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June 2 Telangana State is a Crippled Child- Justice Sudershan Reddy మార్చి 8, 2014

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Parliament Delivered a Crippled Child, Says Ex-judge
Express News Service, Hyderabad, 7 March 2014

“Parliament has delivered a crippled child with several major complications. History is repeating because we do not learn from our mistakes,” former judge of Supreme Court of India Justice B Sudershan Reddy has remarked, referring to formation of Telangana state on June 2.

He was speaking at a function organised to release a book, ‘Fall and Rise of Telangana’, written by Dr Gautam Pingle, former dean of research and consultancy of the Administrative Staff College of India (ASCI). The book was released by Telangana Joint Action Committee chairman M Kodandaram.

Justice Sudershan Reddy minced no words in laying bare the inability of the political leadership to allow injustice to Telangana while it was being created. “There will be only one High court for the two states, only one governor for two states and he would be sitting on law and order and for 10 years Hyderabad would remain a joint capital. How could this be allowed?” he asked.

He hit out at the political leadership of Telangana for its doublespeak. “You embrace personalities from the film world saying that though geographically we are separated but we can live like brothers knowing fully well it is the film world that has done a lot of damage to the Telangana social fabric. But why don’t you say a word about 3 lakh tribals who are going to be rendered homeless because of an ordinance brought out within hours of the President signing the AP Reorganisation Bill, 2013?” he said.

Giving a go-by to “conflict of interest” factor coming into play, the government allowed itself to be influenced by a self-declared integrationist minister into promulgating the ordinance. How can a “contractor-turned-politician-turned-MP-turned minister” be allowed to influence the Delhi political leadership?” he asked.

Complimenting Pingle for bringing out an authentic resource on Telangana, he said it was not only bold but also scholarly. “Without using a harsh or unparliamentary word against justice BN Srikrishna, Dr Pingle had torn apart his entire report. That is what I call scholarship,” justice Reddy said, pointing out that unless people questioned injustice, history would repeat itself.

After releasing the book, Kodandaram traced the course of T movement since 1962. The movement now, unlike in 1969 when it was mostly a middle class-driven, has seen participation of all BCs, OBcs, minorities, SCs and social organisations. This social movement which had taken roots in 1990s found political expression later in 2000 when they began asserting themselves for political power so that they could get want they require for their own amelioration like better irrigation and employment. Till the TRS came into being in 2001, the Telangana movement remained a cultural and social movement with songs with popular appeal in Telangana hinterland keeping the flame of desire for a separate state alive. He said as the Telanganites began asserting themselves, the forces which did not want division had done their best and the culmination was the use of pepper spray in Parliament to stall bifurcation of the state.

Former MP from Nizamabad M Narayana Reddy regretted that he could not see a complete Telangana. “What we have got finally is a Telangana with shackles. I took part in agitations in 1952, 1969 and even moved a bill in Parliament. But finally, when Telangana is delivered, it is with so many shackles,” he said and felt sorry that in the anxiety to get Telangana, leaders compromised on important aspects. “Though Andhras had built Chennai, the city remained with Madras state at the time of creation of Andhra state and the then chief minister C Rajagopalchary told Andhras to move away from Madras state within three days. But we have agreed to Hyderabad remaining common capital for 10 years,” he said.

Describing Pingle as Telangana Edward Gibbon, he said that his work would remain an authentic chronicle of events as Gibbon’s Decline and Fall of Roman Empire which was read by statesmen of western world for generations.

Pingle paid tributes to the 631 youths had laid down their lives for Telananga but felt sorry that they were no more to see their land. He thanked justice Sudershan Reddy for his advice on legal aspects of Telangana state formation and all those who had helped him in bringing out the book. The book was published by Orient BlackSwan which was represented by its director (Commercial) J Krishnadev Rao at the function.

Source: http://www.newindianexpress.com/states/andhra_pradesh/Parliament-Delivered-a-Crippled-Child-Says-Ex-judge/2014/03/07/article2095596.ece#.Uxr-Qz-SxWI



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