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TRS suspends three MLAs for alleged cross voting మార్చి 20, 2011

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3 TRS MLAs accused of cross-voting resign from party posts

Sify.com 2011-03-19

Hyderabad: Three TRS MLAs today submitted resignation from their posts following allegations that they had cross voted for the Congress in the elections to the Legislative Council two days ago.

While two MLAs – K Vidyasagar Rao and Y Ravinder Reddy – submitted their resignation letter to their party president K Chandrasekhar Rao ahead of the party’s politburo meeting this evening, another legislator Kaveti Sammaiah faxed it.

The needle of suspicion pointed towards these three legislators as having ditched the party.

Vidyasagar Rao and Ravinder Reddy told newsmen that they would rather quit their posts than bear the insinuations that they had cross voted against the party.

“It is for our party president to take a decision now. It is totally baseless to say we voted against the TRS’ official candidate in the Council election. We voted strictly according to the code given to us. We cannot bear the character assassination,” Vidyasagar Rao and Ravinder Reddy maintained.

The TRS which has only 11 MLAs in the AP Assembly put up a candidate for the Council election hoping to garner votes from other parties on the “Telangana sentiment”.

It’s plan, however, went awry as it secured only 11 votes in the election despite two BJP and one TDP rebel MLA voting for TRS. This raised suspicion that three TRS MLAs had ditched the party causing it a serious loss of face.

Ever since, the TRS came under severe pressure not only from within but also other pro-Telangana groups to take stern action against the “traitors.”

Party chief K Chandrasekhar Rao convened an emergency meeting of the party politburo at his residence this evening to discuss the issue.

Ravinder Reddy walked out of the meeting in a huff and announced that he was resigning. “It is now for the party president to take a decision,” he said.

Source: http://www.sify.com/news/3-trs-mlas-accused-of-cross-voting-resign-from-party-posts-news-national-ldttkecebhf.html



1. Krishnasree - మార్చి 21, 2011

పెద్దలు (నోబుల్స్) వుండవలసిన సభల్లో వ్రేలిముద్రగాళ్లుండబట్టి, ఆ వోటింగ్ విధానం వాళ్లకి అర్థం అయి చావదు. వేసిన వోట్లని యెలా లెఖ్ఖించాలో యెవడికీ తెలిసి చావదు! వాళ్లేదో వోటు వేశారు, చావుతప్పి కన్ను లొట్టపోయిందికదా అని సంతోషించకుండా, ఈ సస్పెన్షన్లొకటి!

రద్దుకాబడిన సభలని వాళ్ల తైనాతీలకోసం పునరుధ్ధరించినవాళ్లని అనాలి.


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