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State budget is numerical jugglery: Opposition ఫిబ్రవరి 24, 2011

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Numerical jugglery: Opposition
Deccan Chronicle, February 24, 2011

Feb. 23: Several major political parties, mainly from the Opposition like Telugu Desam and BJP described the state budget as unrealistic and numerical jugglery while the Leftists, the CPM and CPI expressed concern over the way the interests of commoners were ignored.

The finance minister, Mr Anam Ramanarayana Reddy, presented his maiden budget for Rs 1.28 lakh crore with planned expenditure projected at Rs 47,558 crore and non-plan expenditure at Rs 80,984 crore for the fiscal 2011-12 in the state Legislative Assembly on Wednesday.

Though he mentioned increased allocations for some welfare schemes in his budget speech, Opposition parties contend it, saying that state government was unable to spend the allotted amounts for several welfare schemes by the end of fiscal and asked what was the use in making major allocations. They were also critical for the budget’s lack of any direction to implement several welfare schemes and also many irrigation projects proposed and initiated under Jalayagnam.

The Telugu Desam state general secretary, Mr Gorantla Butchaiah Choudhary said, “Budgetary allocations to several schemes and projects indicate that the state is reeling under financial bankruptcy. There is no money with government for implementation of welfare schemes and students are the worst victims as there is no relief in terms of allocations for their scholarships and fee reimbursement. The budgetary allocations are unrealistic as government will not bother to spend all allotted funds by the end of the fiscal.”

The BJP state general secretary Somu Veerraju said, “The Congress government is presenting a budget with huge allocations, but in reality, will spend very less. Why is government still relying upon conventional sources of revenues like commercial taxes and others instead of exploring new sources based on natural resources like minerals? It is time that government prune non-plan expenditure and encourage savings to generate more revenue. Can the state government present a monthly budget on welfare schemes? There is need to introduce reforms in the governance of the state.”

The CPI district general secretary, Mr Meesala Satyanarayana said, “Though government claims that its revenues are going up, there is need to spend money in a proper way. There are no major allocations for education and health. As government has no money, we may have to rely upon the Centre for execution of major irrigation projects like the Polavaram and Pranahitha-Chevella.”

The CPM district general secretary, Mr T. Arun said, “We are doubtful about the continuation of several welfare schemes including the popular supply of rice at Rs 2-a-kg through the PDS to BPL families as there is low allocation in the budget for the coming fiscal. We are afraid that with the imposition of cut in allocations for welfare schemes for want of money, government may impose new taxes to increase its revenues.

Source: http://www.deccanchronicle.com/rajahmundry/numerical-jugglery-opposition-324



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