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Jagan’s stand on Telangana is not different from YSR జూలై 13, 2011

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No solutions for AP in Jagan’s sop story

A Srinivasa Rao, July 13, 2011 India Today

It has been hardly four months since Y S Jaganmohan Reddy floated the YSR Congress. And he has already begun dreaming about coming to power and completing the “unfinished agenda” of his father – the late Y S Rajasekhara Reddy.

At the first-ever plenary of the party held at YSR estate at Idupulapaya village in Kadapa district last week, Jagan unveiled his party’s political programme, which looked more like an election manifesto rather than the party’s policies on various issues. It was clearly populist, promising various things to almost all the people at free or negligible cost. Jagan seems to be in a hurry to come to power. Perhaps, he has come out with a manifesto hoping that there would be mid-term elections in the state in the wake of political uncertainty.

Some of the schemes he announced were: a special budget for farmers with interest free loans, nine hours of free power supply to agriculture and a special fund of Rs 3,000 crore for the welfare of farmers; construction of not less than 10 lakh houses a year for weaker sections; provision of 30 kg of rice at Rs 2 per kg to BPL families every month; special scholarships of Rs 500 for children from kindergarten to Class X, Rs 750 for Intermediate students and Rs 1,000 for degree students and free education to all children from poor families. Jagan also declared that if his party comes to power, his government would ensure that at least one child from every poor family would become a doctor or an engineer; and every family would own one acre of cultivable land.

He also promised to shut down all illegal liquor outlets to protect poor families, particularly women. He announced free corporate medical care to poor families up to the block level. Jagan also harped on the completion of all irrigation projects conceived by his father under Jalayagnam scheme providing irrigation facility to every acre of parched land in the state as well as providing roads and other infrastructure facilities to every nook and corner. Obviously, those who drafted his manifesto did not take into account their financial implications.

According to an estimate, Jagan would require a budget of Rs 2 lakh crore every year to implement all his promises. There is no mention of how he seeks to mobilise resources. “It is nothing but a 19th century cocktail of feudalism, dynasties, crony capitalism, perpetuation of poverty and corruption,” observed Lok Satta party president Dr Jayaprakash Narayan, commenting on Jagan’s populist agenda.

Even the political agenda of the YSR Congress lacks pragmatism and clarity. For example, before the plenary, the party leaders had given the impression that Jagan would come out with a clear stand on statehood for Telangana, but when he finally spoke, it was thoroughly disappointing. He simply said he respected the Telangana sentiment, but had no power either to grant or stall the Telangana state.
“We all know a regional party cannot bring or oppose Telangana. But he should have at least stated whether the demand is justified or unjustified. By remaining non-committal, Jagan has only exposed his double standards,” an analyst observed

Source: http://indiatoday.intoday.in/site/story/andhra-pradesh-jaganmohan-reddy-dreams-to-complete-ysr-agenda/1/144588.html



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