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Ganta Swathi – Adilabad girl flies high జూలై 5, 2008

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Adilabad girl makes it to Aviator Flying Inc.

S. Harpal Singh

Ghanta Swathi is first girl to get pilot commercial licence

Swathi is daughter of a head constable in Adilabad
She flew for 200 hours before getting her licence 

Flying high: Ghanta Swathi is all confidence getting where she desired to be.




ADILABAD: If you want to know how even earthy girls can earn wings, meet Ghanta Swathi, the first person from Adilabad town to acquire a commercial pilot licence. She will be joining the Aviator Flying Inc. of the United States soon as an instructor and charter pilot.

“A different vocation is what I had always desired. I wanted to join the Air Force but circumstances led me to train as a commercial pilot,” reveals the youngster confessing to being influenced by dogfights shown in a film. “With the all important support of my family, I could give wings to my desire,” she adds somewhat philosophically.

Swathi is the eldest among the four children of head constable (traffic) Murali. She graduated from a college in Adilabad before joining the AP Aviation Academy in Hyderabad in 2006 for a brief period. “After only about 10 hours of flying, I enrolled with the Aviator and flew for 200 hours before getting my licence. I trained in Dallas in USA and Cebu in Philippines,” explains Swathi.

Pondering over the question of fewer girls opting to train as a pilot, she says it is because of the myth that the job is hazardous for women. “It is not. Only parents are given to anxiety. This is true even in a country like America where girls discourage themselves because of the ‘risk’ involved. I feel parents need to provide full support to girls who wish to make it as pilots. Girls fare better in the profession than boys because of their disposition to stay focussed,” she observes.

About the aspect that was added to her personality during the training period the young pilot says she has honed up her decision-making skills and grew stronger in confidence. “I came out of difficult situations thrice during the training thanks to better judgment and confidence,” she recalls. Coming from a backward district, Swathi feels sorry for all those talented youngsters who cannot achieve their goals simply due to lack of proper information and guidance. “I will help all such persons in terms of guidance,” she says.

source: The Hindu, 5 July 2008 http://www.hinduonnet.com/thehindu/thscrip/print.pl?file=2008070552060200.htm&date=2008/07/05/&prd=th



Contact Address

Ganta Swathi, d/o G Muralidhara Rao, Plot No 97, Kailash Nagar Colony, Adilabad



1. RAKESH - జూలై 28, 2008

hi swathi thats grate u do deserve it ……
this is your school mate K.RAKESH…
n all the best from our friends ie,.

2. swathi.ganta - జూలై 28, 2008

hi,my dear friends.i am really very happy by seeing all ur names.thanks for ur support.u all blessed me in my autograph book.i remembered till now.thank u.

naresh kumar - జూలై 21, 2015

Hai swathi garu,this is NARESH from NIRMAL,I Happy to congratulate you, and I need your help to become pilot ,I got class 2 medical certificate, but getting diloma to join in wich institute,pls help me

3. Samatha ganta - ఆగస్ట్ 4, 2008

Hi Sony :-) sorry Swathi really i am very proud to be as your sister

Keep it up and reach you dream

4. Puru - సెప్టెంబర్ 2, 2008

Hey Swathi ,

Proud to see you doing it. You go girl. You are also raising the bar for other folks out. Just do it. Congrats in all your future endeavors. Peace.

swathi ganta - జనవరి 7, 2010

heyyy thank u so much….

5. U R FRIEND - సెప్టెంబర్ 6, 2008

Hay SWATHI .G…..THE GREAT “pilot”

swathi ganta - జనవరి 7, 2010
6. Tejashree - సెప్టెంబర్ 19, 2008

hiii swati
i am an aspiring pilot and hope to reach where you are right now.
You are truly an inspiration to all wanna-be aviator girls like me. :)

7. A.SATISH KUMAR - అక్టోబర్ 31, 2008

hiiiii ,hello swathi .,
I am very happy, when i heard about u in adilabad ,in TV & in net .Really it’s great for the AP’s first woman pilot.All the best for ur future.

this is SATISH KUMAR, ur degree classmate.

8. swathi.ganta - అక్టోబర్ 31, 2008

heyyyy thank u very much.what r u doin now ?

9. A.SATISH KUMAR - నవంబర్ 1, 2008

i sent mail already 2 ur mail id ‘opensky_swathi@yahoo.com’.
just check it out .bye …………

10. SaiSrinivas Rao.S - నవంబర్ 4, 2008

hi swathi,this is sai.how r u once send me ur mail ID

swathi ganta - జనవరి 7, 2010

hiiiii sai how r u ?

11. anoop - నవంబర్ 11, 2008

hi ,Swathi my name is Anoop I’m persuing intermideate 2nd year, my aim is to become pilot can you send me details about the aviation shool in which u r trained…..

12. anoop - నవంబర్ 11, 2008

and some details about sunrise aviation ,florida…. and u know u r my hero…. I,m very much inspried by you….

13. swathi.ganta - డిసెంబర్ 6, 2008

hiii anoop,how r u ?if u really wanna details u can mail to me abt ur doubts.its not possible to write in this each nd everything, thats why.ok.

14. pushpalatha - డిసెంబర్ 24, 2008

hi we are your family friends from pushpaltha(aunt) gfrom nizamabad

15. అనామకం - జనవరి 2, 2009

hiiiiiiii,how r u ?

16. manvithaparre - ఏప్రిల్ 18, 2009

myname ismanvitha
iam from same dist
naku nela pilot kavalani vundi but i don’tknow just
ihave finish my xstandard
plz let me know the details plz mail me &iwant chat with you akka plz this my e-mailmanvithaparre@gmail.com

swathi ganta - జనవరి 7, 2010

hi manvitha….u hve to finish 10+2 for pilot training and that to with M.P.C ….just mail me ….

17. NARESH KOMAROGI - ఆగస్ట్ 21, 2009

HI SWATHI REMEMBER ME ITS NARESH ur inter and graduation classmate .
how r u .You make us proud.Keep it up

అనామకం - జనవరి 7, 2010

hey hi naresh,how r u ?
where r u nd what r u doing ?
thank uu…

swathi ganta - జనవరి 7, 2010

hii nenu swathi ni….

18. santosh kumar - అక్టోబర్ 23, 2009

Hi swathi mam im santosh from adilabad, now im in 10+2 as i have interested in aviation field and want to know about the procedure of claiming it.please reply me sooon

swathi ganta - జనవరి 7, 2010

sry for the late reply……u can just mail me all ur doubts to my mail id….i cant tell everything here….

19. frnd - అక్టోబర్ 30, 2009

Wow!! Swathi U got so many fans already……..

swathi ganta - జనవరి 7, 2010
20. RAO - డిసెంబర్ 27, 2009


swathi ganta - జనవరి 8, 2010

hiiii ,am fine …whoz this ?

21. S - డిసెంబర్ 28, 2009

its great ……. SWATI ADB….////

swathi ganta - జనవరి 8, 2010
22. nrml - జనవరి 3, 2010

hi… its very great momment of ur life..

23. swathi ganta - జనవరి 8, 2010

thank u so much…r u frm nirmal ?

24. rao,nrml. - జనవరి 9, 2010

Am SRINIDHI RAO .. from nirmal …
& Am doing B-TECH, in hyd ……
and i had sent lot of mails to U but u did’t gave any reply but here now very happy to got ur respons….i want to become a PILOT….. for that i need ur help….
******THANKU BYE******

swathi ganta - జనవరి 25, 2010

sure…can u just send me mail one more time…i was really busy that days….

25. అనామకం - జనవరి 25, 2010
26. naresh - ఫిబ్రవరి 28, 2010

hey when u r comming to ADILABAD…………

27. g.arun - మార్చి 27, 2010

hi mam….
this is arun…
i am in inter second year studying in narayana
want 2 become a pilot like u.
can u plz help me out

28. SANTHOSH - మే 20, 2010

hai mam,
this is santhosh from kadapa
i m going to complete the aircraft maintance course [AME]in six months .
i got insperied by u .
i m very much happy to get u.
thanks a lot mam .

29. swathi - మే 23, 2010

thank u santhosh..all the best for ur future.

30. swathi - మే 23, 2010

Hi arun,i can help u out,send me email regarding your doubts.

31. ghanta lavanya - జూన్ 18, 2010

my name is ghanta lavanya.iam studying medicine. iam also christian,iam getting afried of my mci exams.i trust u god so much. i want to come medhac church.everybady prey about my exams.jesus is everything for me.he only can help my problems. jesus help me.

32. srikanth - సెప్టెంబర్ 12, 2010

hay swathi u r great to india

33. balu - సెప్టెంబర్ 17, 2010

hai mai nem balu im call now onetime discosus now you&mi ( nenu undedi nirmal )

34. BHANU PRAKASH - సెప్టెంబర్ 20, 2010

wel done swati,keep it up.bhanu prakash.

35. అనామకం - సెప్టెంబర్ 30, 2010

thanks a lot guys ,for wishing me…i hope everything goes good from ur end..

36. swathi ganta - సెప్టెంబర్ 30, 2010

sorry this is swathi,not aakasaramanna..

37. balu - అక్టోబర్ 1, 2010
38. swathi - అక్టోబర్ 2, 2010

I am fine,how abut u ?

om sagar - అక్టోబర్ 11, 2010
39. om sagar - అక్టోబర్ 11, 2010

hi how are you. i am ur junior nalanda college

40. mahesh from jgtl - డిసెంబర్ 15, 2010

hi am ur fan………

41. swathi - డిసెంబర్ 19, 2010
42. అనామకం - జనవరి 24, 2011

fine . am mahesh frm hyd

43. srisailam - ఫిబ్రవరి 10, 2011

hi i am srisailam ganta hw r u

44. srisailam - ఫిబ్రవరి 10, 2011

hi i am srisailam ganta from hyd

45. swathi - మార్చి 9, 2011

hi am fine…how r u ?

46. అనామకం - మార్చి 7, 2012


47. అనామకం - ఏప్రిల్ 27, 2012

hi swathi so nice to here that u become pilot we proud to you as a adilabadi may god bless for u ever and take care of ur self and family i’m md saif ali from adilabad

48. ROKKEDI - జూన్ 4, 2012
49. అనామకం - అక్టోబర్ 29, 2012

Ammaayi ante Adilabad ani peru guruthu pattela chesaav, hands off

Mahesh Aryan - మే 23, 2014

hi sony akka);- we are bobby and gudia from vizag . did you remember us? we saw your interview in the tv .we are proud of you of being a pilot. akka send your phone number

50. అనామకం - మే 29, 2014

hi i am madhu pls send ur qualifications in madhucycling152@gmail.com

51. అనామకం - మే 29, 2014

hi sister i am very very interested to become a pilot pls send ur qualifications in 9705499717

Latha - సెప్టెంబర్ 12, 2014

Hello Swathi

I am Latha, Could you please lemme know your email id…

52. Divya - నవంబర్ 25, 2016

Hello akka I am very much interested to become a pilot ,could u plz tell me Ur email


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