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Safeguards for Settlers in Telangana: Andhra (Antony) Committee నవంబర్ 17, 2013

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Antony panel seeks safeguards for Seemandhra people in Telangana, ruffles leaders
CR Sukumar, ET Bureau, 16 November 2013

HYDERABAD: The Antony committee, formed by the Congress to assuage fears of party members on the state’s bifurcation, has recommended that safeguards be implemented to protect property owned by Seemandhra citizens in Telangana.

This has ruffled Telangana leaders, who said such a move would go against the rights of the democratically elected government that would come to power once the state is formed. “It is a legitimate constitutional right of any democratically elected government to review the decisions of the previous governments and take corrective actions,” said Sravan Dasoju, who is on the politburo of the Telangana Rashtra Samithi, which spearheaded the movement to create a separate state.

The TRS has already been critical of suggestions that the Centre take up law and order in Hyderabad as well as the two key rivers in the state — Krishna and Godavari.

Dasoju alleged that a campaign against Telangana people was being led by a “handful of land grabbers and crony capitalists (from Seemandhra) who amassed lakhs of acres of government, assigned and forest lands in and around Hyderabad and are now worried over the safety of land under their control.” The Antony committee said provocative statements made by TRS leaders had caused a “great amount of concern and nervousness among the people of Seemandhra who have acquired property and set up business in Hyderabad.”

Though a party panel, Telangana leaders are worried that it could have a major say in decision making as it is led by senior Congress leader and Defence Minister AK Antony and also has Congress president Sonia Gandhi’s secretary Ahmed Patel as a member. The leaders also point out that the decision to form Telangana was first announced by the Congress Working Committee on July 30.

Besides Patel and Antony, petroleum minister Veerappa Moily and Congress general secretary Digvijay Singh are part of the committee.

“The committee strongly recommend that adequate provisions should be provided in the draft bill (on Telangana) which instills confidence among the Seemandhra people who have set up business and acquired property in Hyderabad,” the Antony panel said its report submitted to the Group of Ministers headed by Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde.

“The (Telangana) bill should have a provision to ensure that government of Telangana in future does not pass a bill to acquire property and business with retrospective effect.” The Antony panel has also recommended revenues from Hyderabad be shared with the Seemandhra region.

“As most of the companies paying taxes are registered in Hyderabad, most of the state revenue is collected from the city of Hyderabad. The committee recommends that adequate protection should be given to the Seemandhra region in sharing the revenue collected in the city of Hyderabad.”

Source: http://articles.economictimes.indiatimes.com/2013-11-16/news/44138172_1_telangana-rashtra-samithi-seemandhra-people-antony-committee


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