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Tribal Unrest in Telangana ఆగస్ట్ 6, 2018

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Is the Telangana govt violating the Constitutional rights of adivasis with district reorganization? ఫిబ్రవరి 26, 2017

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According to the census of 2011, Adivasis account for 9.34% of the total population in Telangana.

Pavan Korada, The NEWSMinute, Sunday, November 13, 2016

The Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) government has reorganised and added new districts in the state, increasing the number of districts in Telangana from 11 to 31. Ostensibly, this was done to improve the administration of the newly formed state. But what exactly lies beneath this objective is possibly a shrewd plan to consolidate the party’s support base. This is clearly explained in this article here by senior journalist Kingshuk Nag. But more importantly this exercise by the TRS government will have a massive impact on the adivasi population of Telangana.  (మరింత…)

New districts to check Telangana state? ఏప్రిల్ 12, 2011

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New dists to check Telangana state demand?
M N Samdani, TNN, Apr 11, 201

GUNTUR: Opening a Pandora’s box, the Congress government is working on redesigning of districts in the state. Though the government claims that it is being done taking in view of the serious imbalances in the development of rural areas, analysts believe the new agenda is being thrust on the political stage only to counter the separate Telangana statehood issue.

Rural development minister Dokka Manikya Varaprasad, who is working on a study paper in this regard, said he would submit it to the state cabinet by this month-end. He said that lack of administration in the interior areas of the existing districts was the “real hurdle in extending the fruits of various government schemes to the poor.”

Sources said the study paper is likely to advocate formation of at least eight to 10 new districts in the state. “Even small states like Orissa and Karnataka have more districts than AP. Creation of new districts is the only solution to overcome underdevelopment,” the minister argued.

After taking over the reins of the rural development ministry, he started an exercise in checking imbalances in the flow of funds and their reach. He discussed the issue with chief minister N Kiran Kumar Reddy and secured his permission for making the study on creation of new districts.

“The demand for creation of new districts has been there for long and I have only started the exercise to look into the demand,” he told TOI. He felt that AP deserves to have at least 35 districts. He said they could start by bifurcating big and completely undeveloped districts which alone would add at least seven districts to the existing 23. (మరింత…)

‘Palle Palleku Telangana’ launched జనవరి 4, 2010

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‘Palle-Palleku Telangana’ programme launched
Correspondent, The Hindu: Jan 4, 2010

Minister for Small Scale Industries D.K. Aruna flags off huge motorcycle rally at Gadwal

MAHABUBNAGAR: Palle-Palleku Telangana programme was taken up in the district by pro-Telangana activists on Sunday.

The programme began with the Minister for Small Scale Industries D.K. Aruna flagging a huge motor cycle rally at Gadwal town in the district. Under the programme the Telangana activists will explain to the people in the villages about the necessity of separate Telangana.

To express their protest Telangana activists have prepared food and had community lunch on the road near Kothakota town in the district.
Tribals took out an impressive rally in support of separate Telangana in Achampet town in Nallamala forest area. According to reports activists of Telangana lay seize to the office of the Tahasildar at Jadcherla town. (మరింత…)

Oppressed sections are key players in separate Telangana డిసెంబర్ 18, 2009

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Lower castes to play key role in separate state
Mir Ayoob Ali Khan, TNN 18 December 2009, 03:57am IST

HYDERABAD: Even as Telangana – the scene of protests, vandalism and fasts for a separate state about eight days ago – has gone silent, some say that it is only a lull before the storm. “We will restart the agitation the moment we get an impression that the central government is trying to go back on its promise,” a student leader said.

He admitted that the central government going on the backfoot was a possibility considering the din intensifying for Samaikhya Andhra in Coastal Andhra and Rayalaseema regions. “The T-movement is about to erupt again. People here are shocked at the way the upper castes in coastal Andhra are trying to stop the creation of Telangana. The coming days will be volatile and decisive,” Madan Mohan, joint action committee (JAC) leader in Warangal told TOI.

“The movement for separate Telangana was led mainly by students, but the movement in Andhra is leader centric with upper castes and those with business interests supporting it,” the student leader said. “The JAC is dominated by students from the backward classes. Leaving out the KCR family, the movement in Telangana is indicative of the people’s aspirations,” says S Simhadri, professor of Osmania University. (మరింత…)