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Emergence of new groups strengthens T movement: TRS Floor leader అక్టోబర్ 16, 2010

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4,000 JACs set up fight for T
Deccan Chronicle 16 October, 2010

Hyderabad, Oct. 15: As the Sri Krishna panel gets ready to submit its report on Telangana in a month, multiple groups are emerging to take up the cause for across the region and abroad.

According to one conservative estimate, there are over 4,000 joint action committees and groups including some in countries such as the United States.

Prof. Kodanda Ram, convener of the Telangana Joint Action Committee, Mr T. Harish Rao, TRS MLA, and other Telangana leaders are in US to seek the support of Telanganaites there.

Speaking at the Telangana Development Front (TDF) conference in Detroit, Mr Harish Rao said the agitation needed strong intellectual solidarity from the NRIs and not just money.

“We welcome emergence of new groups,” said the TRS Floor leader in the Assembly, Mr Etala Rajender. “This will further strengthen the movement. But TRS is the first to launch the movement with success.” The fledgling Telangana Praja Front of revolutionary poet Gaddar has already split on the issue of whether to participate in elections or not. A group comprising of Mr Keshava Rao Jadhav, Yadagir and others are reportedly planning to launch a new outfit which will take part in elections if required. Some TRS members have split away and formed their own outfits including Mr Dileep Kumar, who launched the Telangana Vimochana Samiti.

Mr Bellaiah Naik’s Praja Sangahala JAC, Mr Satish Madiga’s Telangana Udyamala Samiti, Mr Veera Reddy’s Telangana Talli, and Captain Karunakar Reddy’s Praja Telangana Samiti are all fighting for the T-cause.

source: http://www.deccanchronicle.com/hyderabad/4000-jacs-set-fight-t-006



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