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Rayalaseema won’t sit silent if Telangana is granted, TG Venkatesh డిసెంబర్ 22, 2012

Posted by M Bharath Bhushan in Culture, Economy, Identity, politics, Rayalaseema, Telangana.

‘Rayalaseema won’t sit silent if Telangana is granted’
Inkeshaf Ahmed, PostNoon, December 21, 2012

Congress leader TG Venkatesh from Rayalaseema region says he will not mind quitting Congress if statehood is given to Telangana.

Congress leader and minister from Rayalaseema, TG Venkatesh, said on Friday he would lead an agitation from the front for a separate Rayalaseema state if his party gives in and grants statehood to Telangana.

The minister hinted that if a separate Telangana is formed, he would not mind quitting the Congress and would float a Rayalaseema front or join YSRC. Venkatesh said a united Andhra would ensure growth in all regions.

The minister said that granting of Telangana would be a folly, and the Congress will vanish from the State. “My party leaders are not fools to allow such a thing, I am sure, but there is a chance that the party leadership may make a firm commitment on T before the general elections. But I want to sound a warning that a separate Telangana state will prove to be a death warrant for the party in Andhra Pradesh.” Venkatesh insists many Congress leaders from Andhra and Rayalaseema are of similar views.

The ensuing All Party Meeting of UPA government on the Telangana issue seems to be creating ripples in the State’s ruling Congress party. Many Rayalaseema and Andhra cabinet ministers will quit the party if it extends support to a separate telangana state at the meet.

“To me, as to many leaders from Rayalaseema region, opinion of people is paramount. If they think I should leave the Congress party and join rival parties in case of creation of a separate Telangana state, I will do so,” he said. “The creation of a separate state would not be at the cost of Rayalaseema’s development.”

Source: http://postnoon.com/2012/12/21/rayalaseema-wont-sit-silent-if-telangana-is-granted/96507



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