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Telangana will show its might in cotton, paddy, maize ఆగస్ట్ 4, 2013

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Telangana will show its might in cotton, maize

K.V.Kurmanath 2 August 2013, The Business Line

Andhra Pradesh is a leading player in paddy, cotton, groundnut, sugarcane, maize, tobacco and chillies. After bifurcation, there would be a stark contrast in the availability of fertile lands and water in the two regions.

While the Andhra region is home to the most fertile lands, Telangana is predominantly rain-fed, with uneven distribution of rainfall. The Rayalaseema area is scarce in water resources.

After the proposed division, Telangana will emerge as a predominant player in cotton, paddy and maize, with a total kharif area of 81 lakh hectares. Telangana farmers grow cotton in 14 lakh hectares during a normal kharif season. In comparison, the US grows the crop in a total area of18 lakh ha. This shows how important the cotton crop would be for the new State.

The other major crop where it virtually dominates is maize. Telangana farmers grow this crop in 4.4 lakh ha as against the US total of 5.08 lakh ha. (మరింత…)

Gujja Biksham – India’s Water man మార్చి 13, 2010

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The Hindu, March 12, 2010 Life & Style

A man of ideas
Serish Nanisetti

Gujja Biksham is a man who marshals information to push the envelope of ideas. Serish Nanisetti discovers more about the man with ideas about water

You can be taken in by a man by three things: Appearance, impressions and ideas. It is easy to grasp the import of the first two qualities, but to know the third quality you have to sit down and wrestle. Gujja Biksham is one such person. He can easily be called the water man of India considering his immense contribution to the study of ebb and flow of life. A man who knows, researches and understands water: The source of life that is increasingly going to be in short supply. “Water is my turf,” says Biksham, who is a policy advisor of Fresh Water Program at WWF-International. Hailing from Turpugudem in Nalgonda where his mother still lives, Biksham knows what is agriculture and what is water. Currently he is associated with Icrisat-WWF collaborative project. “In the 80s it was discovered that tiger conservation cannot happen in isolation. Sustainable development and ecological balance became the buzz words and that’s how I got involved with WWF,” says Biksham who has been with the organisation working from Switzerland for the past 18 years. Discovering the fact that water is the key to conservation, WWF wanted someone with specialisation in water and Biksham came into the picture. (మరింత…)