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Telangana Bill – TRS suggests joint capital for 3 years జనవరి 13, 2014

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Telangana Congress, TRS MLAs Suggest Amendments to Telangana Bill
Express News Service- Hyderabad 11 January 2014

With the deadline for written submissions on AP Reorganisation Bill-2013 ending at 1 pm on Friday, several MLAs from Telangana on Thursday handed over to speaker N Manohar their written pleas for amendments to the bill. While Congress MLAs suggested nine amendments, TRS members suggested ten. Following are the key amendments suggested by them:

COMMON CAPITAL: Parliament should make provision for keeping Hyderabad as common capital for a temporary period. TRS wants it not to exceed three years and Congress leaders want it not more than 10 years.

LAW & ORDER IN HYD: Clause 8 may be modified so that the governor shall be guided by the advice of the council of ministers of the state of Telangana.

HIGH COURTS: Separate High Courts be set up for the two states with effect from a fixed date and provide for commencement of their functioning forthwith or not later than three months therefrom. The High Court of Seemandhra can be temporarily located in Hyderabad till its relocation.

PENSIONS: The pension liability of the successor states shall be apportioned between the two on the basis of nativity.

ASSETS: The existing state corporations and companies be dissolved simultaneously with the division of assets and liabilities, and separate corporations/companies be set up afresh by successor states.

EMPLOYEES: Distribution and allocation of employees to the successor states be made on the basis of nativity.

PRANAHITA: The Pranahita-Chevella and the Palamuru lift irrigation schemes also be treated as national projects along with Polavaram.

ELECTRICITY: Notwithstanding the existing PPAs, the distribution of power be rationalised and the allocation of power of existing and under-construction plants be rearranged by allotting the entire generated power within each successor state, other than the central plants, to such successor state. The shortfall from allocated power under PPAs to any successor state from such arrangement be compensated by supply from central power allotted to the other successor state. The proposed NTPC’s 4,000 MW power plant shall be domestic coal-based and exclusively dedicated to the state of Telangana.

NEW INSTITUTIONS: Parliament may include in XIII Schedule establishment of a veterinary university, AIIMS-type super specialty hospital-cum-teaching institution and an IIM in Telangana state.

EDUCATION: Parliament may consider and pass changes to reduce the period provided to five years and enable constitution of a common agency for conducting the common admission process.

Source: http://www.newindianexpress.com/states/andhra_pradesh/Telangana-Congress-TRS-MLAs-Suggest-Amendments-to-Telangana-Bill/2014/01/10/article1992427.ece


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