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The seventh option for Telangana, after six absurd ones జనవరి 29, 2011

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Telangana The seventh option

Unknown to most parties, the Centre is plotting a new way out of the Telangana impasse. RAMAN KIRPAL has the details

In A new twist to the Telangana issue, the Centre is considering a seventh option that it hopes would be accepted by the parties warring over this vexing problem. The seventh option has a few radical measures and draws on other measures suggested previously in the report of the Committee for Consultation on the Situation in Andhra Pradesh. The committee was headed by former Supreme Court Justice BN Srikrishna and it offered six options, which many pro-Telangana organisations have not accepted.

The previous six options were: maintaining status quo in Andhra Pradesh; bifurcating the state into two, Seemandhra and Telangana, with Hyderabad as a Union Territory and two separate capitals for the new states; bifurcation into two, Rayala-Telangana and coastal Andhra regions, with Hyderabad an integral part of Rayala-Telangana; bifurcation into Seemandhra and Telangana with an enlarged Hyderabad metropolis as a separate Union Territory with extended Hyderabad territory; bifurcation into Telangana and Seemandhra according to existing boundaries with Hyderabad as capital of Telangana and Seemandhra to have a new capital; and keeping Andhra Pradesh united and creating a statutory empowered Telangana Regional Council (TRC).
Most parties did not like these recommendations. Congress MPs especially made dramatic requests to Union Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee, who headed a group on Telangana in the past. Convinced that it needs another option, the Congress leadership began putting a new solution together. (మరింత…)


Time for Telangana : Zakka Jacob జనవరి 14, 2011

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Time for Telangana
Zakka Jacob, India Today

Crowds at political rallies are a very interesting phenomena. Often times, these crowds give you a better insight into politics than any politician can offer. Mostly, crowds at political rallies are paid for. The going rate usually is 500 rupees, one packet of chicken biryani and one pouwa of desi liquor. But very rarely you come across a political crowd that has come out in support of a genuine cause.

The crowd which turned up at Indira Park in Hyderabad, the day the Srikrishna Committee report was made public, was one such. In it, were people who had come all the way from Adilabad and Nizamabad, some of them by foot. The rally itself was organised by a host of political parties, not just the TRS. There were leaders from the BJP, Left Parties, TDP and even Maoist leader-balladeer Gaddar. All for one cause. Telangana.

They say, no force on earth can stop an idea whose time has come. Telangana is one such idea, and its time has come. (మరింత…)

Srikrishna Committee Report- an example of absurd logic జనవరి 13, 2011

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The case for Telangana
Manoj Mitta, TNN, Jan 9, 2011

If a woman who was forcibly married asks for a divorce on grounds of cruelty, can a court rule against it? Can a court rule that she cannot be liberated from her marriage, however bad, without her husband’s consent? That’s the kind of dubious logic the Srikrishna Committee employed when suggesting, as its “second best option”, that the Telangana region (the erstwhile Hyderabad state) cannot be divorced from the Andhra and Rayalaseema regions (the erstwhile Andhra state) unless the latter agree.

The committee’s exact words were: “Separation is recommended only in case it is unavoidable and if this decision can be reached amicably among all the three regions.” Though its “most preferred option” was to keep Andhra Pradesh intact, the committee could not help proposing the split as the second best option because the creation of a separate Telangana, it conceded, would “satisfy a large majority of people from the region”.

The committee admitted the depth of sentiment favouring separation among the people of Telangana and acknowledged the validity of their grievance or “the felt psyche of discrimination and domination”. Despite its assertion that the region was not as backward as it was made out to be, the committee accepted that the “continuing demand… for a separate Telangana… has some merit and is not entirely unjustified”.

But it ignored — willfully or otherwise — where exactly this “continuing demand” came from. It failed to recognize it as a consequence of the forced merger that Telangana has been trapped in since 1956 and the widely perceived betrayal, in letter and spirit, of the promises made in the form of a Gentleman’s Agreement. Had the committee diagnosed it essentially as a demand for demerger on account of reneged promises, it would not have committed the folly of proposing the Telangana Regional Council as the keystone of its best option. For, the same council, with more or less the same nomenclature and powers, had been promised in the 1956 Gentleman’s Agreement.

There was little follow-up action.

Given the multi-disciplinary expertise at its disposal, the committee should have known better than to presume, that despite the trust deficit, there was a realistic chance of the people of Telangana agreeing to remain within the unified state on the basis of “empowerment” measures apparently designed to reduce the sense of discrimination. If the committee’s report has evoked widespread condemnation from the people of Telangana, it has a lot to do with the reluctance it betrayed in examining the implications of their elaborately documented position that Andhra Pradesh from its very inception was a forced union. (మరింత…)

Srikrishna committee report refuses creation of Telangana జనవరి 9, 2011

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The Financial Express

Srikrishna committee report refuses creation of Telangana
AGENCIES, Thursday, Jan 06, 2011

The Srikrishna Committee, led by Justice B N Srikrishna, has favoured a united Andhra Pradesh while at the same time giving other options for a way forward on the demand for a separate Telangana state.

The report suggests Andhra Pradesh can remain a whole with constitutional measures for the empowerment of the Telangana region. This option is the most workable, the Committee says and “in the best interest of all”. “It would provide satisfaction to the maximum number of people in the state.”

The Telangana issue has split Andhra for years. And today’s report does not promise to stop that anytime soon.

In this option, the Committee has suggested there should be a simultaneous provision of certain constitutional and statutory measures for socio-economic development and political empowerment of the Telangana region by the creation of a statutorily-empowered Telangana Regional Council.

The “second best option”, suggests a separate Telangana state with Hyderabad as its capital.

The panel, however, cautions: “”Considering all aspects, the Committee felt that while the creation of a separate Telangana would satisfy a large majority of the people from the region, it will also throw up several serious problems. Therefore, after taking into account the pros and cons the committee did not think it to be most preferred, but the second best option.” (మరింత…)

Srikrishna report on Telangana is rape of democracy: Dhote జనవరి 9, 2011

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Srikrishna report on Telangana is rape of democracy: Dhote
Ramu Bhagwat, Jan 7, 2011

NAGPUR: Veteran politician and staunch supporter of separate Vidarbha state demand Jambuwantrao Dhote has described the UPA government’s inaction and Justice Srikrishna committee report on Telangana as ‘rape of democracy’.

Talking to TOI after the Srikrishna report was made public finally on Thursday, Dhote said: ” It’s a hotch-potch report. There is no clarity in it nor direction, making it a futile exercise. I had predicted that the committee and its report would be of no use as the UPA government was only bidding for time and vacillating in resolving the issue.

“Democratic politics is understandably prone to delays. But what the UPA government is doing in ignoring Telangana demand amounts to rape of democracy. Such a delay in taking decisions in unpardonable by any democratic norms. Elections have been fought on the issue, hundreds of people have ended lives for the cause of the separate Telangana. But the UPA government has once against displayed insensitivity in handing a matter that has public support,” said Dhote. However, he said this would not be a setback for the separate Vidarbha struggle which has more merit and longer history. (మరింత…)

National status for Polavaram project soon జనవరి 9, 2011

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National status for Polavaram project soon
PTI, Jan 8, 2011

NEW DELHI: In a move aimed at according Indirasagar Polavaram multi-purpose dam in Andhra Pradesh national project status, the advisory committee to the Planning Commission is understood to have recommended enhanced cost estimates for the project. Cost estimates on latest expenditures involved are necessary for the empowered committee on national projects to accord any scheme a national status.

The advisory committee which met recently is understood to have revised the project cost to around Rs 17,000 crore. “The committee has so far not given its recommendations to the water resources ministry…The projected revised cost it was to recommend was around Rs 17,000 crore,” sources in the government said here.

The revised cost was based on price escalations revised designs and relief and rehabilitation they, said. (మరింత…)

Srikrishna Committee is Old Wine in New Bottle, from Chenna Reddy to KCR- Prof K Nageshwar జనవరి 9, 2011

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Can Srikrishna Committee Verdict Answer Telangana Demand
– Prof. K. Nageshwar

The demand for a separate state of Telangana is unlike the statehood demand in many other parts of the country. It is a sub-regional aspiration that encompasses several tangibles and intangibles.

You have to bear in mind that there was a state in existence prior to the formation of present-day Andhra Pradesh on November 1, 1956. Just like there was a separate Andhra state with its capital in Kurnool. So the feeling that the people of Telangana lost their home, their land in the merger to form Andhra Pradesh is very strong.

There is a perceived educational deprivation and this perception is crucial to understand the psyche of the people of Telangana today. Inequalities elsewhere cannot be seen the same way here. Whether it is in terms of jobs, irrigation, political power, culture and so on and so forth.

Political assurances and Constitutional safeguards were promised in 1956 and many a time thereafter to keep the state together. History is witness that many of these promises were neglected. The Gentlemen Agreement that promised safeguards for Telangana, the Presidential Order that replaced Mulki Rules, the 610 GO issued to protect local rights, the recommendations of the Girglani Committee that looked into violations of GO 610, etc., were all consigned to libraries for historians to refer.

Meanwhile, the farcical theory of Hyderabad as a Free Zone mocked at people of Telangana. This theory has further infuriated those who are demanding separate state. In fact the inept handling of this issue by the state government gave a fresh lease of life to KCR who was then drubbed by series of desertions and defeats. Unfortunately the protagonists of United Andhra Pradesh never expressed serious concern over these violations that provided fertile ground for politics of separate state for Telangana. Scores of leaders from M.Chenna Reddy to K.Chandrasekhar Rao ploughed on this fertile land to reap rich political harvest. Even today ruling and opposition parties, leaders of major political parties are making a hectic bid to do the same. But unfortunately even many of today’s self proclaimed leaders of Telangana cause made little or no effort to implement the political promises and constitutional safeguards promised for Telangana. (మరింత…)

Srikrishna Committee wound up- long drama is over జనవరి 3, 2011

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Srikrishna Committee on Telangana wound up
The Hindu,
NEW DELHI, January 2, 2011

The Union Home Ministry has wound up the Committee, headed by the former Supreme Court Judge, Justice B.N. Srikrishna, which submitted its report to the Centre after studying the demands of a “separate Telangana” and “united Andhra Pradesh.”

“I have done my work. Now it is for the political parties and the [Central] government to decide. I hope my report will satisfy all sections of people,” Justice Srikrishna told The Hindu from Mumbai on Saturday adding that the Committee’s Member-Secretary and former Home Secretary, V.K. Duggal, had been asked to continue in office for one more month.

He replied in the negative when asked whether the government might approach him to get a clarification on a particular recommendation or restudy a particular issue at the end of the proposed discussions with political party representatives. (మరింత…)

TRS threatens to boycott Telangana meet on January 6 జనవరి 2, 2011

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TRS chief threatens to boycott Telangana meet
CNN-IBM, Updated Jan 02, 2010

New Delhi: TRS chief K Chandrasekhar Rao on Sunday said he will not attend the January 6 meeting called by the Central Government in Delhi if two representatives from each party are called.

He said two opinions from each party will only complicate the matters.
The Srikrishna Committee looking into the formation of a separate state of Telengana submitted its report to the Home Minister P Chidambaram on December 30.

Chidambaram had said the report will be made public after consultation with eight political parties in the state on January 6.

The ruling Congress party in Andhra Pradesh is split vertically on its support for a new state. It has 21 MPs from the Andhra-Rayalseema region and 12 from the Telengana region. The state accounts for 33 MPs.

The 12 Telengana MPs are under pressure to quit. Andhra MPs are agitating for a united state, worried about losing out on the rich telangana areas. The congress’ official position is that it favours small states but with a national consensus. Unofficially, the Congress is worried that there will be a rise in similar demands for smaller states like Gorkhaland and Harit Pradesh.

The TRS cheif has found fault with Chidambaram for inviting two representatives from each party. He said two opinions from each party will only complicate matters and also said that he will not attend January 6 meet in Delhi if two representatives from each party are called. (మరింత…)

We are waiting for Srikrishna Committee report- Gorkha Janmukti Morcha జనవరి 2, 2011

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Gorkha Janmukti Morcha (GJM) waits for Srikrishna report on Telangana
SHUKNO LANKA-Mithuda Special, Calcutta Tube

Darjeeling, January 1, 2010 (Calbutta tube / IBNS) The Gorkha Janmukti Morcha (GJM) has decided to chalk out its future course of agitation in the hills once the Srikrishna Committee report on demand of a separate state for Telangana in Andhra Pradesh is out on Dec 31.

GJM supremo Bimal Gurung, who has been insisting for an early interim set up in the Darjeeling Hills, told a gathering at Darjeeling Gymkhana Club on Tuesday that now they would wait for the B N Srikrishna report, which is expected to be out by this month end.

“We would not allow anyone on earth to cheat us. If we find the Srikrishna Committee report is favouring for a new state in Andhra Pradesh, we would also go immediately for separate Gorkhaland state carving out of West Bengal,” Gurung thundered amidst claps from the audience. (మరింత…)