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Gigantic female heads – art of Ravinder Reddy జూన్ 27, 2011

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A heady success story
June 28, 2011 Deccan Chronicle, By Gayatri Reddy

Apart from being India’s most famous sculptor, G. Ravinder Reddy is also arguably, one of the country’s most modest artists. When asked how he feels about one of his works being sold for Rs 1.41 crore at a recent auction at Christies, he replies, “Really… it sold for so much. I had no idea. My job is to work on the sculptures, selling them is not my domain.” He seems content with the knowledge that people appreciate his work. He also has no idea who his buyers are.

Famous for making gigantic female heads and life size sculptures of women, Reddy has become the toast of the art world as his works are making headlines everywhere. Apart from the recent auction, his current collection Tara, on display in Paris as part of a French and Indian Arts display at the Centre Pompidou, has been getting him great reviews. But success hasn’t affected him at all as Reddy doesn’t even give importance to the fact that he has now firmly cemented his position as Andhra’s most famous artist. “I can’t claim that I am AP’s leading artist. I am just doing my little bit,” he says.

His ‘little bit,’ are giant, pop sculptors of Telangana women which are selling globally. There must be something very enticing about this rural, female form as not just Reddy but other famous artists from AP, like Vaikuntham too are inspired by them. “I can’t comment about others, but as a man, it is natural for me to be attracted to the opposite sex. That’s why I do these sculptures.” Reddy feels the female form gives an artist lots of room for freedom of expression as you can play with colours, texture, volume, form… Women will be thrilled to know that he respects the opposite sex a great deal as the gold sheen, a finishing touch to all his works, is his way of equating them to the rank of goddesses.

He is happy that so many admire his work, but denies the fact that he only focuses on Telangana women. For me, it’s just women that inspire, not Andhra or Telangana, these coins are given by art galleries and critics. Along with the women who have inspired him greatly, Reddy says his friend and fellow artist Laxma Goud is another one to whom he owes his success to. “He is also the one who convinced me to go to Baroda to study art.”

Reddy also credits his wife Padmini and two children for his success as they always motivate him. “My parents were indifferent to my career,” he confesses. Even after achieving so much, Reddy doesn’t believe in resting on his laurels. Come October and he will be off to Brazil to showcase his works at an exhibition titled “Migrant.” Come August 2012, he will be in Denmark for another exhibition. While working hard to finish all his sculptures in time for the exhibitions, Reddy listens to music by Kumar Gandharv and M.S. Subbalakshmi.

Surprisingly, while people in Brazil and Denmark will get to admire Reddy’s works, Hyderabadis will have to travel at least as far as Delhi to see these famous sculptures as no gallery in the city has them. When asked why, Reddy laughs and says, “Maybe they don’t want them and I can’t encroach on their space if they don’t want me.” But gallery owners disagree. Prashant Lahoti of Kalakriti Art Gallery says, “I have asked him many times for his works, but he has been busy and says will get back to me.”
Guess the demand is a bit too much to handle.

Arty facts

* Reddy feels the female form gives an artist lots of room for freedom of expression as you can play with colours, texture, volume, form…
* The gold sheen, a finishing touch to all his works, is his way of equating women to the rank of goddesses.
* None of his works are showcased in art galleries in Andhra Pradesh.
* In October he will be showcasing his works in Brazil. His collection for this exhibition is titled “Migrant.” Then in August 2012 he will be in Denmark for another exhibition.

Inputs by K.M. Patnaik

source: http://www.deccanchronicle.com/tabloid/hyderabad/heady-success-story-079



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