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Nagam’s Telangana Nagara gains supporters in TDP మే 11, 2011

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Nagam’s ‘T Nagara’ draws flak
TNN, May 11, 2011

HYDERABAD: The `Telangana Nagara’ organised by senior TDP leader N Janardhan Reddy at Nagarkurnool on Monday created a fracas in the party on Tuesday as several leaders, including a few from Telangana like M Narsimhulu demanded disciplinary action against Nagam for taking independent decisions.

However, some Telangana TDP leaders like R Prakash Reddy and E Dayakar Rao were of the opinion that no action should be taken against Nagam since he was fighting for a separate state. “The TDP is not against separate Telangana,” they said.

Asked why Nagam was organising meetings on his own, they said it had the acceptance of party president N Chandrababu Naidu and minus the party flag and tag it would become easy to enlist the support of all pro T organisations. “There is a section in the party which wants to send Nagam out but I don’t think party president would do any such thing,” Prakash Reddy said.

Sensing the divergent views among the party leaders, Naidu held a meeting with senior party leaders and heard the view point of both sides. Naidu felt that Nagam’s meeting should not be opposed lest the party may face embarrassing situation in the region. He however did not indicate whether he would initiate any action against Nagam but postponed the issue for May 12 when the politburo would meet to discuss the agenda for the three-day `mahanadu’ to be held from May 27 at Gandipet.

Sources in the party indicate that the politburo would also take a decision on the size of the coordination committee on Telangana and the names of the members. In all probability, a 12-member coordination committee would be constituted. Nagam, who was the convener of the TDP T forum, is unlikely to find a place in the committee.

The politburo will also review the political situation in the T region since TRS proposes to take up another round of agitation soon. The possibility of making a clear statement on T issue at the Mahanadu is also not ruled out. TDP had lost much of its ground in the region with its two eye policy and has been branded as pro united party despite repeated statements by Naidu that they were not opposed to bifurcation if the centre so decides

Source: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/hyderabad/TNN0p-tdptimclearedramuDM/articleshow/8229424.cms



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