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Spirit of Telangana Calendar 2007 నవంబర్ 15, 2006

Posted by M Bharath Bhushan in Appeals.
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Dear Friends
Telangana Utsav Committee
is printing a multi color “Spirit of Telangana Calendar 2007” like the ‘Spirit of Telangana 2006‘.  We request your support for it.
Telangana Utsav Committee ( TUC) is a non-political entity comprising social work professionals, academicians, students and volunteers engaged in promotion of understanding of Telangana culture and heritage.

Spirit of Telangana Calendar-2006 నవంబర్ 15, 2006

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Click Here if you can’t see the video 

You can also read the song here మాతృ గీతం .

మాతృ గీతం నవంబర్ 15, 2006

Posted by JayaPrakash Telangana in Poetry & Songs, Telangana, Telugu (తెలుగు).
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రచన – అందెశ్రీ

జయజయహే తెలంగాణ జననీ జయకేతనం
ముక్కోటి గొంతుకలు ఒక్కటైన చేతనం   || జయ…||
తరతరాల చరితగల తల్లీ నీరాజనం   || తర…||
పది జిల్లల నీ పిల్లలు ప్రణమిల్లిన శుభతరుణం
జై తెలంగాణ జై జై తెలంగాణ     || జై…||


Electoral Battle in Karimnagar – Politics of Failed Promises నవంబర్ 15, 2006

Posted by M Bharath Bhushan in Articles, elections, English, Essays, Identity, In News, Karimnagar, Mulki, politics, regionalism, Telangana.
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– M Bharath Bhushan & E Revathi

There is much talk of the bye elections and Telangana. Each party claims to be sure of successfully winning the seat or defeating the enemy. People wonder what they have to gain by giving once again the evidence of their concern. What would Sita have done if she was called to undergo agnipareeksha once again?
Telangana is a hot commodity. Every party wants a share in it and plans for mileage out of it. It is gaining greater currency and sooner or later the state is imminent, if the signals of changing times are any sign of the things to come. It may take another two years or more when elections come again for the entire state.

There is lot of heat now with the most unwanted thing happening inevitably- bye elections. Often bye elections are held if one vacates in favour some higher boss in one’s party or with the demise of the elected representative. But this bye election is thrust on people for “ideological” reasons and for “promises broken”. It is no referendum in any sense when every previous election was no referendum. Further bye elections to one constituency are no reason for a major move to act on for a separate state that concerns not just one constituency. Current drama is to be considered as rehearsals for the full fledged story in the making for the next general elections. Buying time, every political party, without exception, likes. It is the people who cannot afford to lose. (మరింత…)

Growing Demand of Separate Telangana – Unethical Politics నవంబర్ 1, 2006

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Growing Demand of Separate Telangana- Unethical Politics 
Rejoinder to Sreedhar’s “Separate Telangana: Beginning of the End

M Bharath Bhushan and E Revathi

Telangana is today a hot issue and something no party can ignore to address. It has become imperative for every political party worth the name in Andhra Pradesh to acknowledge the issue of separate Telangana. That Congress-I and Telangana Rashtra Samithi had political alliance and ‘controversial’ understanding on the demand of separate state during the recent elections that dethroned Telugu Desam does not require any additional emphasis to point out the importance of the demand for separate state. Today Congress-I at Delhi and Hyderabad and some senior leaders in the state speak regularly of the issue and also claim as the sole force that could give statehood. All the politics are about the “appropriate time” and the art of its interpretation.  Bharatiya Janata Party also speaks of being the only party that could get separate Telangana. Both parties ask for the price of giving them the gaddhi to get Telangana statehood. Today even TDP talks of Devender Goud as the chief minister if there is Telangana. It is necessary to accept these facts to acknowledge that demand for the separate state has a history and peoples support and cannot be wished away by the changing equations of political parties.


మూడు కలలు : ఒక గొడ్డలి నవంబర్ 1, 2006

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ప్రవీన్, నేను, తివారీ బయిటికొచ్చినం, అంత మామూలుగనే అనిపిచ్చింది. ముగ్గురం చాన ఎక్సైటెడ్‌గ ఉన్నం, ఓ అర మైలు నడిసినంక ఇద్దరు పోలీసోల్లు పక్క బండి కాడ ఆగి చాయి తాగుత కనిపిచ్చిన్రు. ఇంక కొంచెం దూరం పొయ్యినంక రోడ్డు పక్కన చెట్లల్ల లైట్లు ఆఫ్ చేస్కొని ఒక జిప్సీ ఆగుంది, కదులుతున్న నీడలు, ఎవరో ఉన్నరక్కడ అన్న సంగతి అర్దమైంది. అప్పుడన్నడు ప్రవీన్ “… గిరీష్ గుర్తుండు గద తివారీ ! తొందర్లనే మనం వాన్ని కలుస్తం ! ”

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