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MIM questions Telangana State land regularisation డిసెంబర్ 18, 2014

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Deccan Chronicle, C.R.Gowri Shanker, December 18, 2014

Hyderabad: The TRS government is being given a hard time by its ally MIM over its regularisation scheme.

The government’s much touted land regularisation plan in Hyderabad and Ranga Reddy district has hit a roadblock with the MIM questioning the rationale in trying to rake up thousands of crores through regularisation of small plots and lands while promising huge tracts of lands for various “cities” for a song.

Sources told this newspaper that Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao is quite upset with the MIM’s objections and is trying to sort out the issue with the party’s leadership.

Stating that it will not support any “hasty action on regularisation till the reports of the JLC (Joint Legislature Committees) and Task Force are received,” MIM has asked the government to provide details of all government, ceiling surplus, Bhoodan and assigned lands in both Hyderabad and Ranga Reddy district, its occupants and alternate regularisation proposals. (మరింత…)

Safeguards for Settlers in Telangana: Andhra (Antony) Committee నవంబర్ 17, 2013

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Antony panel seeks safeguards for Seemandhra people in Telangana, ruffles leaders
CR Sukumar, ET Bureau, 16 November 2013

HYDERABAD: The Antony committee, formed by the Congress to assuage fears of party members on the state’s bifurcation, has recommended that safeguards be implemented to protect property owned by Seemandhra citizens in Telangana.

This has ruffled Telangana leaders, who said such a move would go against the rights of the democratically elected government that would come to power once the state is formed. “It is a legitimate constitutional right of any democratically elected government to review the decisions of the previous governments and take corrective actions,” said Sravan Dasoju, who is on the politburo of the Telangana Rashtra Samithi, which spearheaded the movement to create a separate state. (మరింత…)

TRS scraped through in Parkal జూన్ 16, 2012

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Parkal result a wake up call for Telangana Rashtra Samithi
Arun Kumar Govindraj, TNN, June 16, 2012

HYDERABAD: The close finish in Parkal between K Chandrasekhar Rao’s Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) and Jaganmohan Reddy’s YSR Congress has thrown up serious questions about the strength of the ongoing separate Telangana movement with the TRS itself admitting that it needs to regroup and introspect.

TRS ought to be worried by the slender majority of 1,562 votes by which its candidate Moluguri Bikshapati won as Parkal lies in the heart of Telangana statehood movement — Warangal. TRS earlier had boasted that it would win by a majority of 35,000-40,000 votes. But evidently, the voter was equally divided between the pro-Telangana protagonist and a party which espouses the united Andhra cause.

In fact, the fight turned out to be a bit like a T-20 cricket match with leads swinging back and forth between the TRS and YSR CP. Bhikhapati, who was leading comfortably with 5,999-vote lead till the 12th round, slipped to a slender majority of 283 votes in the 17th round. At one point, YSR CP’s Konda Surekha led by 16 votes. The TRS candidate gained in the last 19th round and snatched victory. But where did the TRS calculations go wrong? The Friday’s result is not only a wake up call for the party but raises questions on the effectiveness of the movement. (మరింత…)

Chalo Hyderabad in October: Harish Rao సెప్టెంబర్ 20, 2011

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TRS leaders to lay siege on city
Deccan Chronicle, September 20, 2011, Hyderabad

Telangana activists, who blocked highways across the region on Monday, are planning to lay siege on Hyderabad in October. The Telangana Rashtra Samiti deputy floor leader in the Assembly, Mr T. Harish Rao, said that a “Chalo Hyderabad” programme would be held next month. “The agitations will continue till Telangana is achieved,” he said during the rasta roko on National Highway 9 at Zaheerabad in Medak district. Mr Rao warned that if the Centre failed to take a positive decision on Telangana immediately, the agitators would block the highways every day. The TRS MP, Ms Vijayashanti, blasted Congress leaders for “sitting in AC rooms” at a time when lakhs of Telangana people were blocking the highways under the hot sun. (మరింత…)

Sakala Janula Samme- 11 years agitation for separate state సెప్టెంబర్ 14, 2011

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KCR warns state against suppressing T-movement
Deccan Chronicle, September 13, 2011, Karimnagar

The TRS chief, Mr K. Chandrasekhar Rao, warned the state government of serious repercussions if it attempts to crush the government employees Sakala Janula Samme (i mass agitation for Telangana, that begins on Tuesday. Mr Rao announced a rasta roko programme across Telangana on Tuesday in support of the agitation by the cinema bandh on September 14 and 15, a blockade of national highways on September 18 to cut off any road link between the South and North, followed by other agitations to be announced by the TJAC

“I need to caution you. We fought for 11 years. If we can’t achieve Telangana now, will they (Seemandhra leaders) allow us to live? They will bury us in Patala Lokam,” he warned the supporters. (మరింత…)

2014 elections will bring Telangana state, Congress cant delay beyond: KCR ఆగస్ట్ 26, 2011

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KCR’s new deadline for Telangana-2014
7 August 2011 Siasat

Hyderabad, August 07: Few weeks back KCR has told the people that, he got a highly confidential report from New Delhi that states the Center is going to make a favorable declaration on Telangana issue within 2weeks. Now, he extends that period from 2 weeks to two-two and half years. He gave this new deadline during the launching Audio of ‘Poru Telangana’ movie at Hyderabad. (మరింత…)

T Film Chamber of Commerce wants a quota in Tollywood మే 1, 2011

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Telangana board wants 30% quota in Tollywood
April 28, 2011 Deccan Chronicle Correspondent, Hyderabad

April 27: After two strikes and colossal flops, Tollywood must now prepare to take another hit, this time from the Telangana Film Chamber of Commerce. The film body is all set to send letters to production and distribution houses, besides film theatres in Telangana, to recruit 30 to 40 per cent of their employees from the region. This means, in a production house with a staff strength of 20, at least seven to eight employees should be from the Telangana region. (మరింత…)

An Eye-opener on Telangana : Madabhushi Sridhar ఏప్రిల్ 23, 2011

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Book Review
An Eye-opener On Telangana
Madabhushi Sridhar
Power Politics, April 2011

The major defect that Telangana suffers from is lack of data and documentation to advocate against discrimination and disparities perpetuated by leaders coming from other regions. This problem is now being addressed effectively. Telangana: The State of Affairs, edited by M Bharath Bhushan and N Venugopal is a bold attempt to provide a framework to understand the rationale for the demand of Telangana

Telangana is victim of its own leaders who permitted others to exploit it. These leaders are culpable for two reasons : either they are guilty of not knowing the diversion of water, funds and other resources; or they knew it but allowed the injustice to continue without any resistance. For the sin of leaders, people are suffering. It can also be said other way round too : people should have been more conscious to question these leaders and not allowed the leaders to exploit them.

TELANGANA : THE STATE OF AFFAIRS, M Bharath Bhushan, N. Venugopal, AdEd Value Ventures, 2009, Rs 250, pp. 210

Andhra Pradesh unfortunately did not have a leader of state level nature so far. Almost all chief ministers conducted themselves as the leaders of their native district or region and none ruled like a leader of the entire state. Some of the leaders did not do anything for their district or region. People’s representatives who occupied crucial positions in New Delhi were more obedient to Prime Ministers and thus never cared for their state. Some MPs and bureaucrats from Coastal Andhra were over smart and diverted the resources from out of Telangana. This led to serious disparities among the region’s leading to the present state of hostilities and turbulence.

Another major defect that Telangana suffers from is lack of data and documentation to advocate against discrimination and disparities perpetuated by leaders coming from other regions. This problem is now being addressed effectively. Telangana: The State of Affairs, edited by M Bharath Bhushan and N Venugopal is a bold attempt to provide a a framework to understand the rationale for the demand of Telangana. (మరింత…)

Telangana agitation is against ‘cultural oppression’ too మార్చి 12, 2011

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Focus on ‘cultural oppression’ too
Times of India, TNN, March 12, 2011

While some Telangana supporters maintain that Thursday’s act is an outburst against diabolical politicians and the state government shutting the city to prevent the agitation, others observe that the ‘T’ agitation is progressing or rather maturing from its focal point of Telangana region’s economic deprivation, so far, to elements of cultural and language differences between the two regions. They say the ‘T’ would no longer accept “Andhra colonial legacy” on its soil.

HYDERABAD: A retired professor from a city college easily recalls numerous incidents of his Telangana accent being made fun of by his students or friends in his childhood days.

He, like many Telangana supporters, often rued the poor representation of Telangana in mainstream media, particularly Tollywood films, and also lack of representation of ‘T’ culture and the regions icons in an “Andhra – dominated” Hyderabad.

But on the manic Thursday at Tank Bund, when agitators had just started attacking statues of Telugu literary figures, kings and statesmen, he was among those trying to stop the mob. “I tried stopping them. I could understand it was an outburst of pent-up emotions, but then I do not support this (destruction of statues),” he said. (మరింత…)

Telangana is a matter of time – KTR ఫిబ్రవరి 13, 2011

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12 Feb, 2011, Sreekala G, ET Bureau

‘Telangana just a matter of time’

He is the typical new age politician – young, suave and articulate. He served the corporate sector for a while before taking a plunge into politics. However, when it comes to his ideology, Andhra Pradesh legislator K T Rama Rao, also the son of Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) chief K Chandrasekhar Rao, is clear that his party wants nothing short of a separate Telangana.

“The question is not if Telangana is formed; but when Telangana is formed. It may even take a while before the Telangana state is formed, but the fight will go on till a solution is found. No matter who leads it, the demand for statehood has been on the agenda for over four decades now. Telangana has enough leaders to rule the state. Even the Srikrishna committee says as a separate state Telangana is a viable option,” he says. (మరింత…)