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Srikrishna report on Telangana is rape of democracy: Dhote జనవరి 9, 2011

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Srikrishna report on Telangana is rape of democracy: Dhote
Ramu Bhagwat, Jan 7, 2011

NAGPUR: Veteran politician and staunch supporter of separate Vidarbha state demand Jambuwantrao Dhote has described the UPA government’s inaction and Justice Srikrishna committee report on Telangana as ‘rape of democracy’.

Talking to TOI after the Srikrishna report was made public finally on Thursday, Dhote said: ” It’s a hotch-potch report. There is no clarity in it nor direction, making it a futile exercise. I had predicted that the committee and its report would be of no use as the UPA government was only bidding for time and vacillating in resolving the issue.

“Democratic politics is understandably prone to delays. But what the UPA government is doing in ignoring Telangana demand amounts to rape of democracy. Such a delay in taking decisions in unpardonable by any democratic norms. Elections have been fought on the issue, hundreds of people have ended lives for the cause of the separate Telangana. But the UPA government has once against displayed insensitivity in handing a matter that has public support,” said Dhote. However, he said this would not be a setback for the separate Vidarbha struggle which has more merit and longer history.

Former MPCC president and ex-minister Ranjit Deshmukh, however, saw some hope in the Srikrishna report. “Of the six options suggested in the report, one favours creation of Telangana state with Union territory status for Hyderabad. There is no harm in accepting that option,”‘ said Deshmukh. He also opined that Vidarbha which has a stronger case of statehood as its demand dates back to pre-independence period of 1903 could be next on the UPA government’s agenda after resolving the Telangana issue.

Vidarbha Jan Andolan Samiti president Kishore Tiwari, who is also supporting the separate Vidarbha statehood, said the Srikrishna report was a mockery of people’s sentiments. “The report has ended up creating more confusion. Instead of paving the way for giving what the majority of people want, the report has come out with unsolicited suggestions that are hardly executable.

“Had the report been more clear on the need for creating smaller states, Vidarbha would have gained immensely. But the pro-Vidarbha struggle would continue as the situation here is much different from that of Telangana where the matter has been complicated over the claim of both parties on Hyderabad,” said Tiwari.

Source: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/nagpur/Srikrishna-report-on-Telangana-is-rape-of-democracy-Dhote/articleshow/7232548.cms


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