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Polavaram Dam makes Godavari river an ‘item’ & ‘site’ for dhandha జూన్ 24, 2007

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JOURNEY – A tale of two rivers 

The Godavari has an intrinsic bond with the lives being lived on its shores. It can also be made invisible, a conduit for tourism. Overseeing the transition is the Polavaram dam. R. UMA MAHESWARI 

The two journeys reflected the difference between people’s commerce and that of the State, in league with exploitative private profiteers 

That was a different time, a different Godavari, a different flow and a different “movement”. It was languorous, as if time stopped by, for absorbing each moment of the flow. It was in June last year, one’s first trip across this st retch of the Godavari (incidentally, the second longest river of India, running to around 900 miles) in Andhra Pradesh. It had poured the previous night and still smelt of earth after first drops of rain and a mild breeze blew. It was 3 a.m. when I stepped on to the luggage carrier launch (a medium sized steamer), or “laanchi” in local parlance, at the “laanchila revu” in Rajahmundry. I sat on the deck amidst an assortment of goods — groceries, vegetables, fruits, cardboard cartons and so on.  


G.O. Ms 610 – Mulki Rules, Six Point Formula, Presidential Order 1975 & Settlers Question జూన్ 15, 2007

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SIX POINT FORMULA – Andhra Pradesh Public Employment (Organisation of Local Cadres & Regulation of Direct Recruitment) Order, 1975 – Alleged violation in the implementation of Six Point Formula in Zones V to VI – Rectification – Order – Issued 


G.O.Ms.No.610                                  Dated the 30-12- 1985 

                                                                Read the following 

1.G.O.Ms.No.674, G. A. (SPF-A) Dept., dated 20-10-1975.

2.G.O.P.No.728, G. A. (SPF-A) Dept., dated 01-11-1975.

3.G.O.P.No.729, G. A. (SPF-A) Dept., dated 01-11-1975.

4. From the President, Telangana Non-Gazetted Officers Union, letter dated 05-12-1985 

* * *

O R D E R: 

The G.O. 1st read above, which is generally known as Presidential Order contains principles regarding Organisation of Local Cadres allotment of personnel of the various Departments to the various local cadres, method of direct recruitment to the various categories, inter-local cadre in transfers etc. of the employees holding those posts.  In the G.Os 2nd and 3rd read above clarificatory instructions were issued regarding procedure for implementation of the various provisions of the Presidential Order.  (మరింత…)

G.O. Ms. 399 జూన్ 12, 2007

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PUBLIC SERVICES — Six Point Formula — Andhra Pradesh Public Employment (Organisation of Local Cadres and Regulation of Direct Recruitment) Order, 1975 – Further instructions on the implementation of Presidential Order, 1975 and G.O. Ms. No. 610, G.A. (SPF.A) Dept., Dt. 30-12-1985 and One Man Commission (SPF) recommendations— Repatriation of excess Non-Locals – Orders- Issued.

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Telugu cinema is not always cheap: ‘Vanaja’ wins Bear at Berlin Festival జూన్ 6, 2007

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‘A person with shampooed hair can’t play village girl’

A still from VanajaRajnesh Domalpalli recently won the Bear at the Berlin Film Festival for the Best Debut Feature Film, Vanaja. For this engineer turned filmmaker, life has been hectic as his maiden venture has been and continues to travel to festivals in different parts of the world ever since it premiered in Toronto. It has been shown at festivals in various regions of the US (like New York, California, Atlanta, Arizona, Oklahoma to name a few), Stockholm (Sweden), Norway, Seoul (South Korea), Auckland and Wellington (New Zealand), Durban (South Africa), and Cairo (Egypt) besides the International Film Festival Goa, and Kerala.

Vanaja, a Telugu film, was judged the Best Narrative Feature at the IAAC Film Festival, New York, last year and had a special mention at the Hamptons International Film Festival, New York State, last year. An interesting aspect about Vanaja is the way non-actors were chosen and made to act. As a filmmaker, Rajnesh wants to tread the path of art cinema.

Radhika Rajamani gets him to reveal more. (మరింత…)

Kapu Rajaiah- Folklore in Modern Art జూన్ 5, 2007

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Kapu Rajaiah PaintingsKapu Rajaiah, born in a poor family in a remote place of Siddipet of Medak district, is known for revolutionary changes in modern Indian art. His work popularized the rural breeze moist with fragrance of earth and sweat of toiling masses.

He made an imprint for introducing folklore and rural traditions of art into Indian modern art. His paintings speak of men and women of varied communities characteristic of Telangana villages.

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