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Ramalayam built during 14th Century in Dichpally, Nizamabad – ‘Khajuraho of South’ cries for attention నవంబర్ 21, 2014

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The historic Rama temple attracts visitors in droves from all parts of Telangana and neighbouring Maharashtra. According to the temple priest Vanamamalai Krishnamachary, the temple has no minimum facilities like toilets, drinking water and gardens.


dichpaly 2

The Ramalayam built on a small hillock during the 14th century by the Kakatiya kings at this old village is an architectural marvel and is called the Khajuraho of Indur. Given the historical information available probably it is only the temple constructed on the lines of the famous Khajuraho as regards the erotic sculpture in the entire South India.

Though the temple has a rich historical heritage it has been neglected by the successive governments in making it as an attractive tourist destination. It is situated in the mandal headquarters town of Dichpally at a picturesque location just 3 km from the National Highway 44 and 150 km to north of Hyderabad city.

This temple is visited by hundreds of devotees from all parts of the State and also from neighbouring Maharashtra. During dichpally ram templeBrahmotsavalu, on Vaikunta Ekadasi and Sreerama Navami many devotees visit the temple and on remaining days tourists are buzzing about here. Legend has it that there is a 15-km tunnel route [pedestrian sub-way] from the tank abutting the temple to the Raghunath temple atop Khilla in the Nizamabad urban centre.

It is known as Khajuraho of Indur with images of nude women and men chiseled in erotic poses on the temple walls similar to that of Khajuraho in Madhya Pradesh. Historians say that it is an incomplete temple and reasons for its incompletion are not known. There are 105 steps from the entrance to reach it and it is also called Khilla Dichpally temple as there are remnants of old fort in the surroundings.

It has a lot of potential for development and can be connected in the tourism circuit of Limbadrigutta in Bheemgal, Sidhulagutta in Armoor, Indur Khilla, Anjaneyaswami temple at Sarangapur, Astamukhi (octagonal) pond and temple at Janakampet and Saraswati temple at Basar by creating infrastructure like hotels and shopping complexes.

Basic facilities lacking

According to the temple priest Vanamamalai Krishnamachary, the temple has no minimum facilities like toilets, drinking water and gardens.

That apart, tourists are threatened by the monkeys. The Tourism Department sanctioned Rs.15 lakh for erection of plaque and beautification works, but nothing has come up till date.

Tourists can easily visit the temple with autorickshaws available round the clock from Dichpally town. Since it has invaluable architectural significance certainly it evokes interest in visitors.

Photos: K.V. Ramana




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