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Bombay Telangana Samithi 1969 ఏప్రిల్ 15, 2007

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Maharashtra Telugu community supports Separate Telangana

Telangana separate movement of 1969 was not only a mass movement in Telangana, but also in the neighbouring states. Separate Telangana movement inspired Telugu community all over the country. Bombay and neighbouring districts in Maharashtra were in support of separate Telangana. Telangana movement of those years is marked by great activism and people’s participation, dialogue on socio-cultural and political economy issues of post separate Telangana state.

Bombay Telangana Samithi was formed on September 4, 1969. Separate Telangana agitation of 1969 stirred the hopes and drew activists from neighbouring states as well. There was also a Telugu monthly published during that time by Sri Ram Das, who later contested for Maharashtra Legislative Assembly.

Bombay Telangana Samithi addressed by Mamidi Ramakantha Rao in Bombay on September 4, 1969

Five pictures of Bombay Telangana Samithi, presented here, reflect peak days of the struggle. Hope these pictures delight friends engaged in collection of materials about 1969 Telangana movement. Mamidi Ramakantha Rao, sub editor of Andhra Bhoomi and Editor of Telugu gadda weekly was active in Bombay Telangana Samithi and in building support base for it among Telugu people in Maharashtra. Other speakers include Sri Ram Das and other activists from various parts of Maharashtra. We are collecting these source materials on Separate Telangana Movement of 1969. Discovery Telangana is part of this effort and is associated in this mission. Any information about who the other speakers are is highly appreciated We shall share a few more source materials, archives of the journals published during the 1969 struggle, pictures and other publications that emerged out of the 1969 Telangana Movement.

Jai Telangana
Mamidi Bharath Bhushan

Chairman, Telangana Utsav Committee

Maharashtra activists in support of Telangana Separate State

Bombay Telugu community pledges support for achieving separate Telangana

Maharashtra Telugu Community in support of Telangana movement


1. Chandra mouli enugala - ఏప్రిల్ 19, 2007

Greatest collections which will inspire every telanganite

2. Na Ooru Telangana - మే 11, 2007

manchi collection anna.

3. K Srikanth Babu - జూన్ 7, 2007

good info about “Jai Telangana”

4. రవి వైజాసత్య - సెప్టెంబర్ 2, 2007

భరత్ భూషణ్ గారు,
1969 తెలంగాణా ఉద్యమంపై తెలుగు వికీపీడియాలోని వ్యాసాన్ని మెరుగుపరచడానికి ఇందులోని మొదటి ఫోటోను ఉపయోగించుకోవటానికి అనుమతినివ్వగలరా?
ఉపయోగించిన చోటల్లా ఇక్కడికి లింకు ఇవ్వబడుతుంది.

5. mbbhushan - సెప్టెంబర్ 2, 2007

dear ravi

you may refer to the material
please give link to the pictures as mentioned

bharath bhushan

6. Bandi Naresh Kumar - జనవరి 7, 2008

Educate each and every people in Telangana and fight to form our Telangana.

7. ashok - మార్చి 27, 2012

iam in telagana ve vantu telagana


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