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Star cyclists vow to bring back lost glory జూలై 28, 2015

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Cycling into the National Champ circuit

Having brought home medals from the recent race in Pune, the city cyclists are raring to make a mark on the international circuit soon

Samyuktha K

After winning the `King of the Ghats’ and Best Sprint titles at the gruelling 122-kilometrelong Pune Baramati National Cycle Race on Saturday , Jetharam Gat told his coach, “The race was easier than our training sessions.“ It’s a sentiment echoed by the rest of the cyclists in the Telangana team that took part in the competition when talking about their coach, Maxwell Trevor -one of the finest cyclists the country has produced.

maxwell trevor“Sincerity . That’s all I want from them. And that’s what they gave to the sport and returned as victors,“ says a proud Trevor, flashing a benev olent smile. His training regime is un nerving to say the least. During the hill training sessions, his wards are pushed to the limit with their pulse rate rising up to 250. And Trevor follows them in a scooter, monitoring their recovery speed while constantly instilling the belief to, “Never give up.“

“Potential is inside every athlete, as a coach I can only help maximise the potential. It’s most important to have a never say die attitude,“ he says.Parashuram cyclist


UP That fighting spirit is what enabled 21-year-old Parashuram to finish in top 25 after suffering a collision riding at speed of over 70 kmph when a cyclist in front of him lost his balance. Three other cyclists crashed over him and the impact was so hard that his helmet cracked into two, and he was badly bruised. “I got back up, got on my cycle. I thought to myself `I haven’t broken any bones’ I might as well finish the race.“

“I lost 2 minutes due to the fall, and was divided from my group which that was leading the race.I needed to find another group to work with,“ adds Parashuram.


But why would an athlete group with a competing racer? Arvind Chenji, who now manages the independent body of Hyderabad Racing League explains, “In a group, the racers in the front take all the wind, which requires more energy to be expended. The guys who tuck themselves behind save about 20 per cent of the strength because they are shielded from the wind. This is how the team works,“ he says.

sheldon cyclistChampion of Tour de France, Team Sky’s Chris Froome became the first Briton to take the title after his team delivered him to the finish line with this strategy.Meanwhile, Parashuram explains, “It is only at the finish line that the competition kicks in. That’s when racers start breaking off from the group and sprinting.“


So for a country that is habituated to the quick and action-filled cricket, cycling as a sport is looked upon as boring. “ I thought that cycling is bor ing too. But after getting into compet itive cycling I realised it is also a high on the adrenaline factor. Our champi on Jetharam does an average of 41 kmph. Downhill, a cyclist can go close to 100 kmph, on a tyre that is as thick as a cigar. So you can imagine the adrenaline rush,“ adds Parashuram.

That explains why Tour de France is second most viewed sporting event after the football World Cup.


HRL involves individuals who have come together for the love of the sport and with the hopes of taking it back to the glory days of the 1980s.

“There was a time when we would return with bags of medals. would return with bags of medals.

Back then the coach was Mumtaz Ali,“ recalls Arvind. But the scene diminished in the 1990s and the then star cyclist Trevor migrated to the US. Today , as a independent body, HRL hopes to produce a hero of cy cling in Telangana. They are looking to make teams in all categories -jun iors, seniors, masters and women.

“If anyone wants to train as a com petitive cyclist, they do not need any expertise what so ever. Just come with the killer instinct and the right mindset and I will take care of the rest,“ says Trevor. With sponsorships of cash and kind coming in from well wishers, the focus will only be on grooming the newbies and not on minting money , vows the HRL.




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