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Telangana is 29th state of India ఫిబ్రవరి 18, 2014

Posted by M Bharath Bhushan in 1969, Andhrapreneurship, BJP, Congress, Essays, Godavari, Hyderabad, Identity, Koya, Polavaram, SC, Settler, ST, Telangana, TRS.

At last Lok Sabha passed the Andhra Pradesh Reorganisation Bill and Telangana is 29th state of India.

The drama about what will happen and whether the bill be passed in 15th Lok Sabha, is over. Many political parties started shedding tears and shouting for justice to seemandhra region and more time for consultation. These parties dont feel awkward for lacking proper understanding on the issue but contested 2004 or 2009 or both elections on the promise of separate Telangana and included separate Telangana in the election manifestos. The absurd logic that victim can’t be freed without consent of the perpetrator of violence, has been displayed in myriad colours and shades in Telugu politics. Every political party in Andhra Pradesh intervened to ensure justice to Seemandhra region although they were in support of the demand for Telangana state.

Celebrations of a separate Telangana are affected by the concessions, packages and conditions granted to Seemandhra turning the whole Telangana agitation to be freed from exploitation and discrimination as not that just a demand and also unfair to the exploiter. Seemandhra sections succeeded in having the cake and eat it too.

Seemandhra and samaikyandhra forces became popular across the country for their weird designs and acts in Parliament. Their region is happy with great champions of their cause and success in getting resources, projects for development of Seemandhra region along with protection of their interests in Telangana including joint capital for 10 years. Samaikyandhra leaders also threatened for fight for a separate country of Seemandhra people if separate Telangana cannot be stopped.

The long silence on many critical issues about who is going to be benefited by separate Telangana and why demeaning dependence on the mercy of Sonia or BJP and every possible alliance with every political party over the past decade plus years, has come to an end. That’s one special reason why 18 February is important.

Abandoned Adivasis

Adivasis of Telangana and Seemandhra regions do not have anything to celebrate. Adivasis of Khammam scheduled villages are a sea of sorrow as Godavari river is transferred to the Andhra state and the tribal villages are going to be submerged under Polavaram dam. And these adivasis are disowned by Telangana and invited by Andhra to be submerged. This is a sad day for the adivasis who are divided by Telugu states influenced by contractor interests.


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