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Telangana movements- PC Joshi & Communists ఏప్రిల్ 27, 2008

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Mainstream, Vol XLVI, No 17


P.C. Joshi : Organiser of Historic Movements


Monday 14 April 2008, by Anil Rajimwale


On April 14 this year the birth centenary celebrations of P.C. Joshi, the legendary Communist leader and General Secretary of the undivided CPI (1935-48) in one of the most momentous periods of the communist movement in India, will come to an end. He was born on April 14, 2007. On this occasion we are carrying the following article written some time ago.

P.C. Joshi was a master of forms of party and mass organisational activities, be it open and mass, press, strikes, etc. or ‘underground’ and secret, even armed organisation. The CPI was illegal or semi-legal during the better part of his tenure. PCJ, therefore, skilfully created a countrywide underground organisational machinery and ‘tech’ apparatus. Both types of organisations functioned simultaneously. He was the creator of massive secret apparatuses in most of the armed and underground struggles. RIN, Tebhaga, Telangana and many other struggles, conferences, strikes and so on bear witness to it.

It would be appropriate to examine the role of P.C. Joshi as the organiser and inspirer of memorable mass movements in the context of his birth centenary.

It is to be noted that the period of the stewardship of P.C. Joshi (1935-47) was one of widespread mass movements, many of them leaving an indelible mark on history. Of course, he alone cannot be credited with the organisation of the movements. But he had a knack of catching the right moment to give appropriate slogans for people’s movement. He also had a great talent for developing and discovering mass leaders and cadres. During his leadership, the CPI produced the greatest number of mass leaders.

Mass Movements

A cursory glance at history will tell us that the CPI led and participated in great many mass movements/ struggles: of workers, peasants, agricultural, labourers, students, youth, children, women, adivasis, untouchables, middle class intelligentsia, writers, artists, policemen, armed forces, and so on and so forth. These struggles were both unarmed and armed. (మరింత…)

Telangana Woman in Art- Muhammad Rustum ఏప్రిల్ 27, 2008

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Telangana Ellamma finds a place on canvas

J.B.S. Umanadh

Nostalgia takes on shades of blue, black and green




DEEP HUES: Mohammad Rustums new work, Telangana Ellamma.

Siddipet (Medak): Mohammad Rustum of Siddpet is well known to art lovers in the twin cities. His art exhibition at the ICCR Art gallery in Ravindra Bharathi portrayed `Culture Colours of Telangana,’ which included famous works like Amma and Alankaram. Now he has come up with `Telangana Ellamma’ a true presentation of a hardworking lady from rural Telangana. Describing his brainchild Rustum told The Hindu that he deliberately chose thick blue, black and green as they represent hard work and toil under the sun. (మరింత…)

Polepalli SEZ – Struggle in dying villages ఏప్రిల్ 23, 2008

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Polepalli Struggle and Appeal


– Sujatha Surepally


SEZs. Horrible, inhuman, mad development zones one can ever imagine. I dont know how many of us are aware of these so called SPECIAL ECONOMIC ZONES as it translates into reality on the ground. I don’t know the theory part of this madness. Andhra Pradesh stands second in the country to accommodate SEZs.  Land is grabbed from the poor for by none other than Govt itself. It behaves like a blood hungry monster. Government operates through several agents who are like paalegallu of factionists or mercenaries of capitalists and transforms into a mafia. For Telangana region its like moolige nakka paina taati pandu padinattu. okavaipu abhivrudhi manthraalu japisthoo maro vaipu prajalanu bichagaallagaa maarche pathakaalu.. adige vaaru evaru leru. Because its SEZ era!! 
I have been regularly meeting Polepalli villagers, who are fighting against pharma SEZ. Polepalli is right there in Jadcherla, not so far away from the HI TECH Shamshabad Airport. My childhood memories of going out of city is to see more greenery, houses and people and the tales of their lives. But now if we go to any national highway, we only have roads. Roads, and ROADS and WIDER ROADS. Don’t know where they lead to? Wider and newer and more luxurious and adding more lanes as it becomes fatter. Destroying village life, culture, taking away their food, spreading pollution and killing identities of people and cultures. 


Mahbubnagar is one saga. Mahbubnagar has to be sacrificial goat and has to suffer many poisonous evil designs of the witchcraft that money hungry thought system now spins off to devour areas adjoining the monstrous Hyderabad. Thinking of asking what sin Mahbubnagar committed? Hyderabad pakkane undi inkaa bathiki undaalane?? (మరింత…)

Telangana elections – One more appeal to deaf system ఏప్రిల్ 20, 2008

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‘AP by-elections a referendum on Telangana’

Thursday, April 17, 2008 12:11 [IST]

Hyderabad: With the Election Commission announcing May 29 as the date for by-elections to four Lok Sabha and 18 assembly seats in Andhra Pradesh, major political parties are gearing up for what is described as the referendum on separate statehood for the Telangana region.

All political parties, especially the Telangana Rashtra Samiti (TRS), whose en masse resignations caused the by-polls, are gearing up for what is being described as a “semi-final” before the next year’s polls.

Four Lok Sabha members and 16 legislators of the TRS quit last month to protest the delay on the part of the Congress-led United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government to accord statehood to Telangana, which comprises 10 districts including Hyderabad.

Alleging that the Congress has betrayed people of Telangana by going back on its 2004 poll promise, the TRS took the issue to “people’s court” through en masse resignation.

By-polls to two seats were necessitated by the death of legislators of the Congress and the Telugu Desam Party (TDP).

The stakes are high for all the major parties in view of the next year’s elections. (మరింత…)

Adilabad Khaddi Katha- Unique version of Ramayana ఏప్రిల్ 6, 2008

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Tradition loses out to modernity


S. Harpal Singh

It’s a struggle for survival for practitioners of Khaddi Katha, a 200-year-old folk form of narrating Ramayana 


Turning into a relic: Tummapuri Ramaswamy and his son Dhananjay narrating Ramayana in the Khaddi Katha style.

ADILABAD: The 200-year-old Khaddi Tantri Vadyam, a stringed instrument, is unlikely to continue helping the Mithula Ayyavarlu earn a livelihood by narrating Ramayana in Khaddi Katha style. It had done so in the case of last five generations of Tummapuri Ramaswamy, a master of Khaddi Katha from Waddadi village in Tamsi mandal.

Though Ramaswamy is passing on the instrument and art as a legacy to Dhananjay, his teenaged son, he has no illusions about the youngster carrying on with the tradition. “The fact that one has to depend on others’ mercy for survival has put me off. The profession is not fetching anymore and it will not be prudent to look for a livelihood from it. I am getting my son educated so that he can get a job eventually. Learning the art will only keep him in touch with the past,” observed Ramaswamy.

Only artiste

The 65-year-old maestro is the only functional artiste of Khaddi Katha in Andhra Pradesh. He has seen the relevance of traditional folk art lose out to modernity and artistes rendered workless and poorer by changes taking place over the course of time. (మరింత…)

Poetic Pictures – Photographer Bandi Rajan Babu ఏప్రిల్ 2, 2008

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Glimpses of darkroom magic
Monday March 24 2008 

B Krishna Mohan

NOT long ago, photographers toiled in the dark rooms developing and printing. The darkroom chemistry – silver halide, bromide, metol, hypo all gave them a high and many considered it an art to get the right combination of chemicals. And nothing matched the happiness of getting the shadows and highlights right.Rajan Babu, a native of Koratla village in Karimnagar district, belongs to that genre of photographers who created magic in the dark rooms. Rajan, who took to serious photography in 1960 after joining the Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University here, is now an accomplished pictorial, fashion and glamour, industrial and advertising photographer.

Rajan, as part of the golden jubilee celebrations of his photographic journey, is now showing a few of his works at the ICCR Art Gallery on Ravindra Bharati premises. The show will be on till March 24.‘‘Excellent pictures do not happen accidentally. There should be control on the lighting and subject,’’ says Rajan who has Andhra Pradesh Dairy Development Corporation and the National Mineral Development Corporation among his clientele. (మరింత…)

Battle of Ellampalli oustees ఏప్రిల్ 2, 2008

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గోలివాడ బుచ్చమ్మ… అరవై ఏండ్లు… భర్త లింగయ్య మంచిర్యాల ఎసిసి సిమెంట్‌ కంపెనీలో పనిచేసి రెండేళ్ల క్రితం చనిపోయాడు… శవాన్ని వారి మామిడితోట తలాపునే పూడ్చిపెట్టి సమాధి కట్టారు…

బుచ్చమ్మకు పదకొండున్నర ఎకరాల్లో మామిడి తోట ఉంది. ఆ తోట స్థలాన్ని భర్త కంపెనీలో నౌకరి చేసేటప్పుడు ముర్ముర్‌ గాండ్లోల్ల దగ్గర బుచ్చమ్మ కొనుక్కున్నది… తోటలో పదేళ్ల వయస్సున్న 420 మామిడి చెట్లు ఉన్నయ్యి. పోయిన సంవత్సరం రూ.1.50 లక్షల మామిడికాయల దిగుబడి వచ్చింది… మాములు మామిడితోట కాదు… బంగినపల్లి మామిడిపండ్ల తోట అది… చిత్తాపురం, మామిడిగట్టు ప్రాంతాలు తిరిగి 600 మొక్కలు పెడితే సగం చచ్చినయి… మళ్లీ 200 మొక్కలు పెట్టారు… గంగ(గోదావరి) కు ఇంజన్‌ పెట్టి నీళ్లు పారిచ్చుకుని ఆ చెట్లను బుచ్చమ్మ బతికిచ్చుకుంది… ‘ పిల్లగాండ్లను సాదుకున్నట్లు ఈ చెట్లను పెంచుకున్నా…’ అని చెబుతుంటుంది బుచ్చమ్మ…

ఈబుచ్చమ్మ… ఈ మామిడి తోట… తోటలో భర్త సమాధి… ఇదంతా ఏమిటనుకుంటున్నారా…
రాష్ట్రాన్ని హరితాంధ్రప్రదేశ్‌గా మార్చేందుకు జరుగుతున్న జలయజ్ఞంలో బుచ్చమ్మ జీవితం, కుటుంబం, బతుకు పూర్తిగా మునిగిపోతున్నాయి. (మరింత…)

Chiru role of Chiranjeevi in Telugu Politics ఏప్రిల్ 1, 2008

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Chiranjeevi factor is speculated more to add spice to otherwise dull political situation of Andhra Pradesh. Because gossip of mid term polls of the country is turned into all time best joke, TRS resignations is no more news, mid term polls reduced to 20 MLA plus MP seats, and unaffected one-man show or marathon of YSR sop. Many political parties are wooing the uncertain Chirnajeevi and claim to be his ally, revealing if not anything, that they had no takers so far or that they were just waiting all through for this moment.

It is true that Chiranjeevi became a big actor against all odds in a casteist telugu film industry. But all poetry apart, reality seems to be different because of Chiranjeevi’s limited regional appeal and severe constraints of a particular caste identirty and his die-hard cinema identity of being casteist and anti telangana. After all, critics say, he can at best talk of a Chiru Rajya and never think of promising a Ram Rajya in alliance with Congress or TDP. Its not clear whom he is going to benefit finally -YSR or Chandrababu Naidu. He cannot talk much of Telangana with all his past of being an andhra cinema actor, and his nephew Bunny talking so big about Polavaram dam or his brother Pavan with anti Telangana fights & stunts against Hyderabad “villains” in Bhadri or many films the whole family is identifed with for years. 

Chiranjeevi has more contraints to break before he can promise anything that any sensible voter across regions could take him seriously.

Find interesting reports (R Akhileswari, Deccan Herald/ GS Vasu, New Indian Express/ GVL Narsimha Rao, livemint.com) on hype and reality of limited, Chiru, impact of chiranjeevi politics


Chiranjeevi may change the scene

R Akhileshwari, Hyderabad

Chiranjeevis reputation as pro-common man, and importantly, his belonging to the powerful Kapu community are believed to draw voters to him especially in the coastal Andhra region.

An interesting but complex situation prevails in Andhra Pradesh, the only major state where Congress is in power and where it is in a dominant position vis a vis other political parties. This state can also boast of a performance-oriented government led by a chief minister. Yet, Congress finds itself pushed to the wall on a contentious issue.
The issue in question is the statehood for Telangana, a commitment that Congress made in its election manifesto in 2004 when it faced an uphill task of beating a strongly entrenched Telugu Desam Party. Chief minister Rajasekhara Reddy convinced the party high command that the development work that his government has undertaken in the backward Telangana region would subsume the separtist sentiment. Besides, the demand for a separate Telangana was limited to a few districts and therefore, there was no need to fear a backlash for failure to keep a promise. 

But these calculations were upset with the resignation of 23 MPs, MLAs and MLCs belonging to the Telangana Rashtra Samiti, from their posts last week to pressurise Congress into granting a separate Telangana state. Almost overnight, TRS has gained political ground. This step also prompted Telangana leaders in other parties, notably Congress and Telugu Desam Party which supports a unified state, come out in support of Telangana statehood. 

Rao’s appeal to leaders of other parties led to the speculation of Congress and TDP splitting on the issue, but another factor is keeping the two parties glued. This is the Chiranjeevi factor. The highly popular film star has been toying with the idea of launching a political party for some time now. In the last three months, it has gathered momentum and it is giving sleeeples nights to both Congress and TDP, forcing them to re-formulate their electoral strategies. Besides glamour, Chiranjeevi’s reputation as pro-common man, and importantly, his belonging to the powerful Kapu community are believed to draw voters to him especially in the coastal Andhra region.

Early elections in October-November or as scheduled in early 2009, Andhra Pradesh promises to produce keen contest.

Source: Deccan Herald, March 9, 2008


No clear political space for Chiranjeevi
Sunday February 24 2008 00:00 IST


HYDERABAD: What would happen if superstar Chiranjeevi floated a party ahead of the next elections?The actor’s political graph might not quite be congruent with those that his runaway box-office hits have plotted on the Tollywood charts. For, unlike his movies which mint money across Andhra Pradesh, Chiranjeevi the politician might make a big impact only in parts of the coastal region.Data gathered early this year in the wake of widespread speculation over the actor’s entry into politics suggests interesting scenarios: a) the actor might gain seats mainly in the two north coastal districts of Vizianagaram and Visakhapatnam and the paddy-rich East and West Godavari; b) the influence in districts towards the south of the coast is limited; and c) it is negligible in both Rayalaseema and Telangana.In other words, he might not be able to obliterate either the ruling Congress or the Telugu Desam but could nevertheless unsettle the equations of both the principal parties.What is also significant is that opinion is equally divided on which of the two main parties would be most affected by the actor’s entry, with around 30 percent saying he could hurt Congress more and an equal number of the view that the TDP would be hit harder. (మరింత…)