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T-Congress puts Oct 2 deadline for high command, ready for Hyderabad as joint capital సెప్టెంబర్ 20, 2011

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Telangana Congress for Hyderabad as joint capital for 10 yrs
TNN | Sep 20, 2011,

HYDERABAD: Telangana Congress leaders are ready for a negotiated settlement on the status of Hyderabad to facilitate the early division of the state. Under this proposal, Hyderabad would be a centrally administered district till such time as the new capital for the Seemandhra region is ready.

This proposal has been formulated incorporating certain demands of the Seemandhra leaders to allay the apprehensions of those who have properties and business establishments in Hyderabad. T Congress leaders also think that this is a workable alternative on the status of Hyderabad among a bouquet of suggestions.

A T Congress delegation, which is scheduled to go to New Delhi on September 25, is expected to place the proposal before AICC general secretary Ghulam Nabi Azad, who is negotiating with the Congress leaders of all regions on the separate state issue.

According to sources, Azad too has sought a specific suggestion on the status of Hyderabad to effect the division of the state. “We are open to negotiate the status of Hyderabad in a mutually beneficial way. We want to place the suggestion before the high command as early as possible because October 2 is the deadline set for a response from the party leadership on the statehood to Telangana,” sources in the Telangana Congress said.

Elaborating on the suggestion, the sources said Hyderabad district will become a combined capital for the both regions for an agreed period of time. “As per the new suggestion, Hyderabad will be a central administered district for 10 years during which period it will serve as the capital for both Telangana and Seemandhra. Simultaneously a capital will be built for Seemandhra. After 10 years, Hyderabad will automatically become a district in Telangana and Seemandhras will go to their new capital,” the sources told TOI.

According to sources, the central administration in Hyderabad district would dispel the misgivings about possible discrimination against or attacks on the Seemandhras.

This was, the sources said, a climb down for the T Congress leaders as they had earlier said that the issue of Hyderabad was non-negotiable. “Since some MPs from Seemandhra genuinely want the division of the state, we are making this suggestion for an amicable settlement,” the sources said.

Some Telangana Congress leaders even started discussing the issue with experts like Ch Hanumantha Rao, former member of Planning Commission and G Raji Reddy, former finance and planning secretary of Andhra Pradesh along with some intellectuals in the region who want to honour the sentiments of the Seemandhra leaders. Meanwhile, the Telangana MPs, led by K Keshava Rao, convener of the Telangana Congress steering committee, condemned the lathicharge, lobbing of tear gas shells and arrests of agitators in the region, especially at Osmania University. “Chief minister N Kiran Kumar Reddy’s approach towards the peaceful strike would dent the image of the Congress in the region,” Keshava Rao, Manda Jaganannatham, K Rajagopal Reddy, G Vinod and Ponnam Prabhakar said.

They demanded the immediate withdrawal of forces from the university and release of all those arrested across the region on Monday. “The government should announce compensation for the injured,” Keshava Rao demanded.

Jagannatham took strong objection to the way both the CM and governor were treating the Telangana movement. “The governor and CM are trying to mislead the Centre by forwarding ‘concocted’ reports.

“As constitutional heads both the governor and CM should behave responsibly while dealing with a democratic movement,” Jagannatham said

Source: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/hyderabad/T-Cong-for-Hyd-as-joint-capital-for-10-yrs/articleshow/10048784.cms



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