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Telangana parties making grand plans for win సెప్టెంబర్ 29, 2013

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Telangana parties making grand plans for win
Inkeshaf Ahmed | Post Noon, September 24, 2013

While Seemandhra is still a cauldron. It is a role reversal where Seemandhra historically enjoyed economic advantage while Telangana suffered.

Hyderabad: While 13 districts of Seemandhra region continue to burn with unabated agitation for keeping the State united the Telangana region is witnessing a different situation altogether.

The announcement of creation of a Telangana state has prompted key political parties in the region to devote their attention now in strengthening their base.


The ruling Congress which has already started the process of reconstitution of APCC (AP Congress Committee) and District Congress Committees (DCCs) even before the announcement of creation of separate Telangana state has now decided to leverage the advantage that it has got with the proposed T-state formation.

The party is busy preparing strategies to cash in on the positives waves created for the party in the 10 districts of the Telangana region. It has already decided to hold party-based programmes in every nook and cranny of the region and own up the credit for the Telangana state formation.

“We have been telling the people that we would bring the Telangana state and we finally brought it and kept our word. It is now time for us to cash in on our success completely. We are in the process of doing it,” APCC Spokesperson Pyata Ramesh told Postnoon.
Similar is the situation in pro-Telangana national party BJP. The party is in no mood to lose the credibility it achieved following its bitter struggle for the separate Telangana state.

After successfully holding its prime ministerial candidate and Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi’s first public meeting in Hyderabad last month, the party is now planning to hold a massive public meeting with an aim of fielding Sushma Swaraj in Mahbubnagar district. This meeting is being held on September 28. The meeting is christened as Telangana Vijayabheri.

By holding this meeting, the BJP wants take credit for the achievement of Telangana state with its strenuous years-long struggle.

“We have already launched the campaign to leverage on the wave created for our party due to the T-factor. We will hold many such programmes in coming days so that the people of Telangana can vote for us,” BJP leader NVSS Prabhakar said.

On the other hand, main opposition Telugu Desam Party (TDP), which did not make any concrete effort in the ongoing Telangana state struggle to achieve the state also has grand plans.

The party’s Telangana Forum leaders are already making claims that they played their role in forcing the Congress high command to concede the demand of Telangana state.

The leaders are also planning to hold public meetings in all the 10 Telangana districts and attract the attention of the people and win their confidence.

TRS too occupied

The champion of separate Telangana state, the TRS, which surrounded by the reports of merger with ruling congress party, is also busy albeit for a different cause.

The party is holding meetings of students and intellectuals in the name of ‘Hyderabad Sirf Hamara’ in an attempt to counter the efforts of Seemandhra for keeping the state united.

“The TRS has achieved the Telangana state after a 13-year-long struggle. Now we have become more vigilant as our aim is to ensure that the process of creation of Telangana state concluded peacefully. Until this process is completed, we will act as watchdogs and confront any obstacle that come in the way of the creation of separate Telangana state,” TRS leader Ch. Rakesh said on Monday.

Source: http://postnoon.com/2013/09/24/telangana-parties-making-grand-plans-for-win/144361



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