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Arya Samaj demands separate Telangana జూలై 10, 2010

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“Statehood must for Telangana’s development”
Staff Reporter, The Hindu

HYDERABAD: “People of Telangana will get their due right on the land and water resources only if the region is separated as a State” is what a delegation of Arya Pratinidhi Sabha argued before Srikrishna Committee here on Monday.

The cultural identity and self-respect of the people here was also being overshadowed by other regions’ cultural and economic onslaught, Vithal Rao Arya, Narayan Rao Pawar and others stated in their representation to the committee. Asked what a religious organisation had got to do with Telangana issue, the Arya Samaj members told the panel that taking up social issues was not new to them. Founded in 1875, the body had fought for the country’s freedom first and against the Nizam later. It had been supporting the cause of Telangana for long, they explained.

Telangana Federation of Working Journalists led by Janga Reddy, Kiran, Ch. Sridhar Rao and others were countered by the committee chairman and members whether there was any change in the editorial policies of newspapers and television news channels. They told the committee that it was more visible in the electronic media.




1. కృష్ణశ్రీ - జూలై 10, 2010

చరిత్ర చదవండి. స్వామి రామానంద తీర్థ నిజాం కి వ్యతిరేకం గా యెలా పోరాడాడో, ‘ఆంధ్రులు” అందరూ యెలా సమైక్యంగా వుండాలని కలలు కన్నాడో, అవి యెలా సాకారం చేసుకున్నాడో, తెలిసి మాట్లాడండి.

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