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Bheemireddy Narasimha Reddy- Comrade with people’s agenda మే 10, 2008

Posted by M Bharath Bhushan in Nalgonda, Telangana, Warangal.

Doyen of Telangana Armed Struggle


A dynamic leader, B.N. Reddy was a terror for Razaakars



End of an era: Virasam leader P. Varavara Rao paying homage to veteran Communist leader Bheemireddy Narsimha Reddy who passed away at his residence in Hyderabad on Friday. — PHOTO: K. RAMESH BABU


NALGONDA: Though born into a feudal family, Bheemireddy Narasimha Reddy (B.N. Reddy) had rebelled against the same feudal set up and liberated lakhs of acres of land from the clutches of the landlords.

He always sided with the poor and fought for the emancipation of the downtrodden from suppression and exploitation.

“What gives ultimate satisfaction to any leader is the selfless services he renders for the hapless poor and the courage of convictions that he exhibits in reaching his goal,” the stalwart leader told a group of young historians, who made a documentary on his life a couple of years ago.

“We lost the backbone of the Telangana Peasants’ Armed Struggle. He was very much influenced by another top class communist leader Puchhalapalli Sundaraiah. B.N.Reddy killed hundreds of Razaakars on his own during the movement,” one of the members of the team Surya Kumar told The Hindu on Friday.

Detailed documentary

Thanks to the keen interest shown by B.N.Reddy’s son Prabhakar Reddy, the team made the detailed documentary on the colossal contribution of the stalwart leader.

B N Reddy

“He was a very dynamic leader and he used to tell many of his revolutionary activities. We lost a wonderful warrior,” the secretary of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) Nandhyala Narasimha Reddy said.

The party leaders mourned his death at the party district headquarters. Since he was expelled from the party under controversial circumstances, the CPI (M) didn’t take up any public activity to mark his demise.

Basis for PWG

“To be frank, B.N. Reddy provided the basis for the People’s War Group’s activities. He was the first man to plan attacks on police stations to procure arms for the poor,” Mr. Surya Kumar observed adding that he sensed the need to organise village level committees to protect the land taken away from the despotic landlords.


“He is known for his dare devilish activities. He eliminated five personnel of the Nizam’s army at Ravipahad single-handedly,” another lecturer recalled.

Notwithstanding the army’s attempt to capture him, he toured many places to oversee the distribution of land among poor.

He raised many problems confronted by common man in the Parliament and Assembly.

Drawing parallels between B. N. Reddy and other leaders of the Armed Struggle era, Mr. Surya Kumar said: “B. N. Reddy had never tried to register the activities he spearheaded during the Armed Struggle. Actually he was not interested in doing so, whereas other leaders found some time to document their experiences.”


Marxist leader passes away

Special Correspondent

HYDERABAD: Stalwart of the Telangana Armed Struggle and veteran Communist leader Bheemreddy Narasimha Reddy (88) passed away here in the early hours of Friday.

B. N. Reddy, as he was known, fought the Razakars during the Nizam’s rule for six years by being underground. He escaped 10 attempts on his life, prominent among them being an attack against him, his wife and infant son by the Razakars near Mahbubabad in Warangal district. Narasimha Reddy broke the army cordon while exchanging fire and escaped. He also carried out struggles against feudal oppression and bonded labour.

He was elected thrice to the Lok Sabha from Miryalguda and twice to the Assembly from Suryapet and Tungaturthy in Nalgonda district on the CPI (M) ticket. He, however, quit the CPI (M) in 1998 following differences and floated his own Marxist outfit that was later merged with the Marxist Communist Party of India (MCPI). His long political career spanned six decades.

He is survived by a son and a daughter at whose residence he breathed his last. His sister Mallu Swarajyam is a special invitee of the CPI (M) Central Committee and herself a leader of the Armed Struggle. A State funeral was given to Narasimha Reddy at Amberpet cremation ground.


source: The Hindu,  10 May 2008


1. mallik - మే 11, 2008

lal salam to B N Reddy

2. Jayanth Bhimireddy - మే 22, 2008

Very few people in this world have the good fortune of playing a significant role in the betterment of the lives of millions of people. B N Reddy was one of them. He dedicated his life for fighting for the poor and needy. His amazing story of courage and sacrifice never stopped inspiring me all my life and I am sure I am not the only one, he was the dear leader of the people in telangana region. Lal Salaam B N Reddy

3. అనామకం - జూన్ 12, 2008

ever red person b.n.redy

4. praveen - ఏప్రిల్ 8, 2009

i want photos of b n reddy

5. TREDDY BHEEMREDDY - జూన్ 14, 2010

Thanks Brothers Making Documentory on BNReddy Garu.

Even though we are also Bhemireddy Family Living in same District, they never faviour any perticular community are there own family.

Mallu Swarajyam , BNReddy , They really sacrificed there lives to poor and down trodden people.

It was mazing to see when they visit any village for Election Campaign , people use to Volunteer and wear there own red shirts and join with the party activities on the streets.

Now a days Parties are spending more money during elections 1- 6 crores for Assembly Constituency .

Lalsalam to great People Leaders,


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