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EVMs : BJP ‘lets down’ TRS జూలై 10, 2010

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EVMs: BJP ‘lets down’ TRS
Special Correspondent, The Hindu, Jul 11, 2010

– Did not go for mass filing of nomination papers
– BJP Central leadership not totally against EVMs
– KCR’s daughter to campaign in Nizamabad on July 12 and 13

HYDERABAD: The Telangana Rashtra Samiti (TRS) had suggested to the BJP with which the former has seat sharing arrangement in the coming by-elections to ensure mass filing of nominations but obviously its efforts failed.

TRS leaders insisted that they had asked the BJP to follow suit in Nizamabad (Urban) constituency as in the remaining eleven segments where activists of the former filed nominations in large numbers to compel the Election Commission to introduce electronic voting machines in the polls. But, the BJP did not oblige.

BJP former president B. Dattatreya said the TRS had indeed made such a suggestion and his party had even decided to see that 70 to 75 candidates filed nominations. However, the Central leadership was averse to the whole idea because the party was not totally against EVMs.

On the other hand, the TRS was of the view that it would have asked its cadre to file nominations en masse in Nizamabad (Urban) if the BJP had expressed its inability.

Nevertheless, a dozen TRS supporters had filed nominations in that constituency.
They were among the sixteen candidates, including one each of Congress, BJP and TDP, who entered the fray.

The national secretary K. Laxman said the party wanted some modifications in the machines to make their functioning transparent.

For instance, he said, the BJP sought that the voters be convinced they had exercised the franchise in favour of candidates whom they had in mind. In the present EVMs, the beep just came and went without indicating which way the vote was cast.

Despite the hiccup, TRS president K. Chandrasekhar Rao’s daughter Kavitha said she will go ahead with her campaign in Nizamabad on July 12 and 13.



1. vishnu - జూలై 11, 2010

arey telangana annalu, nammakandi BJP dongalanu. Vallu avakashavadulu. Aina meekintha balamundaga. oka chillara onti MLA galla party tho meekenduke anna sambandam. Chattha buttalo padesi okare potladandi anna!!


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