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Ashokamitran, legendary Tamil writer on life in Hyderabad and Chennai, passes away మార్చి 23, 2017

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Born in Secunderabad, in 1931 as Jagadisa Thyagarajan, passed away in Chennai on Thursday. His novel The Eighteenth Parallel (1977) is about life and times in late 40’s of Hyderabad that witnessed rapid change in every sphere of life because of Razakars, Police Action and ‘liberation’ of Hyderabad. This story by Ashokamitran,also translated into Telugu, is one of his highly acclaimed novels. It is a powerful narrative of changing times and how he saw it happening as a resident of the railway colony in Secunderabad. He had written more than 250 short stories and eight novels and 15 novellas. His stories of Hyderabad and Chennai provide great insights into their recent history from a different perspective.


by Gladwin Emmanuel, Mumbai Mirror, 23 March, 2017

Chennai: Noted Tamil writer Ashokamitran passed away in Chennai on Thursday. The 85-year-old breathed his last at his Velachery residence. Reportedly, Ashokamitran had been suffering due to ill health for somtime, was ailing for some time.

He is considered one of the major Tamil writers of post-Independent era. In 1996, he was also honoured with the Sahitya Akademi award for his collection of stories ‘Appavin Snehidar’.

Considered one of the finest craftsmen, Ashokamitran had written over 200 short stories, several novels and novellas.

Most of his works revolved around middle-class, urban life. His novel ‘Thanneer’, which is translated into English, is stated to be an acclaimed masterpiece of Indian writing.

His 18th Parallel or ’18-vadthu Atchakodu’ (1977) is one of the most acclaimed novel of Ashokamitran.

The noted writer was the editor of the literary journal ‘Kanaiyaazhi’ for nearly 25 years. Born in Secunderabad, Andhra Pradesh, in 1931 as Jagadisa Thyagarajan, he moved to Chennai 1952 after the death of his father. He became full-time writer in 1966.

“One of the geniuses of modern Tamil has passed away. `Tributes’. Nothing much to say beyond that,” renown writer B.Jeyamohan wrote on his website about the deceased writer.



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