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EIA report by project authorities is a joke, Public Hearing on Polavaram dam soon మార్చి 19, 2011

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Present system of environmental assessment flawed: Ramesh
The Pioneer, March 19, 2011 10:40:27 PM

PTI | Hyderabad

Admitting that the present system of preparing environmental assessment report is flawed, Environment and Forest Minister Jairam Ramesh today said the Ministry would now seek third-party opinion to evaluate the projects.

He also informed that the Ministry would soon map the wetland areas in the country to formulate a better definition of the same.

The Minister said the present system of preparing environmental assessment report is flawed and the Ministry itself would take third party opinion on environment in projects like coal, power and construction of ports.

“We have done the satellite mapping of all wet lands in the country. We have wetland atlas of every state which will be released by month-end. So far we did not follow scientific approach of wetland management as in revenue record, wet land is recorded as waste land. All these are legacies of the past. We will clean up the system,” the Minister told reporters on the sidelines of Green Landscape Summit-2011 organised by CII.

He also ridiculed the present system of preparing the environmental assessment report by the company itself which is proposing to set up a project.

“Environmental impact assessment report is bit of joke. I admit it publicly. In our system the person who is putting up the project will be preparing the assessment report. I have been very concerned about this. Supreme Court has also expressed its concern,” Ramesh said. (మరింత…)

Chhattisgarh govt to oppose Polavaram dam at all levels మార్చి 19, 2011

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Chhattisgarh to hold public hearing on Polavaram irrigation project
Statesman News Service, 16 March 2011 The Statesman

RAIPUR, 16 March: Following strong objections realised against a planned Polavaram irrigation project by neighbouring Andhra Pradesh on the Godavari, Chhattisgarh today confirmed that the Centre has asked it to hold a public hearing on the issue.

“Union minister for forest and environment Mr Jairam Ramesh has agreed to hold a public hearing over Polavaram irrigation project after Chhattisgarh government strongly placed the case before him,’’ an official statement said. (మరింత…)

Centre urged to restrain AP from going ahead with Polavaram సెప్టెంబర్ 29, 2010

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Centre urged to restrain AP from going ahead with Polavaram
The Hindu, Special Correspondent

NFAPD activists say construction of embankment unviable

* The project will affect people in 19 villages of Chhattisgarh and Motu area of Orissa
* NFAPD meeting adopts resolution seeking re-examination of the project

VISAKHAPATNAM: Several social activists and environmentalists on Tuesday appealed to the Centre to restrain AP from going ahead with work on controversial Polavaram Indira Sagar project till the objections raised by Orissa and Chhattisgarh were addressed to.

At a meeting held here under the aegis of National Forum Against Polavaram Dam (NFAPD), the activists adopted a resolution asking the Central authorities to immediately stop work on Polavaram as it lacked consent of affected communities in Orissa and Chattisgarh.

The resolution vehemently opposed the claim that the construction of an embankment with a height of 40 feet stretching over 30 km would prevent submergence and displacement in Orissa and Chattisgarh.

Stating that the proposed embankment was unviable, they claimed that the project was bound to affect people in 19 villages of Kunta district of Chhattisgarh and an estimated 30,000 in Motu area of Orissa’s Malkangiri district.

A petition filed by Orissa against the project will come up for hearing in Supreme Court on October 4. The resolution stated that the project should be re-examined as the clearances for land acquisition, forest rights and rehabilitation and resettlement approved in AP were not acceptable in Orissa and Chhattisgarh.

Participants included retired Chief Engineer from AP M. Dharma Rao, environmentalist T. Sivaji Rao, chairman of South Odisha Development Council Dayanidhi Sahu, engineer Lalita Mohan Pattnaik, former Vice-Chancellor of Andhra University K.V. Ramana, MLA from Burgampahad Chanda Lingayya Dora and Panchanan Mishra from Bolangir, Odisha. (మరింత…)

Man- made Floods devastate AP & Karnataka అక్టోబర్ 6, 2009

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Were the southern flash floods avoidable?
Max Martin and A. Srinivasa Rao
Bijapur and Hyderabad, October 6, 2009 India Today

The death toll from the floods crept up to 227 in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka amid blame games between the states. But what underscores the extent of the disaster is the fact that it cannot be relegated to the realm of natural calamities and forgotten.

Experts have unanimously called it manmade and have blamed the floods on the poor coordination among Maharashtra, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.

Experts said irrigation engineers, who control the release of water from dams, have little understanding of what goes on upstream, midstream or downstream.

Leo Saldanha, Bangalore-based environmentalist and director of Environment Support Group (ESG), said it was “criminal” to keep dams full and release water during heavy rains.

Initially, both Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka blamed each other for “irresponsible” flood management. Officials in the Andhra Pradesh irrigation department said Karnataka should have alerted them about the flow in Almatti and Narayanpur dams in upstream Krishna.

They said the neighbouring state should not have released water from the two dams. On the other hand, Karnataka officials said the Andhra officials did not release water from the Srisailam dam in Kurnool district till the eleventh hour. This, they claimed, flooded Kurnool and areas in the reservoir’s backwaters. (మరింత…)

1908-2008 వరద మూసీకి వందేళ్ళు ! సెప్టెంబర్ 28, 2008

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ఎం. వేదకుమార్

సరిగ్గా వందేళ్ళ క్రితం
సెప్టెంబర్‌ 28
హైదరాబాద్నగరాన్ని మూసీ వరదలు ముంచెత్తాయి. వరద బీభత్సాన్ని తట్టుకునే శక్తి మహానగరానికి లేకపోయింది. ఫలితంగా కేవలం 48 గంటల్లో 15 వేల మంది మృతి చెందారు. 80 వేల ఇళ్లు కూలిపోయాయి. ఒకే ఒక్క రోజులో 17 అంగుళాల వర్షపాతం నమోదైంది. అఫ్జల్గంజ్ప్రాంతంలో 11 అడుగుల ఎత్తులో నీరు ప్రవహించింది. నగరంలో మూడోవంతు నామరూపాల్లేకుండా తుడిచిపెట్టుకుపోయింది. ఉత్పాతాలను తట్టుకునే, నివారించే ఆధునిక సాంకేతిక నైపుణ్యాలు ఏమీ లేని రోజుల్లో అలా జరగడం సహజమే కావొచ్చు. కాని వందేళ్ల తరువాత 2008లో నేటి పరిస్థితి ఏమిటి? నేటికీ అదే దుస్థితి. మరింత దీనావస్థ. నమ్మశక్యం కాకున్నా నమ్మితీరాల్సిన చేదు నిజం. నేడు మూసీకి వరదలు వస్తే, కళ్ళప్పగించి చూడడం తప్ప చేయగలిగిందేమీ లేదంటే గుండె మండిపోతుంది. ఆనాటి వరద బీభత్సం ప్రకృతి ప్రకోపం అని సరిపెట్టుకున్నా రాబోయే బీభత్సాలు మాత్రం అక్షరాలా మానవ తప్పిదాల కారణంగానే. (మరింత…)