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No hopes on Srikrishna Report డిసెంబర్ 25, 2010

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Students not waiting for Srikrishna report
Vikram Sharma, Express News Service, 24 December 2010

WARANGAL: Even in the most placid of times, Kakatiya University (KU) is like a gun cocked. It can go off any time.
On Thursday, as the whole of the State waits for the Srikrishna Committee report, it is a bit disconcerting to hear KU students say they are not exactly spending sleepless nights over it.

Sipping chai at the campus canteen, LL.M. student Vinod retorts warmly to the idea that Srikrishna will find a solution to the question convulsing the State. “We know what the report is going to say,” he says as heads look up from the tea cups.

“It will say that all the three regions (Telangana, Andhra and Rayalaseema) are backward and that they all need funds for development.’’ His classmate Jayaprasad joins in. “Why are we even discussing Srikrishna? This is not about Srikrishna. This is about Telangana.’’

Like the stock market analysts, KU students discount what is popularly anticipated and plan a step ahead. The Srikrishna D-Day is only notional for the end of a ceasefire and resumption of hostilities.

“Who’s bothered about Srikrishna?’’ says Vemula Ranjit. “All we want is steps towards Telangana starting from Jan 1. We don’t want to know what suggestions the committee has.’’

KU is the most explosive campus in the State, more incendiary than Osmania. Students here take a natural interest in politics. For nearly two decades it and its affiliated colleges supplied the stormtroopers of the naxalite movement. Today, the Telangana question exercises a more forceful pull on KU students than in campuses anywhere else.

But with a week to go for faux D-Day, things are quiet on campus save the discussions at the canteen.

But the students talk of an agitation like bored soldiers waiting out a ceasefire. Come Jan. 1, the students will make their point. And they will not wait for K Chandrasekhar Rao’s green signal.

“KCR’s agenda is different and ours is different,’’ says Ranjit when asked about the TRS chief ’s grace period of 15 days after the submission of the report. “Irrespective of what the political parties will say, we will just go and squat on the roads, for days if necessary.’’

For the time being, it’s prep time for the parties involved.

In a wan management measure, the university authorities are considering declaring one-month holiday from Dec. 27.

The police, while training with their non-lethal weaponry, are doing their best to ingratiate themselves with the students, sidling up and joining the jokes.

During the TRS Mahagarjana on Dec. 16, they even persuaded 1,000 students to assist them as volunteers.

And as for the students themselves, the more organisation minded among them are going about trying to bring together 14 different organisations under one joint action committee.
As paramilitary forces begin arriving, the students affect nonchalance about their massing.

“We’re watching,’’ says DIG Warangal Jitender. “I expect the protests to be democratic. But if someone tries to take the law into their hands, then law will take its own course.’’
So say the students too. “We will protest – of course in democratic manner. If the police cross their limits, we will cross ours too,’’ says Ranjit.

Source: http://expressbuzz.com/states/andhrapradesh/telangana-students-blas%C3%A9-about-srikrishna/233885.html



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