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Telangana will show its might in cotton, paddy, maize ఆగస్ట్ 4, 2013

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Telangana will show its might in cotton, maize

K.V.Kurmanath 2 August 2013, The Business Line

Andhra Pradesh is a leading player in paddy, cotton, groundnut, sugarcane, maize, tobacco and chillies. After bifurcation, there would be a stark contrast in the availability of fertile lands and water in the two regions.

While the Andhra region is home to the most fertile lands, Telangana is predominantly rain-fed, with uneven distribution of rainfall. The Rayalaseema area is scarce in water resources.

After the proposed division, Telangana will emerge as a predominant player in cotton, paddy and maize, with a total kharif area of 81 lakh hectares. Telangana farmers grow cotton in 14 lakh hectares during a normal kharif season. In comparison, the US grows the crop in a total area of18 lakh ha. This shows how important the cotton crop would be for the new State.

The other major crop where it virtually dominates is maize. Telangana farmers grow this crop in 4.4 lakh ha as against the US total of 5.08 lakh ha. (మరింత…)