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Is this the final war for Telangana? Tehelka అక్టోబర్ 14, 2011

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Is this the final war for Telangana?
Vijaya Bhaskara Reddy K, Tehelka 13 October 2011

Despite growing resentment among city dwellers over continued disruption of life, supporters of a separate state seem reluctant to budge

On 13 October, the indefinite Sakala Janula Samme or people’s strike entered its 30th day. The strike called by Telangana Political Joint Action Committee (T-JAC), a forum of political parties, students’ organisations, state government employees’ organisations and other JACs has paralysed the governance and economy in the Telangana region, that has for long been the hotbed of protests demanding statehood for itself. And it has not just been Telangana that has borne the brunt of shutdowns but the main city of Hyderabad too, especially the IT-based new economy.

The Samme, which started on 13 September, has garnered preemptive support from lectures, revenue employees and other major departments of state government, miners of Singareni coal mines and a few other state government undertakings. This has ensured the immediate shutdown of colleges, universities, bus services of Andhra Pradesh Road Transport Corporation (APSRTC), law courts including Andhra Pradesh High Court, revenue and government services. The joining of government teachers and private school managements within three days of the start of the strike also led to the closure of schools in the region (మరింత…)

Form Telangana now – T K Arun అక్టోబర్ 7, 2011

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Form Telangana now
TK Arun, Economic Times, October 06, 2011

As Telangana burns, the Congress fiddles — with its electoral fortunes in all three regions of Andhra Pradesh and with credibility across the nation. The buzz is that the Congress wants to announce the new state only on the eve of the next assembly elections in 2014.

The calculation behind such thinking would perhaps be clear to the Hottentots, whose world of numbers used to have three elements: 1, 2 and many. The rest of us can only gape in awe.

The roadblock on Telangana, we are told, comes from West Bengal, in the form of Mamata Banerjee’s sensitivities on Gorkhaland: if Telangana is granted, it would strengthen separatist demands in Darjeeling. Neither the sense nor the sensibility on Telangana will change, as far as Ms Banerjee goes, by 2014. If the Congress can bite the bullet then, it might as well put its teeth to good use now.

Another argument is that the Congress cannot be seen to be buckling under pressure. Granted, the entire nation and Anna Hazare know the Congress is guided only by principle and never by pressure. That said, the worry that the Congress would, if it forms the new state under pressure, cede ground to the TRS that has been spearheading the agitation for Telangana is altogether misplaced.

Andhra Pradesh was formed under pressure, after Potti Sreeramulu died fasting for a separate Andhra state to be carved out of the erstwhile Madras Presidency, in 1952. Despite what today’s Congress logicians would deem to be abject surrender under pressure, the Congress formed all successive governments in Andhra Pradesh till the early 1980s.
Respecting popular sentiment is a core value of democracy, provided that sentiment does not conflict with equally core values such as protecting fundamental rights of individuals and groups. This qualification is, of course, what separates democracy from mobocracy. Respecting the wishes of the people of Telangana for a state of their own amounts to recognising and acting out popular sentiment, not yielding to pressure.

But TRS would certainly have the upper hand, to begin with. Dealing with that is normal politics. The way some Telangana agitators have turned into protection racketeers who take money for not targeting particular commercial installations is a source of popular revulsion that is waiting to be tapped. (మరింత…)