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TCC to launch campaign against suicides సెప్టెంబర్ 10, 2011

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TCC to launch campaign against suicides

Express News Services, Sep 10, 2011

HYDERABAD: Expressing concern over 613 suicides by Telangana students and youngsters for the cause of separate state since November 2009, the Telangana Coordination Committee (TCC) has decided to launch anti-suicide campaign with the theme ‘Save the precious lives of our youngsters’ from next week.

As part of the campaign, TCC leaders will visit educational institutions in the region and deliver lectures urging students not to take the extreme step for the separate state. The leaders will also administer an oath to students that they will not end their precious lives and fight unitedly for the T cause.

Talking to newsmen here on Friday, TCC chairman A Gopal Kishan, and senior academician Sridhar Swamy, who participated in the 1969 agitation, along with general secretary T Vivek and eminent psychiatrist MAM Khan, appealed to all political parties, fronts, organisations and individuals involved in T movement to work under Telangana flag by keeping their individual identity intact till their goal was achieved.

They also urged all the parties to stop giving bandh calls for the T cause. They exuded confidence that separate Telangana state would be a reality even if it takes some more time.

“We want students to continue their studies and not to take any extreme step for the T cause. Everyone should realise that the Telangana issue needs a political decision. Even late Prof Jayashankar felt that all should work under one flag to achieve the T goal,” they said.

Gopal Kishan and Sridhar Swamy said 369 youngsters sacrificed their lives during the agitation in 1969. Many youngsters died in police firing. Though the movement was started by students, it was later hijacked by some politicians. Now, there is a change in the situation. Even the World Health Organisation (WHO) expressed concern over the spate of suicides by youngsters in Telangana for the T cause. In this backdrop, the TCC leaders urged politicians not to set deadlines for formation of Telangana and instigate youngsters with their speeches.

Khan said a counselling mechanism would be in place to sensitise students and their parents on the suicide issue on Saturday to mark World Suicide Prevention Day.

Source: http://ibnlive.in.com/news/tcc-to-launch-campaign-against-suicides/182941-60-114.html



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