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TRC – Sonia repeats mother-in-law Indira’s joke & TRS planning a long term strategy for separate state ఆగస్ట్ 20, 2012

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Massive agitation in sight as congress plans autonomous regional council for Telangana
A Srinivasa Rao, Mail Today, Hyderabad, August 19, 2012

The Congress high command is mulling over the proposal of constituting an autonomous Telangana Regional Council a solution to the contentious Telangana issue in Andhra Pradesh. Having realized that the indecisiveness in taking a decision on the Telangana demand has cost the party heavily in the state, the Congress leadership is understood to be working on the proposal for autonomous regional council for Telangana, on the lines of Darjeeling Gorkha Hill Council, which has recently transformed into Gorkhaland Territorial Administration with considerable autonomy for the local tribes.

An empowered Telangana regional council is part of the sixth option recommended by the Justice BN Srikrishna Committee in December 2010 as the best way forward on the Telangana issue. According to the committee, the regional council would be equipped with adequate funds, functions and functionaries. It would be headed by a legislator with cabinet rank and would provide a legislative consultative mechanism for subjects like planning and economic development, water and irrigation, education, skill development and vocational education, local administration and public health. (మరింత…)

Congress can’t take decision on Telangana in a day in 7 years from 2004 polls – Azad జూలై 2, 2011

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Political News
Can’t take decision on Telangana in a day: Azad

Press Trust of India July 2, 2011

Hyderabad: Union minister Ghulam Nabi Azad on Friday said the vexed Telangana issue would take longer time to be resolved even as legislators from the region belonging to Congress threatened to quit their posts and those from TDP promised to follow suit seeking a separate state.

Any decision on Telangana was not possible without a “national consensus” since the issue was not the problem of Andhra Pradesh alone, he said.

“Telangana is a complex issue and any decision cannot be taken in a day. We need to consult all political parties on this. Also, we have to consider the opinion of people of all the three regions in the state. Even the Justice Srikrishna Committee (appointed by the Centre to look into the statehood demand) gave many opinions. So, we have to evolve a consensus after consulting all political parties,” Azad, who was on a day’s visit to Hyderabad, told newsmen after a meeting with PRP president K Chiranjeevi here. (మరింత…)

Time for Telangana : Zakka Jacob జనవరి 14, 2011

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Time for Telangana
Zakka Jacob, India Today

Crowds at political rallies are a very interesting phenomena. Often times, these crowds give you a better insight into politics than any politician can offer. Mostly, crowds at political rallies are paid for. The going rate usually is 500 rupees, one packet of chicken biryani and one pouwa of desi liquor. But very rarely you come across a political crowd that has come out in support of a genuine cause.

The crowd which turned up at Indira Park in Hyderabad, the day the Srikrishna Committee report was made public, was one such. In it, were people who had come all the way from Adilabad and Nizamabad, some of them by foot. The rally itself was organised by a host of political parties, not just the TRS. There were leaders from the BJP, Left Parties, TDP and even Maoist leader-balladeer Gaddar. All for one cause. Telangana.

They say, no force on earth can stop an idea whose time has come. Telangana is one such idea, and its time has come. (మరింత…)

Telangana referendum 2010 ఆగస్ట్ 4, 2010

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After the ‘referendum’
D K Singh, The Indian Express, August 3, 2010

A couple of days before the Telangana by-election results were declared, Home Minister P. Chidambaram inquired about the Congress’s prospects from a ministerial colleague. The reply left him perplexed. “Not even one seat?” asked Chidambaram. But his party colleague from Andhra Pradesh offered little hope. The junior minister was vindicated last Friday when the Telangana Rashtra Samiti (TRS) swept the polls, winning 11 out of 12 seats.

Congress leaders from Telangana had sensed the pubic mood and did not want to contest; they were overruled. The party had done well in the region in the 2009 assembly and Lok Sabha elections, apparently validating the late Y.S.R. Reddy’s claims that the statehood agitation was a mere flash in the pan. This rout has, therefore, set alarm bells ringing. AP Congress president D. Srinivas’s loss — the second time since the 2009 assembly election — could be a case study in ambivalence: he had assured voters that the Congress was all for Telangana, and it was the only party that could make it a reality. The TRS’s K. Chandrasekhar Rao asked: if Srinivas’s party was all for Telangana, why did the party chief not say so, on behalf of the Congress, to the Srikrishna Committee? (మరింత…)

We are prepared to sacrifice our lives for T cause : DS జనవరి 12, 2010

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I’ll comment on Andhras when the time comes: DS
Express News Service: 12 Jan 2010

HYDERABAD: Besides the Telangana Joint Action Committee members’ criticism of Eluru MP Kavuri Sambasiva Rao over his remark that appointing a Telangana leader as deputy chief minister would be an answer to the separate statehood issue, Pradesh Congress Committee chief D Srinivas has taken strong exception to Kavuri’s remarks.

“What do they (Andhra leaders) think about Telangana people? I will speak about them when the occasion comes,” he is learnt to have told his close aides from the Telangana region.

Meanwhile, senior Telangana Congress leader and former minister R Damodar Reddy has asserted that their agitation for separate Telangana state is not meant to get `posts’. In fact, Andhra leaders like Sambasiva Rao and others were trying to cause a rift among the Telangana people, he alleged.

“We (Telangana leaders) are not worried about posts. On the other hand, we are prepared to sacrifice our lives for the Telangana cause,” he claimed. (మరింత…)

పరిణతి లోపంతోనే ఈ ప్రమాదం – ఆదిత్య డిసెంబర్ 14, 2009

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పరిణతి లోపంతోనే ఈ ప్రమాదం
ఆదిత్య Andhra Jyothi 12 Dec 2009

కాంగ్రెస్‌ కేంద్ర నాయకత్వం ప్రదర్శించిన హడావుడి, అతి గోప్యత తెలంగాణ వాదుల ఆశలపై నీళ్లుచల్లే ప్రమాదకర పరిస్థితికి దారితీస్తున్నది. అలాగని రాష్ట్రం సమైక్యంగా ఉండే పరిస్థితులు కూడా కనిపించడం లేదు. ఎందుకంటే ఇప్పటికే ఆయా ప్రాంత ప్రజల మధ్య విద్వేషాలు ప్రారంభమయ్యాయి. ఈ మొత్తం వ్యవహారంలో మరెన్నో కోణాలు కూడా ఉన్నట్టు ప్రచారం జరుగుతున్నది. రాజకీయ ప్రయోజనాల కోసం కాంగ్రెస్‌ ఇలాంటి ప్రమాదకరమైన ఆటలు ఆడడం, వాటి నుంచి బయటపడడానికి దేశానికి ఏళ్లూ పూళ్లూ పట్టడం మొదటినుంచీ ఉన్నదే!

ప్రత్యేక తెలంగాణ రాష్ట్ర ఏర్పాటుకు ప్రక్రియ ప్రారంభిస్తామంటూ బుధవారం అర్ధరాత్రి కేంద్ర హోంమంత్రి చిదంబరం చేసిన చరిత్రాత్మక ప్రకటన రాష్ట్ర వాసులందరికీ తీవ్రమైన మిశ్రమ స్పందనలు కలిగించింది. ఉరుములు లేని పిడుగులా వెలువడిన ఈ నిర్ణయం కోస్తాంధ్ర, రాయలసీమ నాయకులను, ప్రజలను ఆందోళనలో ముంచగా, తెలంగాణ వాదులకు ఆశ్చర్యకరమైన వరంలా మారింది. కేంద్ర ప్రభుత్వం అనూహ్య రీతిలో, ఇంత హఠాత్తుగా తెలంగాణ ఇవ్వాలనే నిర్ణయం తీసుకుంటుందని అటు తెలంగాణ వాదులుగానీ, ఇటు కోస్తా, రాయలసీమ వాసులుగానీ ఎంతమాత్రం ఊహించలేదు.

టి.ఆర్‌.ఎస్‌ అధ్యక్షుడు కె. చంద్రశేఖరరావు 11 రోజుల ఆమరణ నిరాహార దీక్ష, తెలంగాణ ప్రాంతంలో ఉవ్వెత్తున ఎగిసిన ఉద్రిక్త ఉద్యమం పర్యవసానంగానే కేంద్రం ఈ అడుగు వేసినట్టు పైకి అనిపిస్తున్నా, ఇంత పెద్ద నిర్ణయం అంత అర్జంటుగా, ఆషామాషీగా ఎలా తీసుకుంటారనే ప్రశ్నలు వినిపిస్తున్నాయి. ఇదంతా ఒక పథకం ప్రకారం సాగిందనే అనుమానాలు బలంగా వ్యక్తమవుతున్నాయి. కేవలం 11 రోజుల కె.సి.ఆర్‌ దీక్ష ఫలితంగానే ఇది జరగలేదని, అంతకుముందే రచించిన వ్యూహంలో ఇదంతా భాగమని విశ్వసనీయ రాజకీయ వర్గాలు వెల్లడిస్తున్నాయి.

2014 ఎన్నికల తర్వాత రాహుల్‌గాంధీని ప్రధానిని చేయడమే లక్ష్యంగా కదులుతున్న కాంగ్రెస్‌ అధిష్ఠానం, వై.ఎస్‌. రాజశేఖరరెడ్డి దుర్మరణం తర్వాత ఆంధ్రప్రదేశ్‌లో కాంగ్రెస్‌ బలహీనంగా మారుతున్న సంగతిని, పార్టీపై తన పట్టు పూర్తి స్థాయిలో లేదన్న వాస్తవాన్నీ గుర్తించింది. కొరకరాని కొయ్యలా మారుతున్న వై.ఎస్‌.జగన్మోహన్‌రెడ్డిని అదుపు చేయడం, జాతీయ స్థాయిలో విపక్షాలను సమైక్యం చేయగల శక్తి ఉండి, రాష్ట్రంలో పుంజుకుంటున్న ప్రధాన ప్రత్యర్థి తెలుగుదేశాన్ని శాశ్వతంగా నిర్వీర్యం చేయడం అనే రెండు లక్ష్యాలను సాధించడానికి అది తెలంగాణ పావును ముందుకు కదిపింది.

రాష్ట్రాన్ని విభజించడం ద్వారా జగన్‌కు చెందిన సామాజిక వర్గాన్ని బలహీన పరచాలని, తెలుగు దేశానికి రాష్ట్రంలోని రెండు ప్రాంతాల్లోనూ పట్టులేకుండా చేయాలని పథకం రచించింది. అప్పటికే ఎన్నికలలో చావు దెబ్బతిని, అప్రతిష్ఠతో అచేతనావస్థలోకి వెళ్లిన టి.ఆర్‌.ఎస్‌ అధినేత కె. చంద్రశేఖరరావును దీని అమలుకు ఎంచుకుంది. తెలంగాణ సెంటిమెంట్‌ నేపథ్యంగా ఉన్న కె.సి.ఆర్‌.ను బలోపేతం చేసి తెరపైకి తేవడం, ఆ క్రమంలోనే రాష్ట్రాన్ని విభజించడం ద్వారా ఒకే దెబ్బకు రెండు పిట్టలు అన్న తరహాలో అటు జగన్‌ను, ఇటు బాబును దెబ్బతీయాలన్నది అధిష్ఠానం ఎత్తుగడ.

దీని అమలు బాధ్యతను, అహ్మద్‌పటేల్‌, చిదంబరం, ప్రణబ్‌ముఖర్జీ, ఆంటోనీలతో కూడిన మేడమ్‌ సోనియాగాంధీ కోటరీ స్వయం గా చేపట్టింది. ఇందులో అహ్మద్‌పటేల్‌ కీలక పాత్ర పోషించారు. తెలంగాణ సాధన కోసం అప్పటికే ఆమరణ నిరాహార దీక్ష నిర్ణయాన్ని ప్రకటించిన కె.సి.ఆర్‌.తో ఆయన తమ వ్యూహం గురించి వెల్లడించినట్టు తెలిసింది. ఇక తర్వాత పరిణామాలన్నీ ఇందులో భాగమే! అయితే ఈ అవగాహన సంగతి ఇటు ముఖ్యమంత్రికి గానీ, రాష్ట్ర పోలీసు విభాగానికిగానీ తెలియక పోవడంతో మధ్యమధ్యలో కొన్ని అనూహ్య మలుపులు చోటుచేసుకుని, సస్పెన్స్‌ థ్రిల్లర్‌ సినిమాను మరిపించాయి. (మరింత…)

People’s Telangana: Long way to go డిసెంబర్ 13, 2009

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Between a state and a hard place

A Telangana state will give the region’s dominant castes their place in the sun, but there be will be another round of struggle before the other castes — the backward classes — find their place in the power structure, writes Parsa Venkateshwar Rao Jr

Daily News & Analysis, Dec 13, 2009

The English-speaking, deracinated metropolitan chatterati are fretting and fuming over the prospect of the formation of a separate Telangana state. They ask with utter incredulity, “What will happen to Hyderabad? How can it be part of Telangana? Why should it not become a joint capital like Chandigarh?”

Clearly, they know no geography. If they did, they would have realised that the future Andhra state cannot access Hyderabad except by corridor through Telangana districts. Some kind of a Danzig corridor that’ll give access to the rich folk from coastal Andhra who have invested hundreds of crores in and around Hyderabad city. But this is much too complicated for the waffle set. (మరింత…)

Telangana : Sonia, Rahul, KCRs – compromises of competing public claims డిసెంబర్ 12, 2009

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Telangana, 2026
Aditya Sinha, New Indian Express, 12 Dec 2009 12:27:48 AM IST

Of course India needs smaller states for better governance (though Dantewada does not appear to have benefited much from the creation of a separate Chhattisgarh; instead the various tribes there now face the wrath of our shoot-first-and-ask-questions-later home minister, P Chidambaram). Very few people doubt that. What is debatable is having a States Reorganisation Committee, that too populated by academics, to go into the matter. It is this kind of lazy suggestion that gives intellectuals a bad name. We are a proudly political society; and as oligarchic as our politics might have become, politics is still the best path of achieving compromises between competing public claims.

The problem with the Congress midnight decision to begin the process of separating Telangana from the Rayalseema and coastal Andhra regions of the existing state is that it happened at midnight. Only undemocratic things (like 1975’s Emergency) happen at midnight. Matters resolved through democratic politics are usually announced in Parliament or by a government spokesman before office hours are over. So immediately you know that Congress president Sonia Gandhi was up to no good (this whole charade of government not consulting party fools no one). Whether she did it to ensure no future emergence of a leader as defiant as the late Y S R Reddy (who completely shunned her advice on this year’s state cabinet formation) or to make good on a promise she herself had made to the people of Telangana several elections ago, the more important point is that she tried to ram it down the collective Andhra throat. And now she’s in a fix.

In the spirit of citizenship, reductio ad absurdum would like to help Sonia out of her difficulties. We realise that while withdrawing her decision will upset Telangana, enthusiastically pursuing her decision will upset the rest of the state. And in any case, the genie is out of the bottle; even this columnist is thinking of one day heading back to Bihar to demand a separate state of Vaishali (to be bordered by Bhojpur on one side and Magadh on the other). So here are some suggestions for Sonia to wriggle out of this statehood pickle:

Appoint Justice Manmohan Singh Liberhan to decide on Telangana: Did you know that Justice Liberhan’s first two names are the same as our prime minister? I did not. Maybe the late P V Narasimha Rao (a native of Telangana) had a fetish. But I digress. Justice Liberhan took 17 years and 48 extensions to submit a report on the Babri Masjid demolition; by the time his report was leaked, nobody cared. In fact, Ayodhya is now only an issue for Hindus, who wonder when the Ram temple will be built; Muslims, who have had a whole lot of other headaches since 9/11 and 26/11 have decisively moved on. So you could say that this “puny judge”, as Arun Jaitley described Liberhan in the Rajya Sabha this week, applied Narasimha Rao’s trademark way of handling a problem: he let it die a natural death. The report would not have been noteworthy had it not been Justice Liberhan’s mystery-novel-surprise-ending decision to indict former Prime Minister A B Vajpayee. No wonder Jaitley called it a “national joke”. (మరింత…)