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Telangana movement is propelled by people, not TRS or KCR : Kishan Reddy సెప్టెంబర్ 24, 2012

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‘Telangana movement is propelled by people, not TRS or KCR’
The New Indian Express, September 24, 2012

BJP state president G Kishan Reddy speaks on Telangana Movement, Telangana March, etc in an interview to Express.

Q) What is your view on the Telangana Joint Action Committee’s call for ‘Telangana March’ in the city on September 30?
A) The TJAC has decided the programme without consulting it’s political constituents. However, the BJP has extended it’s solidarity and decided to take part in the programme. BJP leaders of the Telangana districts would soon meet to prepare an action plan for making the march a grand success

Q) TRS chief K Chandrasekhar Rao is maintaining silence on the Telangana March. Do you think the programme will be organised at the expected level?
A) What do you mean? You should not forget past experiences! TRS chief K Chandrasekhar Rao did not take part in any programme for which a call was given by the TJAC. But, the BJP has played an active role in every programme. Even the Million March was not supported by the TRS. To protect his existence, KCR took part in it at the final hour.

Q) TRS chief claims that the TRS and the Telangana Movement are one and the same. What do you say?
A) It is wrong and that sort of image has been cultivated by certain sections of the media. If that was true, how come the TRS chief failed in the Mahabubnagar Assembly constituency by-elections which falls under his own parliamentary constituency? How come TRS win the Parakal by-election by only a margin of 1500 votes? TRS is just one of the political parties in the region and not the whole Telangana Movement.

Q) TRS leaders are arguing that they can not imagine T Movement without its chief KCR.
A) That is the opinion of the TRS leaders. Even if the TRS chief takes rest, the movement will still get strengthened and move forward in the Telangana region and there is no doubt about it. The reason is simple- the Telangana movement has now become a people’s movement and the people of Telangana are confident that the movement will achieve its final goal in the near future.

Q) What is your observation about the differences between the TJAC chairman and the TRS chief?
A) I am not ready to react on the issue. You should understand that difference between couple of leaders will never have any impact on the Telangana movement as it is now a people’s movement.

Q) How are your relations with TJAC chairman M Kodandaram?
A) BJP has good relations with Kodandaram. Even after Parakal by-elections all TJAC leaders took part in the recent protest, called by the BJP, at Delhi. Also, TJAC leaders attended a round-table conference organised in city.

Q) Is BJP planning to dominate TJAC by supporting its protests?
A) That is not correct. BJP wants TJAC to get strengthened at all levels under the TJAC leadership and the movement should continue till the Telangana state is created.

Q) Do you have regrets for participating in the Million March programme where the statues of Telugu icons were demolished?
A) No. But organisers should take precautionary steps for preventing such incidents in democratic protests.

Q) Are you advocating postponement of the Telangana March with TJAC?
A) No. I conveyed chief minister N Kiran Kumar Reddy’s opinion to TJAC chairman Kodandaram on the postponement of the protest and the TJAC has to take a final decision.

Q) What is your opinion on TRS chief K Chandrasekhar Rao’s ongoing efforts at Delhi?
A) I have no information. But a section of media reports say that Delhi is serious about Telangana statehood.

Q) Will Telangana become the main issue in the 2014 polls?
A) Telangana demand will dominate the next elections in the Telangana region.

Q) After 2014 elections if BJP-led NDA comes to power at the Centre, will it be possible to create Telangana state?
A) Definitely. BJP-led NDA Government would create Telangana state within 100 days

Source: http://ibnlive.in.com/news/telangana-movement-propelled-by-people-not-trs-or-kcr/294721-62-127.html



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