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Village & Mother Goddess – Lashkar Bonalu జూలై 26, 2007

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Old-timers gung-ho about Bonalu – Sapna Kaushik  

A slice of history, women with colourful pots, a man dancing to the sound of reverberating drum beats and what have you?

The festival’s history can be traced to as recent as the 18th century, unlike most other festivals whose ancestry can be traced back to the hoary past.  The story has it that in 1813, Suriti Appaiah, a ‘doli’ bearer in a military battalion, was transferred to Ujjain. Cholera broke out in Hyderabad around that time claiming thousands of lives.

Appaiah and his associates went to the Mahankaal temple in Ujjain and prayed that if people were saved from the epidemic, they would install the idol of Mahankali in Secunderabad. On their return, they installed a wooden idol of the goddess in Secunderabad in July 1815. This was replaced with a stone statue in 1964.

Following brahminical traditions, all hoary Hindu festivals are marked by astrological precision: their timings marked in terms of the sun/moon entering certain constellations in certain months. But Bonalu is a festival of the farming and lower classes and is certainly not brahminical. So the timing of the celebrations are not so rigorous.

Bonalu is celebrated in various parts of the city on different days, all Sundays. On the first Sunday of ‘aashaada’, celebrations are held at the temple at Golconda fort. On the second Sunday, at Ujjain Mahankali in Secunderabad, and the third Sunday, at the Matheswari temple of Lal Darwaza in Old City. (మరింత…)

ఏమి గోస తల్లీ నీకు? జూలై 23, 2007

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– సూరెపల్లి సుజాత

పాలమూరు చెల్లి పొట్ట చేత పట్టుకొని
దేశం కాని దేశాలల్ల పనియ్యమని ఊరూరా తిరుగుతున్నది
కన్నవాల్లు కట్టుకొన్నవాడే పొత్తిల్ల బిడ్డని
పాతిపెట్టుతుంటె చాతకాక చూస్తున్నది


తెలంగాణ ఫొటోగ్రాఫర్ డి. రవీంద్రరెడ్డి : ఫెయిల్యూర్ స్టోరీ జూలై 22, 2007

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Failure Storyరాత్రి పన్నెండు గంటల సమయంలో ఫోన్ లో తనకు వినిపించిన-
‘యు సేవ్ డ్ మై హెడ్ ‘ అంటూ కృతజ్ఞత ధ్వనించే పెన్ బర్తె మాటలను మరోసారి ఇష్టంగా జ్ఞాపకం చేసుకున్నారు డి.రవీంద్రరెడ్డి తన స్టూడియోలో.

పెన్ బర్తె ఎవరంటారా?
‘యు సేవ్ డ్ మై హెడ్ ‘ అని ఆయన రవీంద్రరెడ్డితో ఎందుకన్నాడంటారా? అసలు రవీంద్రరెడ్డి ఎవరంటారా? ఆయన ఓ ఫోటోగ్రాఫర్ . ఆయన ఫెయిల్యూర్ స్టోరీయే ఇది

Telugu Gadda జూలై 17, 2007

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Dear friends and well wishers of Telangana,

Telugu Gadda, a Telangana weekly started on 09′November 1969 DT [Discover Telangana] is proud to present the inaugural issue of “Telugu Gadda”, a Telangana weekly started on Deepavali of 1969 (9 November 1969), by Late Mamidi Ramakantha Rao. He was editor and publisher of this weekly. Publication was stopped as he was arrested. He was jailed and was ‘missing’ for three years.

He later worked as journalist for Saayankalam, Current weekly, National Herald among other journals. He was with Andhra Bhoomi as sub editor till he quit or was arrested in 1969.

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Apna Hyderabad – Whose City Is It జూలై 13, 2007

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Have the winds of change sweeping across the city eroded the Hyderabadi identity? The transitional phase the city is caught in has ensured that one may no longer see a Hyderabadi in Hyderabad, says Roli Srivastava 

Some miss Irani mutton samosas, others sorely miss the lazy pace of life the city once enjoyed and many pine for its lost ‘tehzeeb’. But, it is not just a food rarity or a state of mind or even the prompt ‘shukriyas’ that has gone missing from the city of Nizams. In this melee of ‘outsiders’— people who have moved into the state from across the country — and new cultures, it is the true blue Hyderabadi identity that seems to have gone missing from Hyderabad. While the city is just about becoming greater and bigger, old timers say it is a matter of concern that much of its identity is already eroded. Compared to other big cities that have survived the influx of countless job-seekers and migrants such as Mumbai, Hyderabad seems to be losing Hyderabadis to the crowd already. (మరింత…)