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New Telangana party strategy? Congress game plan సెప్టెంబర్ 21, 2013

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New Telangana party strategy?
Inkeshaf Ahmed, September 19, 2013 Postnoon

The Congress game plan is calculated to stun its rivals. It seems plausible to come up with an enough number from AP to make Rahul Gandhi PM, if the new strategy is put in operation.

Hyderabad: Ever wondered why the Congress is not worried at the anger being levelled against it by the Seemandhra? It is a gameplan that is aimed at coming up with enough numbers in favour of Rahul Gandhi.

While grim is the forecast for the Congress prospects in Seemandhra party leaders take a different view. They say the anger against the party in Seemandhra for creating Telangna would only do it good as the party hopes to sweep the Telangana region in the next general elections, pushing out the T champion the TRS.

The number game goes like this. Seemandhra (Rayala-Andhra) together has 25 Lok Sabha seats and Telangana has 17. If the party is seen as pro-T and gets the credit for it, it hopes to come up with at least 15 seats.

Of the Seemandhra, the anger against the Congress will take votes to the YSRC, the natural beneficiary, denying the TDP any scope for improving its tally. Thus the YSRC is expected to sweep with 20 seats. The Congress knows the YSRC as its progeny and it has to deal with the Congress anyway. It would be a merger with Jagan Mohan Reddy at the helm of affairs or a post-poll alliance.

Either way, the Congress hopes to keep in its kitty 35 seats which is not a bad deal when it compares to other states where the Congress prospects are bleak. The Congress hopes to push the TRS to the wall so as it has to merge or disappear from the scene.

This, the reason the party sources say there was no chance for it to go back on its promise of creating Telangana as some Seemandhra leaders hope. They argue that more the Seemandhra ire, better the party prospects in Telangana.

“The more the tempers of people of the Seemandhra, greater the benefit the Congress would reap in Telangana region. We will tell the people of Telangana that the Congress did not succumb to the intense pressure from powerful Seemandhra leadership including union ministers and created separate Telangana state. This will help us in emerging as the biggest political party in the Telangana state after the next general elections. We will take this message to each and cranny of the telangana region. ,” a state cabinet minister from Telangana region told Postnoon.

The party also feels that its strategy would leave no option for pro-Telangana outfit TRS Party but merge with the congress before the next general elections and confine another rival BJP to its existing sub-regional status.

“Our move will help us in forcing TRS to merge with us. It will also leave little space for BJP in its attempts to cash in its pro-Telangana stand,” the minister added.

Cabinet nod for T-note in October?
On the other hand, the cabinet note prepared by the union home ministry on Telangana state issue is likely to get the union cabinet approval in the first week of October. By the time the Antony panel is supposed to give its report on Seemandhra stir and remedial measures. The next cabinet meeting is scheduled to be held in the first week of October after the return of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh from his offiical the United States of America tour. The official tour of the PM will begin from September 25 this month.

Source: http://postnoon.com/2013/09/19/new-telangana-party-strategy/143853



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