguistic lines which is non-sense. Potti Sriramaulu went on fast-unto-death in 1953 and died. HE is not reklated to AP. AP wasformed in 1956. They were with Madras and got separated just because 1 Andhra person did not get a job in the court. They got separated from Madras and claimed Madras. Madras CM Rajagopala Chari said “Get lost from Madras with in 24 hrs you dirty dogs”. Then they went to Kurnool and made it their capital in 1953.
They clamoured for resources in Hyd as Hyd was rich and Andhra State did not have the money to pay salary to its employees.
Andhra was a state for 2 yrs with Kurnool as thge capital. Hyderabad State existed for 8 yrs with Hyd City as the capital. ANdhras say they developed Hyd. They exploited Hyd and sold the lands in Hyd to foreign companies, they grabbed some lands and are making businesses on them. That is the character of Andhra leaders and some local leaders.

15. Snkr - జనవరి 11, 2011

My opinion:
Greater Hyd, Nlgd, MBngr be made UT temporarily and as common capital. Meanwhile, a seperate NEW capital city be built for andhra-seema, with Int.airport, metro trains, Central establishments, water supply, etc, as a well planned modern city, preferably in Prakasam District, near SriSailam dam(for water). ONLY after that, the UT be merged with Tg. 60:40 funds may be provided by State &center. It would be better if the city be within 100kms from the coast line. The city should be planned with infrastructure for ~50lakh residents.

This may be an acceptable solution with some changes here&there, if we don’t want to live peacefully together.

No point in continuing mud-slinging with baseless claims, brainless discussions, entertaining people of other states with our(Telugu people) buffoonary.

16. mallesh yadav - మే 26, 2012

in over state all partys playing poltical dramas please alert all are panish all of you by vote that will be shake delhi leaders

17. Karthik Wgl - ఫిబ్రవరి 2, 2018

I am Karthik from warangal
Cycling Raider
I Like Sports


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