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Telangana Bill with 9000 odd amendments & suggestions of AP MLAs sent to the President ఫిబ్రవరి 3, 2014

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Telangana Bill with suggested changes to reach MHA today
Sreenivas Janyala, The Financial Express, Hyderabad, February 3, 2014

As many as 50 copies of Telangana Bill with 9,000-odd amendments/ suggestions will be submitted to Union Home Secretary.

The AP Reorganisation Bill, 2013 will reach New Delhi Monday in two batches. Officials will leave with the first batch of the document at 6 am, and the second batch will leave by the 9:45 am flight.

As many as 50 copies of the Telangana Bill with 9,000-odd amendments/ suggestions submitted by MLAs attached, and weighing 300 kg, will be submitted to Union Home Secretary by Monday afternoon. The Union Home Ministry will forward it to the President.

Racing against time, 30 officials drawn from General Administration and other departments led by Chief Secretary P K Mohanty worked overtime and, assisted by 60 Telugu-to-English translators, prepared the copies to be sent to the President.

The team had to refer to or consult AP Legislative Assembly Secretary S Raja Sadaram several times to get clarity on submissions made by MLAs. Transcripts of the speeches made by 87 members, and amendments/suggestions given overall by 250 members add up to over 120 kg of documents.

“There were some mistakes in the notes submitted by some Legislative Assembly members. We had to call them again and rectify those mistakes. For example, the members were supposed to give suggestions or amendments clause wise. But, in 10 clauses they noted 30 or 50 suggestions/ amendments which is not correct. We had to rectify all those after getting in touch with them,’’ Mohanty said.

The General Administration Department had to make some last minute efforts to get flight tickets confirmed as more than 200 legislators, MPs, and leaders are leaving for New Delhi Monday, ahead of the meeting of Group of Ministers meeting on Telangana, and as the Centre prepares to table the Bill in Parliament session starting February 7, and there were no reservations available. “All the flights were full and we got reservations in two batches,’’ Mohanty said.

The entire Telangana Bill with over 9,000 documents attached was on Sunday referred to the Chief Minister by the Chief Secretary one last time before it was packed in cloth bundles for dispatch to New Delhi.

Source: http://www.financialexpress.com/news/telangana-bill-with-suggested-changes-to-reach-mha-today/1222677


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