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Students in separate Telangana agitation జూలై 16, 2011

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PRO TELANGANA students are not just raising an anguished cry against a flawed system, but a systemic bias against an entire community from a particular region. Violence, like burning vehicles, becomes a song of redemption. Many young people have died under mysterious circumstances, their bodies cremated or without any post-mortem, branded suicides by Telangana protagonists. Suicide notes have been recovered but their veracity never checked.

Current Affairs -TELANGANA
TEHELKA 16 July 2011

Why United Andhra has no student fire

The Telangana movement is driven by a solid student fervour. The United Andhra agitation has none. Sai Manish finds out why

JANA BAI, a tribal girl from Nizamabad district, is said to have set herself on fire during a TRS rally for the sake of Telangana, and suffered 80 percent burns in the process. Similarly, a 19-year-old from Mehdipatnam, Arige Saritha blamed Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister K Rosaiah and Chandrababu Naidu for obstructing the carving out of a separate state in her suicide note. There is no doubt that the real drivers of the Telangana movement are the students, especially of Osmania University.

The United Andhra Movement, on the other hand, has no comparable student fervour. At Andhra University, Vishakhapatnam, the response to the anti-Telangana stir is lukewarm. Last week, students rallied behind the United Andhra Joint Action Committee not for a political cause but out of concern for campus matters: to oppose the selling of 250 acres of Andhra University land to private developers and to ask the ex-vice chancellor to vacate the bungalow he was occupying even after ending his tenure.

Same time, same university. A group of 15 OBC students hailing from the coastal region were sloganeering outside the arts college, demanding a reimbursement of fee as the government had announced a waiver after they made a full payment. “We will join United Andhra agitation later. Right now I want my fees back,” Jagdish, a backward class student hailing from Narsipattinam, a village not far from Vizag, told TEHELKA. With the protests in Osmania University and across Telangana gaining unprecedented momentum, proponents of United Andhra are trying hard to create new voices of dissent — but invariably proving unsuccessful in thwarting the Telangana agitation. (మరింత…)