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Gigantic female heads – art of Ravinder Reddy జూన్ 27, 2011

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A heady success story
June 28, 2011 Deccan Chronicle, By Gayatri Reddy

Apart from being India’s most famous sculptor, G. Ravinder Reddy is also arguably, one of the country’s most modest artists. When asked how he feels about one of his works being sold for Rs 1.41 crore at a recent auction at Christies, he replies, “Really… it sold for so much. I had no idea. My job is to work on the sculptures, selling them is not my domain.” He seems content with the knowledge that people appreciate his work. He also has no idea who his buyers are.

Famous for making gigantic female heads and life size sculptures of women, Reddy has become the toast of the art world as his works are making headlines everywhere. Apart from the recent auction, his current collection Tara, on display in Paris as part of a French and Indian Arts display at the Centre Pompidou, has been getting him great reviews. But success hasn’t affected him at all as Reddy doesn’t even give importance to the fact that he has now firmly cemented his position as Andhra’s most famous artist. “I can’t claim that I am AP’s leading artist. I am just doing my little bit,” he says.

His ‘little bit,’ are giant, pop sculptors of Telangana women which are selling globally. There must be something very enticing about this rural, female form as not just Reddy but other famous artists from AP, like Vaikuntham too are inspired by them. “I can’t comment about others, but as a man, it is natural for me to be attracted to the opposite sex. That’s why I do these sculptures.” Reddy feels the female form gives an artist lots of room for freedom of expression as you can play with colours, texture, volume, form… Women will be thrilled to know that he respects the opposite sex a great deal as the gold sheen, a finishing touch to all his works, is his way of equating them to the rank of goddesses. (మరింత…)

Telangana ideologue Jayashankar dies జూన్ 21, 2011

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Telangana ideologue Jayashankar dies, mourners heckled
June 22, 2011 Deccan Chronicle, Hyderabad

Telangana ideologue Prof K. Jayashankar, a former vice-chancellor, passed away on Tuesday morning at his residence in Hanamkonda after battling liver cancer for over a year.

He was 76. Throughout the day, hundreds of people visited VSM Nilayam at Advocates’ Colony in Hanamkonda, where Prof. Jayashankar was residing at Flat 401, and Ekashila Park where the body was kept in state for mourners to pay their respects. He had been diagnosed with cancer on June 27 last year at Hyderabad’s Institute of Gastroenterology and was undergoing chemotherapy. A bachelor, he had adopted a boy.

A Ph.D in economics from Osmania, the professor was vice-chancellor of KU from 1991-94 and registrar of Central Institute of English and Foreign Languages from 1982-91. The solemn occasion turned ugly when senior Congress and TD leaders, who had come to pay their respects, were attacked and chased away by activists of TRS and the Kakatiya University Joint Action Committee.

Wish for T remains unfulfilled

Telangana ideologue Prof Kothapalli Jayashankar, who passed away on Tuesday, had one last wish: A separate Telangana state.

“I want to see a separate Telangana when I am there. That’s my only wish and desire,” said the professor, who battled liver cancer for almost a year. A familiar face at any major Telangana meeting, particularly those organised by the TRS, the soft-spoken professor had been a Telangana proponent right from his student days. (మరింత…)

Polavaram dam not possible with submergence in neighboring states- Jairam జూన్ 21, 2011

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Polavaram project not possible till Andhra Pradesh govt ensures villages are not submerged: Jairam Ramesh


HYDERABAD: Environment and Forest Minister Jairam Ramesh said the clearance for Polavaram project will not be possible till the Andhra Pradesh government ensures that villages in Chhattisgarh and Orissa are not submerged.

“There has been no significant shift since the last position. Orissa and Chhattisgarh are objecting as they fear Dantewada and Malkangiri will be submerged as a result of the project. The Andhra Pradesh government has proposed Rs 620 crore embankment wall to be constructed in these states. A final decision has to be taken on that matter by the Chhattisgarh and Orissa governments,” he said.

Conceived in 1941 with a budget of Rs 6.5 crore, the Polavaram project is yet to take off. The project has been mired in controversies including- environmental concerns, submersion of about 10,000 acres of forest land, land acquisition problems related to displacement of tribals in Andhra Pradesh, Chattisgarh and Orissa. The budget of the project has also gone up to Rs 16,000 crore. (మరింత…)

Leading light of Telangana vaadam, Jayashankar, no more జూన్ 21, 2011

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Leading light of Telangana movement, Jayashankar, no more

Prof Kothapally Jayashankar who was suffering from cancer passed away on Tuesday

By Omer Farooq, Correspondent, Gulf News, June 21, 2011

Hyderabad: Telangana region was enveloped in a gloom and mourning as one of the oldest ideologues and visionaries of Telangana state Prof Kothapally Jayashankar passed away on Tuesday.

The 76-year-old professor, who was suffering from cancer and was undergoing treatment at a hospital in Hyderabad, breathed his last at his home in Hanmakonda in Warangal district where he was shifted earlier.

A leading light of all the movements for Telangana state during last half a century, Jayashankar also served as a the vice chancellor of the Kakatiya university in Warangal.

Jayashankar who made his last public appearance at the launch of a pro Telangana Telugu daily “Namaste Telangana” in Hyderabad last month, always held the dream of separate state very close to his heart as he believed that the region was not getting justice from Andhra region.

News of Jayashankar’s death spread like a wild fire across the region and political leaders cutting across the party lines mourned the stalwart. (మరింత…)

Battleground Telangana: More facts, less analysis జూన్ 16, 2011

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Book reviews

Battleground Telangana: More facts, less analysis
D P Satish, CNN-IBN Posted on Jun 16, 2011

The most dreaded ‘T’ word is back in Andhra Pradesh politics. After a long lull, the movement for Telangana state is once again picking up steam.

Unfortunately, there are not many well written books on Telangana in English. Kingshuk Nag, a senior journalist of repute and resident editor of Times of India, Hyderabad edition has filled the vacuum by writing a highly readable book on the movement and the region: Battleground Telangana. (మరింత…)

Battleground Telangana : Chronicle of an agitation జూన్ 12, 2011

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Book review

Nomads near Cyberabad
D Murali

Medak, a district that borders Greater Hyderabad, is a telling example of the poor economic development in Telangana, writes Kingshuk Nag in ‘Battleground Telangana: Chronicle of an agitation’ (www.harpercollins.co.in).

On the roads of Medak, not more than an hour and a half from Hyderabad, it is possible to run into nomads travelling on bullock carts with all their belongings, describes Nag. “These people have no home and hearth and move from place to place within the district in search of jobs. Many others, who have some place to live, migrate seasonally in the months of summer not only in search of jobs but also looking for sources of drinking water.” (మరింత…)

T agitation to return from June 10 : KCR జూన్ 10, 2011

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T-stir to return with a Million March
June 5, 2011 Deccan Chronicle, Hyderabad

June 4: The Telangana Joint Action Committee has decided to go on a major offensive for their quest for a separate state. The Committee has threatened another Million March and bandhs starting June 10 to force the UPA government to take an early decision to bifurcate the state.

Talking about the coming days, the Telangana chief, Mr K. Chandrasekhar Rao, said on Saturday that the TJAC’s extended general body would meet again on June 7 to finalise the agitation programme date-wise and also to fix a deadline for a separate Telangana. On Saturday, the TJAC convener Prof. Kodandaram convened an emergency meeting of the committee which was attended by Mr K. Chandrasekhar Rao and representatives of other constituents of TJAC to discuss their next course of action. (మరింత…)

Precious little to lose & much to gain from separate Telangana: Economic Times జూన్ 2, 2011

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Time for Telangana
ET Bureau, Jun 1, 201

It is time for the Congress to take the plunge and carve the state of Telangana out of Andhra Pradesh. There are many reasons to do so, not least the fact that historically, state boundaries get drawn and redrawn many times. When it became a republic, India was composed of 14 states. Now, at 28, it has double the number. Many states like Andhra Pradesh itself, were carved out of bigger entities after linguistic or ethnic movements. (మరింత…)

Justice Srikrishna behaved like a AICC member : Sushma Swaraj జూన్ 1, 2011

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Crowds throng BJP Poru meet
May 31, 2011 DC Karimnagar

The Telangana Poru public meet organised by the BJP at Dr B.R. Ambedkar Stadium here on Tuesday proved a grand success as the attendance exceeded the expectations of the party leaders. While privately BJP leaders had said they expect 25,000- 30,000 people, the number of people who attended the meeting is estimated at more than 50,000 with thousands of people who could not enter the stadium lingered outside it.

Ms Sushma Swaraj, who addressed the meeting, targeted mainly the ruling Congress in her speech holding it responsible for the suicides of 600 youth in Telangana for the cause of separate state. Stating that the Congress has no capacity to carve out Telangana, she also took a dig at Telugu Desam for allegedly backtracking on the statehood issue saying that credibility is an important factor in politics. Ms Swaraj lashed out at the Congress for cheating the people of the region in the last five decades in the name of various committees and agreements. (మరింత…)

Jupally Krishna Rao quits Cabinet for Telangana జూన్ 1, 2011

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Minister Jupally quits Cabinet
May 31: 2011 Deccan Chronicle

The state endowments minister, Mr Jupally Krishna Rao, became the first minister on Tuesday to resign from Mr Kiran Kumar Reddy’s Cabinet citing the Telangana issue.

Deviating from established norms, Mr Krishna Rao met the Governor, Mr E.S.L. Narasimhan, on Tuesday evening and submitted his resignation instead of giving it to the Chief Minister. Mr Krishna Rao’s resignation will most probably be accepted once the Governor receives a formal recommendation from the Chief Minister. This is the second incident of a minister directly submitting a resignation to the governor. A year back Ms Konda Surekha had submitted her resignation from Mr K. Rosaiah’s Cabinet to the Governor.

Speaking to this newspaper, Mr Krishna Rao said he felt that it was the right time for other ministers from the Telangana to resign from their posts and fight for Telangana. He said he had taken the decision to resign in keeping with the promise he had made to the Osmania Students’ Joint Action Committee a few months ago. (మరింత…)