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Parkal crisis threatens to shake the base of T movement మే 14, 2012

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Telangana Political Joint Action committee wary of pro-Telangana vote split in Parkal byelection

TNN, May 14, 2012

HYDERABAD: The Telangana Political Joint Action Committee (T-JAC) might be forced to ultimately come up with a consensus candidate for the Parkal Assembly bypoll with neither BJP nor TRS willing to relinquish the battle in favour of either one of them.

The T-JAC has made it clear that it is in favour of a scenario wherein it is either the BJP or TRS contesting the Parkal seat since competition between these two pro-Telangana parties is only likely to benefit a third party, maybe YSR Congress, in the lone Assembly constituency facing bypolls in the region. However, with neither party paying any heed to the T-JAC’s views in the matter, the alliance might be forced to put forward a name which is acceptable to both BJP and TRS as a consensus candidate.

“We are still saying that there should be one candidate, from either the BJP or TRS. That is our stand. They (the two parties) have to understand that the fight for personal gains can only shatter the very dream of a separate Telangana state. We are still trying to drive the point home but if that yields no results, the search for an alternative route would begin,” said T-JAC chairman, M Kodandaram.

But the chairman refused to say much more about fielding a neutral candidate. “T-JAC is not a political outfit and it is never interested in venturing into electoral politics. But the present situation is something that threatens to shake the very base of the movement. So, we will hold discussions to find a way out,” he said.

While TRS boycotted the meeting convened on Saturday by T-JAC, BJP stormed out midway through the discussion. Sources in TRS said that the party brass was miffed with T-JAC over the latter’s perceived partiality towards BJP even when the saffron party was trying to introduce a communal element in the Telangana movement.

“It was clear from its campaign for the Mahbubnagar bypoll that BJP’s politics is divisive. It wants to keep Muslims out of the Telangana movement and is instilling hatred in the society. The T-JAC could have advised BJP against doing this; instead, it is lending moral support to it by keeping mum,” said a TRS leader.

The saffron party leaders, for their part, are propagating that only a national party of BJP’s stature can realise the dream of a separate Telangana.

“It is obvious that separate statehood can only be achieved by a party that has a strong presence at the national level. People know BJP is the only national party that can bring in a separate Telangana Bill,” said G Kishan Reddy, the BJP state president.

Launching a blistering broadside against the saffron party, TRS’s Shravan Dasoju described the BJP’s move as being akin to blackmail. “It amounts to saying that the separate Telangana state would only be possible if one voted for BJP, that is blackmail,” Dasoju said.

Source: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/hyderabad/Telangana-Political-Joint-Action-committee-wary-of-pro-Telangana-vote-split-in-Parkal-byelection/articleshow/13127133.cms



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