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T Film Chamber of Commerce wants a quota in Tollywood మే 1, 2011

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Telangana board wants 30% quota in Tollywood
April 28, 2011 Deccan Chronicle Correspondent, Hyderabad

April 27: After two strikes and colossal flops, Tollywood must now prepare to take another hit, this time from the Telangana Film Chamber of Commerce. The film body is all set to send letters to production and distribution houses, besides film theatres in Telangana, to recruit 30 to 40 per cent of their employees from the region. This means, in a production house with a staff strength of 20, at least seven to eight employees should be from the Telangana region.

“We would be appealing to various productions houses, distribution offices and theatres in Telangana to recruit workers of the region. Film establishments that were set up after 1985 have imported employees from other regions, so we are urging them to give more representation to local workers now,” said Mr Vijayender Reddy, the president of the Telangana Film Chamber of Commerce. The movement against non-Telangana exhibitors has been brewing for quite some time. Apparently, the lessees of 70 to 80 theatres did not renew their lease and some more are preparing to back out as they are unwilling to face the wrath of statehood activists. “If Telangana is announced in May or June, we would be the worst sufferers. We can’t take any chances. We will wait instead of renewing our lease agreements,” said a lessee who has 40-odd theatres in the region.

However, Mr Vijayender Reddy has a different take on it. “It is true that lessees of 60 to 70 theaters have withdrawn since they incurred huge financial losses. But our focus is more on big production and distribution houses since they employ 20 to 25 persons in each office,” he said, adding that skilled jobs such as stuntmen, dancers and artistes won’t be affected.

Source: http://www.deccanchronicle.com/channels/cities/hyderabad/telangana-board-wants-30-quota-tollywood-732



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